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aBiNoRmAl's Karma

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10/25/2012Because you are cool
8/14/2012Peace and hugs to you === Quasar
8/6/2012Good for you === Quasar
7/30/2012Hope things are well with you...Rael
7/29/2012For being nice === Quasar
6/26/2012Long time no see...hope all is well. Rael
5/14/2012WeAreOne was here.
5/13/2012A little green fot the machine lol....rocky
5/11/2012Thanks for the bump ASLEEPNOMORE
5/7/2012Because you're unbanned! Rhombus
5/7/2012Banning sucks - whiteangel
5/4/2012Your posts are great on the birdie thread! From:wait....what?
5/4/2012For being you. WeAreOne
5/4/2012We're still friends...ADRENALIN :)
5/1/2012Wow great info in the birdie thanks - mercyamber
4/30/2012My name is BoRockin Obuttfuck and I approve this Karma message. ;-> Nick
4/30/2012Your choice of avatar is right on, a little green to go with those eyes..rocky
4/28/2012Tomato bubble warning - L'eft
4/28/2012Do-well karma 4u
4/27/2012Some green for you! Rhombus
4/25/2012For winky humor - ANHEDONIC
4/24/2012WeAreOne was here :-)
4/23/2012Howdy Abi - my one friend - even if I must assume you're a bot like all the others! :)
4/23/2012Many Thanks!....roadrunner​(Ray)
4/23/2012Ty for the birdie info - mercyamber
4/22/2012For a woman that understands, but distant, rocky
4/20/2012Zippity do da, fun day today! ~einsteinsfly
4/20/2012Always good info thanks WatchmenOnTheWall
4/20/2012Feels good
4/20/2012Rhombus was here!
4/18/2012When you speak , try to think about what are you saying ! and if it's logic ...
4/14/2012Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee​nBomB----Just for YOU----JimBomB
4/14/2012If your av pic is really you....You are beautiful ! - Morpheus
4/10/2012For keeping the Birdie thread going! Rhombus
4/10/2012I have a mobile internet air card that has a different IP address, I popped that into my laptop and posted. lol ~ Kate
4/10/2012Great Insight. Amy A
4/10/2012Back at ya from withoutatrace. Don't let her get to you, I think she's a fake psyop anyway.
4/9/2012Reported Abusive Post
4/9/2012Thank you for your kind words. Black Knight
4/9/2012Karma Greeting from Lady Jane Smith
4/7/2012Does not address the original post
4/6/2012Reported Abusive Post
4/5/2012For little birdies going down rabbit holes --- MzTreeChick
4/4/2012WatchmenOnTheWall Strikes Yet Again!
4/4/2012Karma is your's. BB
4/1/2012Plunger time
3/31/2012Because you deserve it -LG
3/29/2012Thanks for the help
3/25/2012Karma smile from Lady Jane Smith
3/22/2012Nice reponse on the Welfare Check thread - Nem
3/12/2012Fuck You This is a Forum Not a School
3/5/2012Enjoyed the uncle acting strange post. :) -Jonke
3/4/2012Great post
3/3/2012Doz yhat make me your uncle ?
3/3/2012LOL your strange uncle post- I'm still laughing!!!-SpiderJon​es
3/3/2012Good words on your post bout the doing something good for sum one! good to meat ya, whiterabbit
3/3/2012A person making a difference! ~e1
3/3/2012Back atcha -JIK
2/27/2012Karma! Marax
2/27/2012Hi look at me
2/24/2012Be Strong - CharlieMurphy
2/23/2012You da man -Flex
2/23/2012Thank you for the nuke link :)
2/23/2012Keep it real/Only time will tell~DoubleHelix
2/23/2012For the NukeMap ~ Lady Jane Smith
2/23/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/23/2012Random act of karma--oh_yikes
2/22/2012Cool, informative post!
2/21/2012Cool nukemap~hyrulerupee
2/20/2012Good karma but never EVER make a thread about karma and get a haircut. Clip your nails while getting a haircut. You have poor hygeine
2/20/2012Complaining about getting bad karma and then flipping people off.
2/20/2012Ok, here you go. BITE ME COUSIN IT ! Whining shaggy dog. BOO HOO !! Cry to Mommy
2/20/2012For being ugly! DasDoomAss
2/20/2012Adding insult to injury. karma's a bitch.
2/19/2012Stop being mean
2/19/2012For what you said about fatheres. Most of them have no idea the effect that they're having on their children - Dease
2/19/2012Kudos on being honest about what women want - from one who is also abinormal :)
2/18/2012Re: What women want.... Good post.
2/18/2012Dishing out what's been served ;)
2/18/2012For your great post at 12:53PM on 2/19/12 in the 'What women really want...' thread.
2/15/2012For giving link to 1 sec after! Amazingly terrifying. Thank you
2/13/2012From the kid book thread - Turtle
2/13/2012Is det ur feece?
2/11/2012Not enough green stinky1
1/16/2012Greatness, you made me laugh tonight
1/12/2012Cheers dude, I can't help but like people who like dogs, especially the so called "dangerous breeds" , the only thing that makes a dog dangerous is its owner ... heartfelt sentiment fro

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