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Inerrancia's Karma

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7/23/2014Happy hump day! Ele xx
7/17/2014Happy Birthday~strgzr
7/17/2014Happy b-day ~ Beetlejuice
7/17/2014Have the happiest birthday! Hugs, Sloane
7/14/2014Green skies on our home Planet! George B
7/14/2014Great thread ....Mt Shasta!
7/12/2014Sending you some peaceful energy ~Raven~
7/11/2014Weekend hugs, Ele xxx
7/10/2014In fórums like this one can face the weird events with some sense of "brotherhood" ~ICBN
7/9/2014Good attitude.
7/9/2014Hi Inerrancia :) Love Angelseverywhere
7/9/2014Fun thread.
7/8/2014Great threads! Fr Who is Blue Fairy
7/8/2014Disinfo shill
7/8/2014Spirit thread ~TML
7/7/2014Still datamining, I see. such a busybody.
7/6/2014Great posts....
7/5/2014Green skies on TrollShill or beautiful, George B
7/3/2014Endave ( o )===:::
7/3/2014For bringing esoterica back to GLP :)
7/2/2014My soul was lost when i joined this site
7/2/2014With a big hug from Ele xx
7/2/2014Great posts by an equally great poster! Waif&Stray
7/2/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
7/1/2014Cool thread : ]
6/30/2014Great Thread green Karma from Infomonger
6/30/2014Good thread :) ~TML
6/28/2014TrollShills have to fly together, George B
6/27/2014You've been a chatty cathy as of late
6/25/2014Green for the Guardian Angel thread, thanks! ~ Myst_Wolfsong
6/25/2014Ole ole ole ole ole :-) Vala :-)
6/24/2014Thanks for the info! ~ ItsMaKa2
6/23/2014For Ho'oponopono!
6/22/2014It works, believe in it - Mercury11
6/21/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/20/2014Five stars and green karma!
6/19/2014Gracias mi hermano!! I wish you the same too : ) Endave
6/18/2014So happy to have you back my darling :) biggest love, Ele xx
6/18/2014Green for my TrollShill Brother, healing thoughts George B
6/17/2014Missed you!!...Good to see you again!....>>>>Settle4​It<<<<
6/2/2014Green Monday George B
5/25/2014Green from TrollShill! George B
5/23/2014Back at You! Itz A DreaM
5/10/2014TrollShill Greetings! George B
4/24/2014Greetings!! All TrollShill operative are to report! Earth Cmdr George B
4/21/2014Happy easter from Prowilson123 :)
4/20/2014Hola amigo!!! Hope all is well with you. ~ Endave
4/19/2014Happy Easter!....>>>>Settle​4It<<<<
4/19/2014Weekend hugs from Ele xx
4/10/2014Karma Hugs all around!!....>>>>Settl​e4It<<<<
4/10/2014Hope you are having a good day from Prowilson123 :)
3/12/2014Green Greetings! George B
3/11/2014I have missed you, my friend! haven't heard from you in a while! eekers
3/2/2014Green the Planetary Color for TrollShill . . . George B
3/2/2014Have missed chatting with you!....>>>>Settle4it​<<<<
2/9/2014Green Sunday for you . . . George B
1/26/2014Greetings from TrollShill . . . George B
1/7/2014Hi Inerrancia...please excuse my bad OP manners in the stars thread...thank you for your post :) Love Angelseverywhere
1/4/2014You are awesome ~ moooo!
1/4/2014So good to hear from you!!....Hope all has been well!!....>>>>SettleI​t<<<<
12/31/2013Have a Happy Rockin' New Year my friend!! - Endave
12/17/2013Happy holidays from green_girl
12/10/2013Rock on brother! - Endave
12/8/2013Happy Holidays!....Karma Sprinkles!!!....>>>>S​ettle4It<<<<
11/20/2013From gg
11/19/2013Endave :)
11/12/2013From green_girl!
11/10/2013Hello my sweet fua friend :) eekers
11/9/2013Weekend hugs from Elemental xxx
11/5/2013Cool person
11/3/2013Vete con el FUAAAAA, y vas FUAntastico...A=A was Ace of Tards ;)
11/3/2013Awesome thread topic Inerrancia :) Love Angelseverywhere
11/1/2013You were so funny on the OYE Farewell thread - JinxyMcD
10/31/2013Tardtards! LMAO - Esa si me hizo reir. :) Martianprincess
10/31/2013DARK MATTER....grumpier
10/30/2013You have been calxed! :D
10/29/2013Hugs from Elemental x
10/28/2013Anything for you!! We will always have plane diary!!!
10/28/2013Ok, sorry! ~UAP
10/28/2013The Hapless Moran likes the way you think.
10/27/2013Ariel ~ Odd John
10/27/2013Apparently drinks its own piss, that's automatic red.
10/27/2013Redneck with handkerchief on head
10/26/2013My software is definitely over rated ;)
10/24/2013Tio FUAncisco y Tio FUAntonio se bendiga con el FUAAAA, FAAAtard Ace of Tards
10/21/2013Green for the groovy tunes! Endave
10/20/2013For knowing great comedy
10/20/2013Fun threads....thanks....​ MisterHouston
10/18/2013My friend with the huge heart, kisses from Ele zz
10/17/2013From Prowilson123 :)
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