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ThereIsNoEye's Karma

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8/1/2013I appreciate their response
8/1/2013Thanks for visiting my post ! -Shining
7/22/2013Oh shutup
3/2/2013Spot on
2/27/2013Creepy stalker name
11/30/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/30/2012Yeah, whatever
10/25/2012Advising another to begin meditating is the best advise one could give. I want to be Eckhart Tolle when I grow up. If you could only take that person to the' feeling' state of meditation, t
10/17/2012"RIP Earthquake Zone People" Most compasionate thing I've ever read on the internet. RayGun
10/4/2012For contributing and realizing the futile nature of politics.
1/2/2012Just "no".
12/9/2011Clinton is the one who gave our tech to the Chinese
12/4/2011Thanks for posting to the Country music thread..LOL cowgirlk
9/29/2011Good karma for speaking highly of ther good doctor.
9/28/2011Whining about karma
9/28/2011Why bother "Interpreting" it for you, you are just looking to troll anyways. Research it yourself tool.
9/26/2011Fellow las vegan

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