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8/16/2012Thanks -Nostalgic Rain
8/16/2012I am still IP Banned in chat.
8/14/2012For anit-Rmoney-tardism
8/7/2012Hatin on Mitt!
8/6/2012Why you gotta hate?
8/6/2012For a free thinking mod. :) 28m
8/5/2012Oh man...
8/5/2012EleKtroN was here :)
8/2/20121 Up!
7/30/2012Please ban Borat.
7/28/2012I may disagree wonkish but you are fair ar15-nut
7/27/2012Mod work...TheTruthWorker​
7/27/2012Helped me with an issue that was imporant to me :)
7/25/2012Cause this is probably going to happen.
7/25/2012BS flag for you and your callous stupidity how about making a point without being insulting
7/25/20121 Up! HD
7/22/2012Green love to you Wonk! Never back down! CuriosityCat1
7/22/2012You are lost. I pray for you. Jesus LOVES you. He WILLINGLY DIED for you!! Awaken! Awaken! GOD. LIVES. & YES! GOD LOVES YOU!!
7/21/2012EleKtroN was here :)
7/18/2012Cock Sucker!
7/17/2012For making my joke post have meaning- Cheesy Da Badass
7/15/2012Karma - acid trip
7/12/2012Why you keep giving me bad karma I don't know, but here is some good for you---Eimaj
7/10/2012Hal is back
7/10/2012I'll cuddle with my firearms on my deathbed if it ever comes to that. ar-15nut
7/10/2012Don't do red but that was positively brutal to 'cant go back' . :/ ~ Truly
7/2/2012Thank you good sir
6/29/2012It isn't a discussion if everyone agrees. It's the end of the website. Get it? Brainsdonthurtabit.
6/28/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
6/28/2012Meanwhile in japan LOL
6/28/2012Here's your scatter plot matrices - Pfft...
6/23/2012The force is strong with this one.
6/23/20124 u
6/23/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
6/22/2012I took a look at your neg karma to see if I could figure out what your problem is, and discovered you were a liberal. Then it all made sense.
6/21/2012Good debt limit thread....Chop's
6/20/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
6/20/2012Good thread. sonic doom
6/19/2012Bam! Bam!
6/16/2012Krazy!! karma from Gonviral
6/15/2012Money gladly given by members of the Armed Forces is not fleecing. Dr Paul was not bought by Goldman Sachs or any lobbyist. As President Paul, he would have restored our Constitutional rights.
6/14/2012Right back at you
6/13/2012Excellent thread on Internet BoR, Wonk! ~~CF~~
6/13/2012Right back at you
6/12/2012Keep up the good work bro - Cat Mouth
6/8/2012Sad, really, really sad.
6/8/2012Yes, you are still retarded.
6/7/2012Merci was here.
6/6/2012Thank You Wonkish : ) - 'Cesium.
6/4/2012Precipice Low interwebz - Resister
6/4/2012Wonks the shit ! ^5
6/1/2012Ay up lad
6/1/2012For starting a nirvana thread, dumbass...
5/31/2012Yes, you are still a douche nozzle.
5/31/2012Ron paul 2012
5/29/2012Stupid Ron Paul thread
5/28/2012Weekly Bad Karma drive by
5/25/2012You forgot Hindu...boo!
5/23/2012For being a faggot
5/23/2012When the economy crashes, I am going to gloat so hard over your stupidity. Obama loving, Ron Paul hating moron.
5/23/2012Mitt Romney shill
5/20/2012For the thread title changing banter ;) ayr phorce yuan.
5/17/2012For the mint reminder
5/17/2012IGNORE list for You! --- DRAGOON
5/16/2012You've gone Wonkish!
5/16/2012Truth post-marketselloff
5/14/2012Karma hits - Mil Man
5/13/2012Pin envy lulz
5/13/2012For posting Chappelle's Show.
5/12/2012Back at ya! lol
5/9/2012The caped karma-nator strikes again
5/9/2012Learn to Read asshole.
5/9/2012Thanks for the thread support! ...*from CrissCross
5/8/2012Take a basic course in Macro Econ. Quit making a fool of yourself. Sockpuppet Government Shill.
5/8/2012For the redistribution of lies and hobbling truth.
5/7/20121 Up!
5/7/20124 everGreen - EleKtroN - was here.
5/7/2012Get em
5/4/2012Karma for being left handed >> IMAX
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