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1/25/2015Karma roLL ....C.C thank you CP for the Love .. means alot
1/24/2015Fighting a closed society. pool
1/24/2015For calling it straight in a sea of crap - RR
1/24/2015Love GFG
1/23/2015Take care sir. :D calx
1/19/2015Google illuminatimatrix wordpress - it explains, if you persist.
1/19/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
1/18/2015Thank you brother! jdb :-)
1/18/2015I was banned for a few days, glad to be back - Vision Thing
1/18/2015Green for suggestion to NOT copy original paragraph w/answers! lol! O'sCookie
1/17/2015You are a hero
1/16/2015TGIF Green A MUSE
1/16/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
1/16/2015Wading pools and meter maids...lol...Jazzy
1/16/2015Love ya! :D calx
1/16/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
1/16/2015Birthday post for dr acula
1/15/2015AnonymousGirl :)
1/14/2015Much love ~TML
1/14/2015Stick to Fukushima. Stop trying to be cool around here.
1/14/2015Green to a funny friend....xout
1/13/2015Karma roLL ..C.C
1/11/2015Dace & Kali sez howdee =)
1/11/2015Nice find -undestroyer
1/11/2015By orders of the wife....lol...I give you green for the yoga video...The Old Timer....God love ya
1/11/2015Reported Abusive Post
1/10/2015Little Brother...LOL....grum​pier
1/9/2015Eekers :)
1/5/2015Hope you had a great Christmas and all your hopes and dreams for 2015 come true! my2centsworth
1/5/2015Pm the busted PW please bro
1/5/2015Awesome thread! Thanks for a great monday laugh!
1/5/2015Dolphin Green ) Operative!
1/5/2015Have a great week! ~ ItsMaKa2
1/4/2015Cool dude Em
1/4/2015One of the good ones! Very refreshing. SKObserver
1/4/2015Winner! winner! chiccccccken dinner! SoCalGuy
1/4/2015Thanks for the laugh...Madigan
1/4/2015It's a new year, and a new fear, may the doom be with us. The Swede
1/3/2015Happy New Year ! From Tiger1.
1/3/2015For the mantities! nah-T :D
1/3/2015Please plan ahead and act quickly and safely! We need you here! Hugs!
1/3/2015Love ya and be safe man! :D calx
1/3/2015Prth/muchrspct/OMFG/Y​/TAV*ST*CK baned?ggl/J*ason Luc*s
1/2/2015Happy New Year! Person445
1/2/2015U, u were there christmas day, but the wicked block the site. Those bastards! TastyThoughts
1/2/2015Happy new year! frayed knot
1/2/2015Looking forward to that aussie six-pack! :-) KipKat
1/2/2015Happy NW ~ Beetle
1/2/2015You deserve one from Pooch
1/1/2015Yeah ! =astral goat
1/1/2015Have a safe, healthy, happy, and prosperous new year. -Moo!
1/1/2015For the mums post. xo
1/1/2015God gave man a mind. most refuse to use it. not you.
12/31/2014Rawr <3 OM
12/31/2014HAPPY NEW YEAR! -- stinkbug
12/31/2014Happy new year! May your wishes come true this year! -Face
12/31/2014Happy New Year ....C.C
12/31/2014Jesus saves
12/31/2014Perthy, you're a total fuckin' idiot. All you got is your looks.
12/31/2014Happy New Year to you CP! BRIC
12/29/2014Coon! Jager
12/29/2014I love your fuku posts!! <3
12/28/2014New Year's Greenery....AdHocBOHI​CA
12/28/2014Happy New Year to you. The Swede
12/28/2014Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Elena.C
12/28/2014For being Citizenperth 24/7/365... -Wordsworth
12/27/2014Reported Abusive Post
12/26/2014For the puppy video, you score!
12/26/2014New Years green. ~Fist McKraken
12/26/2014Friday Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
12/26/2014Great thread!~sickandtwiste​d~ Be afraid of the police for sure.
12/26/2014Happ u 2014 ending :) ~ Beetle
12/26/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
12/25/2014Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays :) eV3y
12/25/2014Giving you green - its a holiday color after all (and for other reasons that don't require seasons) toremain anon
12/25/2014Merry Christmas CP. ~ Bear Drinker
12/25/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
12/25/2014You have a beautiful heart~God bless and keep you~WFTMission~
12/25/2014Merry Christmas to you too - tripleh
12/25/2014Nice Christmas thread, thanks. Hope you had a good one. Storm
12/25/2014For being one of the good guys :) Merry Christmas ...izzybeth
12/25/2014Superduper, Ms. Merry Christmas!
12/25/2014Merry Christmas, CP! from Eggcellent
12/25/2014For being such a kind, caring person. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a joyful New Year! Zuzu
12/25/2014Love ya CP! :D calx
12/24/2014Merry Christmas my Friend~Mattie:)
12/24/2014Merry Christmas to a good soul, pete
12/24/2014Merry Christmas CP from Lionels Love
12/24/2014Christmas hug! ChiaPet
12/24/2014Merry Christmas! Wishing you and your a wonderful Holiday ~Do You See What I See~
12/24/2014Green for offering yourself to the sad and needy /observing now
12/24/2014Meryxmass glad both you and perth are still here zenzone
12/24/2014Green for being a helptard. ~Snuffie.
12/24/2014Nice to see good ppl around here :) ~norml85
12/24/2014Greeting and green, Merry Christmas. - Cassie :-)
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