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john445's Karma

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3/30/2014Soros Warrent - R.P. McMurphy
5/12/2012I hope this vid will open some blind eyes.
4/14/2012Christos Anesti.
4/9/2012GREEN for you, Strangela
4/9/2012Monday Green! Have a great day. ~Joe boxer
4/9/2012Green For You From DoGMoRal. Thanks:)
4/8/2012Green holiday :) Gdchappy
4/8/2012From john goz
4/8/2012Karen Seeking Truth says thanks :)
4/8/2012Happy Easter ))BAPHOMET((
4/6/20124 everGreen - EleKtroN - was here :)
3/28/20124 everGreen - EleKtroN - was here :)
3/15/2012A dash of karma! D'Light
3/7/2012Karma time D'Lightand that's the friendliest looking cat I've ever seen!
2/29/20124 Ever Green -- EleKtroN -- was here :)
2/28/2012Good Green Karma for a GREAT Person! xoxo -Freckles
2/28/2012Karma for you D'Light
2/26/2012Women blink nearly twice as much as men. - RoXY
2/25/2012Returning the favour !! ~ from Conspiruz
2/23/2012PayBacks R Green GR ~KirtSpiracy~
2/20/2012Karma for you D'Light
2/20/2012From karma@greenroom.glp - Psych
2/20/2012Is that your cat? lol <<<<::::>>>> <--spider for cat to play with from aucuparia
2/19/2012Green Love WildFlower
2/19/2012How people treat you is their karma; how you respond is yours =^..^= Girl Genius ~ Karma love back atcha :)
2/19/2012Some green from Cpl. Tunnel
2/19/2012From Earth420 :)
2/19/2012GreenRoom Super Dupa Karma - Doommincus Maximus
2/19/2012Karma from Kaylee <3
2/18/20121 from jailarson
2/18/2012U.S. aid Love karma for our Greek member.
2/18/2012From john goz
2/18/2012Karma for you..green room party... > PEACE! EvilMoney
2/17/2012Good Green Karma Candy for you! Have a great weekend! xoxo, Freckles
2/17/2012GreenRoom - RoXY
2/17/2012Grean room, Rain-Man ..xD
2/17/2012Greek God!!!!
2/17/2012Great stuff on greece
2/17/2012For the cute cat on your pic lol!
2/16/2012Great person. love your kitty
2/16/2012Beautiful video of Greece, thanks for sharing....my2centswo​rth
2/16/2012Gia to videaki me plaisia ths elladas
2/15/2012Flying Over Greece--beautiful! TIS
2/15/2012Blessings In Green - Ghost Rider
2/14/2012Thought for the day: Experience is a wonderful thing. It enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again. Have a great week! <3 Doomish
2/13/2012Thank you "The Green" by Elena.C
2/12/2012Karma is king - Half Past Midnight
2/12/2012GO GREECE!!!! <3 miffed_33
2/12/2012Excellent Greed thread with Fantastic Links -- from goodmockingbird
2/12/2012Green Room Karma -Face Palmer
2/12/2012Go greeks! fight the NWO! :D . with love, soulreaper
2/12/2012Thanks from Walt!
2/12/2012Great live greek info. thanks john445! Go Greece Go From Argentina! SS
2/12/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/11/2012U.S. aid Love karma for our Greek member.
2/10/2012Thanks for the pin!
2/2/2012For every action, there is an equal and opposite government program. Happy Friday, John! <3 Doomish
2/1/2012Great find
2/1/2012Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
2/1/2012Great thread on Soros :) Martianprincess
2/1/2012Soros is goin dowwwwwwn
2/1/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
1/22/2012Green Room Karma! God Bless! ~ John3:16Me
1/22/2012Catch up karma GR :o) -Snowbound
1/22/2012Woot! Happy Weekend, John. Have a great Sunday! <3 Doomish
1/21/2012Hi John *Laila
1/21/2012GreenRoom - Ghost Rider
1/20/2012Right back at ya..God bless - Dease
1/20/2012From Earth420 :)
1/20/2012Green room green!....indiandave
1/20/2012Abundant blessings ! Arnie
1/19/2012U.s. karma aid for the Greek :)
1/19/2012Cat avatar
12/31/2011Have a Happy New Year, from Santorini :)
12/28/2011Thank You. Thug Cat.
12/28/2011Seasons Greetings green Lyttlmiss
12/27/2011GR karma for you friend! :-) ~ Kinect ~
12/27/2011Desert fox here, have a happy new year
12/26/20119 karma going out..
12/26/2011Happy holidays. Spiral Cobra
12/26/2011Happy Boxing day form Samanthasunflower
12/26/2011One good karma from WeAreAllDoomed :)
12/26/2011Green for you - truthwillsetyoufreeag​ain
12/26/2011Merry Christmas!! Sleeping Giant
12/26/2011Ghost Rider
12/25/2011A Very Merry Christmas Hug 4 U :) ~GG
12/25/2011Merry Christmas GR - Chrit
12/25/2011GR - Balthuuu
12/25/2011Karma for you, John - Stocking Eats Whiskey.
12/23/2011Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Santorini :)
12/9/2011Sorry it took me so long to get to you - I didn't see you on my karma list. My bad. Have a good weekend! <3 Doomish
12/8/2011USA Aid karma for the Greek
12/2/2011GR karma payback, thx for the luv! - msz
11/28/2011GOOD GREEN KARMA FOR YOU! --Freckles
11/27/2011Love from -NYC-
11/27/2011Green for you! Thanks! PsycoCandy!
11/27/2011Because of such a cute pic
11/27/2011One good karma from WeAreAllDoomed :)
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