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Steve8511's Karma

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5/19/2017Racist dick
3/17/2017For being a bitch
10/4/2016Happy Days.... Today--- Be Good... ET
7/5/2016Libtarded beta bitch
6/28/2016"weak attracted to weakness"! Great comment! White Gloves
3/8/2016Hates America LOVES the NWO and Hillary
2/24/2016Anyone but Trump, Hillary, Sanders 2016!
9/17/2015Trump 2016
10/18/2014Small minded people
10/27/2013Kind offer to the BB op. juliebean.
10/18/2013Karma love from samanthasunflower
10/9/2013Semper Fi brother - salty1
8/9/2013You are the moron, crawl back under that rock you came from
7/26/2013Correct thinking.
6/11/2013Fuck you dick sucker
6/3/2013Interesting perspective thank you -SteamrolledGobias
6/3/2013Semper Fi!
6/2/2013"why was jmalvarez banned?" Repeated violations, read his karma.
4/10/2013If NK EMP'd themselves, that would actually be clever if China wasnt there :)
4/8/2013You keep misspelling "Kindle" - Sparrow and Medicine
3/27/2013You know I know the truth about Corporate Communism now ruling America, since 1988 abouts and 9-11-2001.
3/11/2013Rick G
3/1/2013Karma love from samanthasunflower
2/24/2013In addition to being a pontificating asshole, you misuse 'you're' when it should have been 'your'.
2/19/2013Douche BAG
1/10/2013Greetings from Ralph--a house dog
12/30/2012You're an asshole. Happy New Year!
11/3/2012For training for zombies. :)
9/2/2012Semper Fi
8/10/2012Thanks for you input... TheTruthWorker
6/18/2012Gloryhole tongue janitor
6/7/2012Can only assume the red came from you, the word is supporter.
9/16/2011Hadnt looked at it that way. thanx! :) (about the US bases around the world)
8/12/2011They added specifics to the convesation

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