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10/14/2011I guess the reason you doubt chemtrails is because you have never gone outside of your room.
10/12/2011Just STFU already.
10/11/2011Heres 1
10/11/2011Disinfo agent. Complete asshole. Have a lovely day.
10/11/2011Chemtrail paid shill
10/10/2011I prefered it when you were banned...
10/10/2011I'm giving you good karma just cuz
10/10/2011Here I'll add another neg karma for ya..you have an extensive collection already
10/10/2011Restoring balance w/ knowledge d2
10/10/2011Chemtard Shill - you lying fuck - here's your weekly dose
10/8/2011Go fuck yourself loser
10/8/2011He gives out bad karma to anyone speaking about chemtrails. Apparently the same chemtard message every time too...
10/7/2011Arrogant fool
10/5/2011Obvious shill. FFS
10/3/2011One back at you
10/3/2011Being a shilliod
10/2/2011Ignorant chemtard? Go fuck yourself. I never mentioned chemtrails only your inability to abide by your own rules.
10/2/2011Your job as government shill wont last. Your pathetic. Fuck Off
10/2/2011Great debuking!
10/2/2011Give up. These people aren't ignorant.They're not stupid. They're retarded
10/2/2011Don't Worry, Only Sub iq Fags Give Red Karma Bcus Their Tiny Brains Can't Comprehend Common Sense. They Are Like Jungle Apes on a Riot When it is Introduced.
10/2/2011At first you made sense, but it was like you were talking through a filter of shit. Then I realised your head was so far up your ass, you almost lapped your digestive track.
10/2/2011At first you made sense, but it was like you were talking through a filter of shit. Then I realised your head was so far up your ass, you almost lapped your digestive track.
10/2/2011Chem tard shill
10/2/2011Uneducated chem-cunt/paranoid loser/pathetic and ignorant
9/30/2011Contrail SHILL
9/30/2011I can get you to respond on every chemtrail thread. shill: from AmericanSheep?
9/30/2011No one spends that much time in every chem thread without being a shill
9/29/2011Because this shill likes to collect bad karma
9/29/2011Learn To Laugh At The Uneducated Chemmies
9/28/2011Chemtrail denier who lives under a bridge.
9/27/2011U keep saying the same things
9/26/2011Stupid is as stupid does
9/25/2011For the children
9/22/2011Not a shill
9/21/2011Suffers needlessly
9/21/2011Chemtrails are real, try looking up you moran!
9/21/2011You're about as useful as a poopy flavored lollypop!
9/15/2011Stupid ignorant selled out to shill chemtrails
9/14/2011Share my good will with him
9/14/2011Still going I see, dont you ever get bored of saying the same stuff over and over and over and over and over and
9/9/2011Abusive, calling people names
9/8/2011You're head is so far up your ass it doesn't know whether to eat, spew or shit
9/7/2011It's for the children!
9/7/2011Reatarded shemshill alert AKA the Knob
9/7/2011One of the biggest Morans on GLP. Chemtrails don't exist huh Cretin! Chemturd Shill. Go breath some nanoaluminum.
9/6/2011You kinda rule
9/6/2011Makes me feel good to do bad
9/6/2011Very uneducated in many subjects
9/6/2011Abusive verbose posts - trolling
9/5/20111 For dealing with the chemtrail tards.
9/4/2011Greetings from Gregory house
9/4/2011Public masterbaiter. I'd rather study the constitution of my dog's shit than read your comments.
9/4/2011ChemtrailTard... moran
9/3/2011NAMBLA is no good. Say no to pedophilia.
9/3/2011For truth
9/3/2011Addressing a notable issue with the chemtrail hypothesis
9/3/2011Dodally crazy chemtrail post
9/3/2011Anti chemtard moran
9/3/2011Chemtrails are whack bro. Glad to see someone with a head on their shoulders and not falling for the psy op
9/2/2011Abusive verbose posts
9/2/2011Need some crackers with that whine...
9/2/2011Once upon a time, a not-so Noble shill...
9/1/2011Hi Shill
9/1/20111 for diffusing (pun intended) the BS regarding persistent contrails.
9/1/2011Tells the truth about chemtrails...They are CONTRAILS people.
9/1/2011Noble is a hard headed, dogmatic commenter. refuses to see there are oddities about the subject of chemtrails.
9/1/2011Whining about how GLP behaves. It happens to everyone. Make a post just to cry/whine
9/1/2011For speaking the truth about the whol chemtrail hogwash
9/1/20111 facts r good
9/1/2011This guy is either blind or he is ignorant
8/31/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/31/2011Reported Abusive Post
8/31/2011Deluded twat
8/31/2011The delusiona one is you..not noble at all
8/31/2011Thanks man!
8/31/2011Extreme shill...constantly arguing without facts basically haunting certain threads making them unpleasant to read and post in.
8/30/2011Reported Abusive Post
8/30/2011A dick to the end
8/29/2011Chickenshit chemshill
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