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JACKYL's Karma

Total: 26 (26  User Votes) and 15

8/8/2012Green for my "Maine"man <3 LaniJane
6/14/2012Kate :)
6/14/2012Yeah thunder - jackal, er jackass!
6/13/2012Fuck The Heat!!! pb
6/12/2012For having your av tattooed on my leg - Anubis
6/12/2012<3 om
6/11/2012Good karma for the JACKYL! - Six Six Six
6/10/2012Hate your avatar!
3/30/2012Buddy Karma! lj
2/22/2012Good people deserve good karma. <3 LaniJane
2/14/2012Hey hot stuff!
2/12/20121 to my friend the Jackyl. Hope to see more of you > Happy Sunday from oldboldpilot
2/9/2012This is for making fun of my husband. Someone needs to teach you some etiquette lessons. Girls from the South understand what's appropriate to say and what's not.
1/20/2012I Think Your TV Show Full Throttle Saloon Really Sucks.
1/11/2012Because you upgraded LaniJane. I never log in, but did so just to give you green. ;-)
1/11/2012For being a buddy :)
1/9/2012For putting a hold on the doom, if only for a day. -Rev
12/23/2011Personal life isn't a conspiracy.
12/13/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/2/2011Buddy karma! LaniJane
12/2/2011Happy Karma ~Jane Smith
11/30/2011Thanks for the compliment! -- Me too!
11/19/2011Wassup, Jackyl. Good to see you again, brother. -Rev
11/19/2011Buddy karma! LaniJane
11/5/2011Fellow Mainiac - LJ
10/26/2011Jesus saves
10/25/2011Gameday thread! Can't wait for this game! -Rev
10/25/20111 Random Karma Time - inptx :)
9/15/2011Ty for your reply about me
9/15/2011For telling Gunroshin off. Hes a dick
9/7/2011Wise ass
8/30/2011Daryl Hannah?? You are fucking VILE! Take that you crack rat!
8/17/2011Takes one to know one. - Tex
8/14/2011Its good
8/14/2011I likes.

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