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LindaE's Karma

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7/31/2014Praise God; Share the Green ! {O4A}
7/18/2014Cool! Share the green! {O4A}
5/14/2014Cool! Share the green! {O4A}
4/22/2014Hello and thank you...davvi
4/18/2014Vala :-)
4/9/2014Awesome! Share the green!!
3/28/2014Thank you :)
3/11/2014Awesome! Share the green!! {O4A}
3/10/2014Thanks for contributing to the purslane thread! Let Freedom Ring
3/6/2014You are so right. The LORD will provide! Sandpiper
2/22/2014Thanks for the Bump ~~ Let Freedom Ring
2/18/2014Awesome! Share the green!!
1/31/2014Awesome! Share the green!! {O4A}
1/19/2014Awesome! Share the green!!
1/8/2014Awesome! Share the green!! {O4A}
12/27/2013Awesome! Share the green!! {O4A}
10/14/2013For the post! Much appreciated - Dr. Grant
8/3/2013Thanks for the bump, RayGun
6/25/2013Thank you for the BUMP!
4/21/2013Thanks for the bump!
4/13/2013Karma love from samanthasunflower
3/28/2013God bless you - Lisa :)
2/22/2013Thanks for bump
2/21/2013Thanks for the Bump! -DILKe
2/16/2013Love GFG
2/8/2013For working to educate your community.
2/6/2013Thx for sharing - Chrit
2/4/2013Linda Hell Yeah
11/14/2012Thank you for the kindness you've shown to me. Miggy
10/29/2012With love from person445
10/25/2012Sick piece of shit. TRAITOR.
10/1/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
8/7/2012Don't just be pleased w/ your daughter, be proud you are a good parent :)
6/7/2012From one librarian to another~ wretchedhollywood
4/4/2012Good reply BB
4/4/2012Nice comment
3/27/2012Thanks for commenting - Idgits
3/10/20121 for promoting anarchy
11/1/2011For Crocket Keller...CowgirlK
10/2/2011For posting on my foraging thread!
9/30/2011For being glp kinda boring :)
9/10/2011For respect
9/2/2011Niceness! 3<3
8/23/2011Very kind
8/17/2011For a positive post and loving God
8/14/2011For liking Dag nabbit!

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