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SEV's Karma

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12/5/2011Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
10/29/20111 ci. 95
10/3/2011Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
10/1/2011You like karma!!!yeah here you go:) Create the Change
10/1/2011Thanks! Cpl. Tunnel
10/1/2011Hit me Back
10/1/2011Good karma for you :) - Yamaniac
9/26/2011Speaks the truth about people who bring down us as a whole-savages
9/26/2011For calling people savages and thinking they deserve tazing.
9/20/2011Plus one...agreed its getting old fast...lost-one
9/17/2011Just because
9/15/2011Canadian ignorance
9/12/2011For a fellow Canuck - Heretic
9/12/2011The Dalai Lamai of karma
9/12/2011For Asking
9/10/2011G House is a pathetic little GLP sycophant. What a pathetic wanker...
9/10/2011For being a nice person. Storm
9/4/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/4/2011Too many lies, threatened a poster, violaiton
9/3/2011Ron paul is a fake
9/3/2011Low IQ. Need I say more.
9/2/2011For joining the orgy
9/2/2011Karma yo
9/2/2011And For Uuuu.... Lost_one
9/2/2011Pohl up your ass
8/31/2011Few are those who truly See - omni
8/31/2011Yep :)
8/30/2011Your Avatar scares the FUCK outta me. -Tex
8/30/2011No link to post
8/30/2011Sorry to hear about the incest, thanks for sharing ;)
8/29/2011A smart poster who VALUES TRUTH (Ron Paul)
8/29/2011The sins of the father do not belong to the son.
8/20/2011Bump for the avatar
8/20/2011Titties :)

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