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7/13/2012I don't always eat pork pies, but when I do, I eat them out of your asshole.
6/30/2012Thanks for the anal sex. Love, Russell.
6/17/2012For giving me the old in and out. Love, Russell.
6/9/2012If you're really a prince, I'll marry you.
6/2/2012Thanks for tickling my anus. Love, Russell.
5/29/2012Because of the stupidity of a coward - YOU.
5/26/2012I like cheese.
12/5/2011For being boring
12/4/2011Stupid chemtard/ignorant loser
12/4/2011The week couldn't roll around fast enough. You are an ignorant, lying shill. Your shilling days are numbered here on GLP. Hope your govt minders go easy on you for FAILING so badly. CHEMTRAILS
12/3/2011You suck balls
12/3/2011I'm not a chemtard, dipshit.
12/2/2011Mental Midget
12/2/2011Not contrails
12/2/2011Damn almost forgot my weekly red for ya.
12/1/2011Someone who knows that chemtrails are contrails too lol. What are some of the peeps on this site on.
11/30/2011Reported Abusive Post
11/30/2011Here's a Chemtrail up your ass you damn dirty shill! CHEMTRAILS ARE REAL! Oh wait!! You're the aviation expert!?!?!? LMAO...
11/30/2011Reported Abusive Post
11/30/2011Reported Abusive Post
11/30/2011Ad hom
11/30/2011"crazy conspiracy theorist" - People are now seeing that "crazy conspiracy theories" are not that crazy anymore,you know sheep?Because MANY of them are now PROVEN TO BE REAL.
11/29/2011For all you do!
11/28/2011Fuck you too Noble you fucking retarded cum drining shill. Go piss up a rope mate. Zero Point
11/25/2011You're wasting your time lying about chemtrails on THIS forum, shill boy.
11/23/2011Total idiot
11/22/2011Your weekly bad Karma from me! Chem Shill! Your pal Rybo.
11/22/2011Fuck You Motherfucker Your The Scum on The Bottom of my Shoe
11/21/2011Wtf yo, you have issues
11/21/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/21/2011Harassing me, instead of trying to give strong arguments back to reply to me
11/21/2011Back at ya ignorant shillbag
11/21/2011Get fucked Noble you shill garbage.
11/19/2011Paid Shill
11/17/2011Short Bus Commander
11/17/2011Ignorant in general
11/17/2011N34444 - you need good karma - BAD
11/15/2011Chem Shill Fuck Stick! Die already you worthless bitch!
11/15/2011Needs more lessons in life and love!
11/14/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/13/2011This is gonna start being a regular thing..
11/12/2011Reported Abusive Post
11/11/2011Nope, this is me. You're welcome!
11/11/2011Hello CHEM SHILL - u are a fuckwit mate - an uneduacated one at that
11/11/2011Knows his stuff
11/10/2011Back acha Bas-tard!!!! Clueless uneducated SHILL!!!! Do some research Moron!!!
11/10/2011Commandeers The Short Bus
11/9/2011Thumbs down for continually believing in chemtrails!!
11/7/2011Shill much?
11/5/2011Grammar nazi
11/5/2011Biggest loser i have ever seen
11/4/2011Shitstream: Fucker Boy! What a dipshit!! Dildo Homo Fuckstain residue.
11/4/2011This response contains nothing of substantive value. In other words it and the person mouthing it are useless.
11/4/2011Paid anti-Chemtrails shill.
11/3/2011Talking sense to chemtards
11/3/2011Obviously ugly as fuck. I can just tell
11/3/2011Why do you engage George? He is playing games here.
11/3/2011Holy shit! Look at all this negative karma you have! You MUST be a complete loser to warrant this much hate. I'm adding a bad karma vote because you apparently LIKE it.
11/3/2011Stupid chemtard cunt you too LOLOLOL Grow up child.
11/3/2011Go Inhale Some Chemtrails
11/2/2011Shit for brains
11/2/2011You're about as useful as a poopy flavored lollypop!
11/2/2011Paid Chem-Trail Shill. Serious. Look at all his comments
11/1/2011He is a shill
11/1/2011Your stupid!
11/1/2011Adding to your colletion chemtrail shilltard
10/31/2011Because you can't prove you deserve good karma
10/31/2011Just because
10/30/2011You're an ugly little troll... a STUPID, ugly little troll. Do you really think people will believe you over their own experiences? Gov't shill. Eat shit.
10/30/2011For believing in chemtrails
10/27/2011You're no more a shill than I am a Martian. +1 for common sense and reason. Nigel.
10/27/2011For common sense in the face of so many nutcases
10/26/2011Why all the negative Karma? We are all entitled to our own opinions.
10/26/2011I made an account, just to give you one more of these little red fuckers. You need it. Asswipe.
10/26/2011Negative Nelly
10/26/2011I believe he is lying
10/26/2011Chemtrail shill
10/25/2011You're a blind fucking wanker
10/19/2011Chemtards united
10/18/2011Stupid and ignorant chemtard. Dumber than dirt.
10/18/2011Chemtrail shill, right on time, as usual
10/18/2011Blinded by truth, endoctrinated in illusion, alive but dead inside, Sad!
10/16/2011For being mega sad & pathetic - RoXY
10/15/2011For all your excellent contributions
10/15/2011Shit for brains
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