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10/22/2011Accept my apology, The board I came from(7y of posting there) was REALLY locked down on what could be said,I need to adjust to the more layed back
10/17/2011Redistributing some karma wealth
10/16/2011Back atcha bro
10/15/2011You Commie bastard ;)
10/8/2011For making GLP possible too - RoXY
10/7/2011Using position as mod to abuse the karma system
10/7/2011WTF??? A Florida School District is Taking Attendance by Scanning Students' Fingers
10/7/2011Unnecessarily foul-mouthed.
10/6/2011Sorry for the mixup awhile back. -BBD
10/6/2011For answering kindly a genuine question
10/5/2011Wonkaroonie FTW !!!!
10/4/2011Hilarious vid of mentally ill dude with orgasmic sighing & crying chick in background
10/3/2011Using proxy to create bogus trolling thread
10/2/2011True...very..very true!
10/2/2011For telling the truth about this wall street con-job
10/1/2011Karma for his truthful thread about who is really behind Occupy Wall Street
10/1/2011One of the good mods. Totally agree with you about the fucking hippie scum behind the "Occupy Wall Street" - SmokeyThe420Bear
10/1/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/1/2011Great post thanks from alienwarfare
10/1/2011You're a shill and your thread sucks.
10/1/2011You ARE on crack, apparently a HUGE ROCK just got smoked by you.
10/1/2011You are a troll
10/1/2011Heres some positive karma for superb troll work :)
10/1/2011Elitist scum
10/1/2011You're totally right about the Wall Street demonstrations.
10/1/2011Fuck those pinko commie bastards
10/1/2011For not being a commie. Seraphic
10/1/2011For the commie thread. -Hitokiri
10/1/2011Karma bump :)
10/1/2011Same opion and what a joke the opposition..anarchist​ and union too!
10/1/2011The term "commie pinko" is so 80's
9/30/2011Thanks for being a kickass mod!
9/29/2011For Keeping GLP moran-free
9/29/2011Good thread - TexasGirl
9/26/2011Good karma for saying POO POO face Shill.. LoL .... NutzMcTaffy
9/25/2011Avatar win - Tatlantis
9/25/2011Cool fractal
9/24/2011Michael Moore is a hog
9/23/2011I am thoughtful others could share their own appreciation of an insight reached today.
9/22/2011Thanx for the link - RoXY
9/22/2011For helping me out, and explaining what GLP Karma is for.
9/22/2011Outstanding ps Job! Lolololol!
9/21/2011Round 2 and karma for you....
9/21/2011Why not?
9/20/2011For the Tourettes guy! ZP
9/19/2011For laughing guy picture on my thread about space junk ;-)
9/19/2011Karma bump :)
9/19/2011Thank You
9/17/2011A really good & objective mod... w/ new respect, STT
9/17/2011This will help get your car!!! LOL
9/16/2011I like your Avatar....Kinda reminds me of a White Stripes video.
9/16/2011Karma time NUTRAMAC
9/16/2011Trippy avatar
9/10/2011Enlighened me about onions ! - Kaitiaki
9/8/2011For the fake orange tan, C77
9/8/2011Answered questions in a friendly/timely manner...which I respect, even though I completely disagree with the decision
9/4/2011Back at ya.
9/3/2011U just received positiv karma from sharty mc bean!
9/2/2011A bit rude for a forum moderator IMO
9/1/2011Great mod!
8/31/2011Great service to GLP.
8/29/2011"circular logic" proof of god thread
8/29/2011Keep up the great work
8/28/2011Cause you make GLP great!
8/27/2011TAKE THAT! greetings from Gregory House
8/25/2011T.Y. WONKISH Iget from family n they dont always send author.jbomb
8/21/2011Here's some good karma for ya. :)
8/21/2011Good info
8/19/2011Good point
8/17/2011A great mod!
8/17/2011Good mod
8/17/2011Seems cool, another good mod
8/16/2011Wonkish...you da man. -brutalsun
8/16/2011For freedom of speech
8/16/2011You get a Karma Point!
8/16/2011"Mr. Clean is really an Annunaki."
8/15/2011Reported Abusive Post
8/15/2011Wonk!!! The man.... Green vibes... except that Av freaks me out.... lulz
8/14/2011Helpful. Koelbren
8/13/2011WONK for prez
8/13/2011Wonks a funny fucker
8/13/2011Great Forum Moderator!
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