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Bush Master's Karma

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7/18/2017For support - Otter
7/17/2017Green - Big Daddy D
7/15/2017Weekend Greeeen Bush Master !!! Nice Boots
7/14/2017So great you playing music! Best weekend green, Sloane
7/14/2017KipKat :)
7/11/2017Love GFG
7/11/2017If it was one of yours I bet you wouldn't feel like we need a culling.
7/11/2017War Eagle...
7/10/2017Green from Goneviral
7/10/2017Karma roLL .C.C
7/9/2017Thank you for caring. Black Knight
7/8/2017Green from Sassy Granny !
7/3/2017You always Rock!!!! Southern Soldier..
7/2/2017Green for ya Bush----Pooch
7/2/2017Green - Big Daddy D
6/30/2017Anniversary Karma. Toprance
6/30/2017Green for you and yours, cutbait
6/27/2017Cheers to the music - InTune
6/24/2017Fierce avatar! And music of course :) Sloane
6/23/2017Music!! - masterofnothing
6/23/2017Thank You Love Creed GFG
6/21/2017Green from Soup
6/21/2017Not everything is a FF. retard.
6/21/2017Music Karma for playing "take it outside"!! Southern Soldier..
6/20/2017I like you style. Toprance
6/20/2017Good neighbor and real people.
6/20/2017Green and hugs for you and the music you play :) - Sweetroll Bandit
6/20/2017Glad for your company my friend, cutbait
6/20/2017Love Ellusion :)
6/20/2017Green - Big Daddy D
6/19/2017Mine was the 15th, i became 55 -- bluebonnet :)
6/15/2017Karma roLL .C.C
6/15/2017Luv, Faith and Fury
6/12/2017You are exactly right on McCain, he should have been gone years ago -Haun-
6/11/2017Bro!!! WTF are you doing in Russia!? lol. Great thread! St3v3
6/11/2017Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
6/10/2017Excellent thread, thank you. Black Knight
6/4/2017Excellent post on the "ban Muslims" thread - Big Daddy D
6/2/2017Good karma...have some! ~ Simple27 : )
6/1/2017Karma roLL .C.C
5/24/2017Karma Hug! ~ Simple27 : )
5/23/2017Yeah! Thanks for the music - green, Sloane
5/23/2017Beso :)
5/23/2017Misleading Headline. Artilce linked does not say the cause was from the vaccine
5/23/2017Bombdeebomb Motherfucker
5/23/2017Jukebox Green and hugs :) - Sweetroll Bandit
5/23/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
5/23/2017You play well...soup
5/23/2017Jukebox karma! Love Ellusion :)
5/23/2017Sharing the tune, cutbait
5/22/2017Green for you, brother. - Fry Teh Brian
5/22/2017Starbird green for ya!
5/21/2017Korean by proxy
5/21/2017Marooned was here ;)
5/20/2017Reported Abusive Post
5/18/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/17/2017Happy Hump Day!! :) AnonymousGirl
5/16/2017Thanks! ~ Where Eagles Dare
5/16/2017Thanks! TruthSeeker151
5/16/2017Hey, Bmaster Tuesday green from last one
5/8/2017Spamming with Videos.... you are an ass!
5/8/2017Warming up to you, brother
5/8/2017Atomic Punk - MultiStrada
5/8/2017Really dude?
5/8/2017Thanks! marooned
5/6/2017Proxy traveler
5/6/2017Great post!
5/5/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
5/4/2017Hunter rose. Thanks for commenting.
5/4/2017Back @ u - thanks- thebigfireforyou
5/3/2017Green for a three day drunk - Kraut
5/2/2017Karma roLL .C.C
4/24/2017Karma roLL .C.C
4/22/2017Thank you for mentioning Ukraine in antifa thread ~thinking...
4/20/2017Anti Semite
4/14/2017Liar. Ex mil and defcon 4 mean worlds end, huh? Damned fool.
4/13/2017Thanks for the info!! -- bamagirl73
4/3/2017Karma roLL .C.C
4/1/2017A liitle wine :) Boots
3/20/2017Karma roLL .C.C
2/16/2017Karma roLL .C.C
1/25/2017Karma roLL .C.C
1/21/2017It's called hunting you dumb redneck fuck
1/21/2017YEah Trump!!! Joker
1/20/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/30/2016Happy New Year !!!! Karma roLL .C.C
9/29/2016Great comment about the library! Blessings, ItsaTwister
9/15/2016Drug addict
9/15/2016Hater - The Comedian
9/12/2016Sending some love your way! - Lisa*Lisa :)
8/27/2016Peace n Huggs---OneSweetWorld​--
8/8/2016I die alone
8/8/2016Sick sick sick creepy rapist fuck
8/8/2016You have issues.
7/28/2016Boring god crap
7/15/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
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