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7/4/20131 for you = is maybe 1 for me too?? lol savcash, nice avitar!
1/26/2013Hi A Friend
1/11/2013Brief :)
1/10/2013From, Gladio
1/10/2013Thx for support! -Indysmindy
1/9/2013"....Truth is truth and that's why were here...." exactly! -ladyannie
1/9/2013Love your avatar_GeoStorm
1/9/2013Being helpful to others! J&v
1/8/2013Go live in Brooklyn
1/8/2013Fresh green~sonic doom:)
1/8/2013Imbecile....wake up and smell reality...you may not like race FACTS, it may make you feel "unconfortable", but the TRUTH will set you free
1/7/2013Thank you sir! -j994k
1/5/2013Its good to be alive Gem...Marty
1/4/2013Hugs - Lotus x
1/1/20131 for me = +1 for you
12/28/2012Likewise, Lotsa Luv, likewise. 8)
12/28/2012Being nice.
12/28/2012All the best, you have put excellent posts on Chip's thread - Lotus xxx
12/27/2012Thanks for the comments{waterman}
12/27/2012THX for the positivity Eug OR Awak.(woman as A.C. Thread):)
12/26/2012WatchmenOnTheWall Was Here!
12/23/2012Thanks! ;) salt
10/31/2012All the best - Lotus Flower x
9/4/2012Sending you some Gleise green...Marty en-eng`ko
1/17/2012Its good to be alive Gem
1/11/2012And I missed you!! Hugs!
1/9/2012For the karma - mrswilliams
1/8/2012For telling Chip it was you who gave him the thumbs down, you didn't have to tell him it was you xxx - Lotus Flower
12/30/2011LPal nice banana
12/30/2011Nice to meet you :) Love Angels
12/29/2011For bringing sanity to Chipg's thread - Lotus Flower
12/28/2011GOOD FOR YOU for standing up for right!
12/28/2011Comment to Odinson. God Bless you!
12/21/2011LUVZ your thought provoking posts. Happy Holidays right back to you! 8)
11/21/2011Open to change a bad habit
10/13/2011Gd2balive says this one evens the score 15/15 = 0
9/18/2011Good person. Snarf.
9/16/2011Makin up 4 the bad I gave you!---Jtreal3
9/8/2011Hey boo.. . whatcha doin?
9/8/2011For liking the movie Gigli.
9/8/2011For not being a Christ stain...lol
9/6/2011You suck.
9/6/2011Good karma to you, nihilistprft
9/6/2011Thumbs Down for Whining..Karma
9/5/2011One for you - pauldamo
9/5/2011Whining about karma. love always Capt Frizzlefarts
9/5/20111 for stating the obvious and people still getting confused. That was a lot of hard work for something simple. - derelekt
9/5/2011Negative karma for starting a thread crying about the negative karma you received.
9/5/2011Too easy..:)
9/5/2011Tyranny. Good karma thread. Man up ;)
9/5/2011Here you go, This is for bitchin!---Jtreal3
9/5/20111 for being a fellow karmatard lol
9/5/2011Yup,,, here ya go man,,, hitndahedfred
9/5/2011Name... name, damn I'm so forgetful
9/5/2011WAAAA WAAAAA , stop bitching !!!
9/4/2011Just in case.
9/4/2011Dr hoecker agrees with her ideas
9/4/2011For being a stupid christ stain.

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