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Alcibiades's Karma

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12/28/2014You're a punk. Go take your conservative, hateful asshole elsewhere, granny.
6/27/2014Ali was a draft dodging moron.
3/7/2014I decide the Alcibiadestard is the worst. Figure that.
12/26/2013FUCKING IDIOT "Da JEWs did it"
12/25/2013Your post about ameriduhs root problem
6/1/2013Join forces to get rid of the Comedian! he's our foe!
4/10/2013Alcibiades nice tv shows anotherone
3/30/2013Hello from Earth420 :)
3/28/2013For giving some serious thought to the matter of origins
3/1/2013On Communism, Nicely done.

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