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6/28/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
6/28/2016Bithday secret leaked out!...thanks....grum​pier
6/27/2016Love ya GFG
6/26/2016Reported Abusive Post
6/26/2016Reported Abusive Post
6/25/2016Bovine lactation. Good name for a band...
6/23/2016Well, that's just, like, your opinion, man
6/23/2016CP, glad to see you- Cheers
6/21/2016Eating dog meat is never the way to go asshat
6/20/2016Karma roLL .C.C
6/17/2016Green karma from ,,, Casper
6/16/2016How to stop a mass shooting thread and video - Resister
6/16/2016From Ralph--a house dog
6/16/2016Nice find CP! Jazzy
6/15/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
6/13/2016Haves some green from JB !
6/13/2016Good work....God bless...The Old Timer
6/13/2016Reported Abusive Post
6/12/2016Reported Abusive Post
6/12/2016Good day sir :D
6/12/2016Fantastic Video, thank you for starting this thread and posting, Shows Reality
6/11/2016Reported Abusive Post
6/11/2016Hope all is well..Soup
6/11/2016Hey :)
6/11/2016Cause you are awesome, but you already knew that my friend. Keep up the good work ~ Chugiakian
6/8/2016Ag47 :)
6/7/2016Karma roLL .C.C & Jukebox Love as Always...
6/6/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
6/6/2016Hey kermit! eekers
6/2/2016Just a HI...all well?....grumpier
6/2/2016To good music!! InfiniteDream
6/2/2016Thanks for sharing Windows 10 "fix" - B@Z
6/2/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
6/2/2016Howdeeee frum Dace & Khaleesi
5/31/20165 Stars for the Gorrila story post - very informative - Morpheus
5/31/2016From Ralph--a house dog
5/31/2016Harambe and the Cinci Zoo--thank you
5/31/2016Good thread! Munsoned
5/31/2016Lol, koala link!
5/30/2016Smooches! LittleMissDictator
5/29/2016You make me wet- Kniforkspoon
5/28/2016Karma roLL .C.C
5/27/2016Reported Abusive Post
5/27/2016Reported Abusive Post
5/27/2016Reported Abusive Post
5/27/2016Reported Abusive Post
5/26/2016Holographic reality for the win
5/25/2016Brotha green from Scrump!
5/19/2016Thank you so much! Luisport!
5/18/2016Hope you had a happy birthday homie. love,eekers
5/18/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
5/18/2016Wednesday Green - dphbug
5/16/2016Reported Abusive Post
5/16/2016Reported Abusive Post
5/16/2016Reported Abusive Post
5/16/2016Reported Abusive Post
5/16/2016For your perseverance in trying to inform people about the horrifying fallout from Fukushima. Thank you. H1
5/16/2016Twister<> Hii
5/16/2016H2O Bro! Sooty foot XD
5/15/2016Strongman Shelford 's Green Karma Earth Truth Alliance
5/15/2016Great thread on men's suicide - Michael Deschain
5/15/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
5/15/2016Love GFG
5/14/2016Birthday Hugs!!! SkinnyChic
5/14/2016Happy Birthday! Love Ellusion :)
5/14/2016Have a good weekend! ~ ItsMaKa2
5/14/2016Birthday Green for you...davvi
5/14/2016Happy Birthday! - gami
5/14/2016Happy birthday my friend...the seahorses are well....God bless...the old timer
5/14/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
5/14/2016Happy Birthday Citizenperth!~~Hugs from I Love Panda Bears!
5/9/2016Hugs to you kermit <3 eekers
5/3/2016Karma roLL .C.C
5/2/2016Green for you with thanks for the 51 Sailor thread...davvi
5/2/2016Keep the fuku news coming
4/30/2016Driveby Green ~ A Friend
4/29/2016From Ralph--a house dog
4/29/2016Whatever your dream is, it is not too late to achieve it--->you to my friend
4/29/2016Enjoy your day sacred energy :)
4/29/2016Good post-'..to think about.' THX! Wedge
4/29/2016Thanks for the positive and inspirational thread -auntiebeads
4/29/2016Love ya GFG
4/29/2016Well said Citizenperth- my best Aussie friend lives there-The Gent
4/29/2016Encouragement :) Sloane
4/29/2016Never too late!!! - Wordsworth
4/29/2016Never give up ~ exlibris
4/29/2016Inspirational positive post
4/29/2016"Something to think about". . . AWESOME THREAD CP! - THANK YOU! - G3
4/29/2016Hugs! SkinnyChic
4/29/2016Think about thread
4/29/2016Something to think about. <3 FoShizzle
4/29/2016Awesome! Base12
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