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8/30/2014Xx ^V^ beso
8/30/2014Hope you are well - NothingFancy
8/30/2014Flash: ;)
8/29/2014Green hugs! Alpacalips
8/29/2014Back atcha my friend...cowgirl
8/29/2014Thank you for the good Karma-skyblau
8/28/2014Aloha- seer
8/28/2014Love us Us US xx ~Calidruid
8/28/2014Just listened to the updates , always a good start to the day ! fullfaith
8/28/2014Felt you needed a hug love GFG
8/27/2014All Caps Karma From Halman!!! :d
8/27/2014This is for my friend. Ohio Chic
8/27/2014Sending big love & a squishy hug, Ele xx
8/27/2014Hugs! Love Ellusion :)
8/26/20144 role playing "time-Shift"
8/26/2014Green for you - msz
8/26/2014Thank you
8/26/2014Hola and Good Day! -Hijinnx
8/26/2014Thank you friend, Kinga :)
8/26/2014Thanks for the green! Lil Sis
8/26/2014Raawwrrrr~ (((big hugs)))WTF! :D
8/26/2014TY for the info :-) and the green CA.
8/25/2014Because you are :) - Eireann~
8/25/2014Krunchy Karma, lol :) KarinZa
8/25/2014Green love! Hoodrats
8/25/2014Monday green :) abi~
8/25/2014Much love to you, my friend! I hit the lottery, I'll need a cabana banana, gnome sayin'? <3 LaniJane
8/25/2014Pot tard
8/24/2014MW is a shill. Remember the thread earlier today? They deleted my other account. (5190) Keep up the good fight. -OBL
8/24/2014Wrap your tomato plants in tinfoil and bring them to the bunker is reason enough.
8/24/2014Thanks for posting! ^MW^
8/24/2014Green- oubliette
8/24/2014Thanks for stopping by. ~norml85~
8/23/2014Luv from ^V^ aka OR/CA
8/23/2014Thetruthmonger :)
8/23/2014Reported Abusive Post
8/23/2014Green from Storm.
8/23/2014Green kindness~Lionels Love
8/22/2014Hope you have a great weekend! ~PENG
8/22/2014Good to see ya post as always - Chrit
8/22/2014Solar Guardian here. May I have a green karma point? Thanks :)
8/22/2014Whenever your perspective on something creates emotional pain, it's always because your perspective is still so narrow that you've yet to see all the good it will make possible. WildFlower
8/21/2014Hi A, Isis One
8/21/2014Green Hug! :) ~ U3
8/21/2014Reported Abusive Post
8/21/2014Thanks! Tinfoil
8/21/2014Near death experiences post! <3 miffed :)
8/20/2014Hi friend! Hope you are well! Saw a fox in the vineyard yesterday, thought of ya! xx ~Calidruid
8/20/2014One of the best threads ever fullfaith
8/19/2014Well said ~A F-D
8/19/2014Much love ~tml :)
8/18/2014A little green from me. :) AnonymousGirl
8/17/2014Abi~ :)
8/17/2014Thankyou :) Karma train green - ShowGirls x
8/17/2014Karma time! Alpacalips
8/17/2014Green for a great Sunday! TrustNoOneKS
8/17/2014With love and respect :) 141
8/16/2014Hugs! ~ Simple27 : )
8/16/2014Hi! cant reply :-( to answer - M:hi: :hugs: Common
8/15/2014Love those! eekers
8/15/2014Thank you my friend - KillerB
8/15/2014Spotted troll thread ~KimmieAnnaJones
8/15/2014Just because
8/15/2014Thanks! Hope all is well :-) ~Stoned G
8/14/2014For setting me straight about Canadian beer. strgzr
8/14/2014I'm glad you caught my bday, Mr. Integrity :)
8/14/2014Karma roLL ....C.C
8/13/2014Great research Anhedonic!
8/13/2014Nicest person on this site
8/13/2014Spiritually adept, scientific genius, saint-like manner and morality, effective role model
8/13/2014Animal NDEs~Lionels Love
8/13/2014Beso was here :)
8/13/2014Just beautyful on "Why am I unsatisfied...?" ... Thank you :) Ninki
8/12/2014Mountain Woman is Ghetto Monk... Get it? Spread The Word! i Can't Post, They Blocked me. i Can Only View.
8/12/2014Happy green! Love Ellusion :)
8/12/2014Thank you for being You!....((((HUGS)))).​...>>>>Settle4It<<<<
8/11/2014Rev. Woo-Woo
8/11/2014Love from Ele xx
8/10/2014Probably the best post you've made
8/10/2014Have a good one! Hijinnx
8/9/2014Always glad to see your posts....Be well, Tazzy
8/8/2014Howaya :-) How you doin. Vala :-)
8/8/2014Hello to you! Always appreciate your karmic greetings (and contributions) :) Bests Parabola
8/8/2014Challenges and issues and problems. Lions and tigers and bears. Showing up when you've somehow forgotten how unbelievably, fantastically powerful you really are. WildFlower
8/7/2014Alpacalips was here =0)
8/7/2014K9 karma from a friend.
8/7/2014Green among friends :) Thanks ol' pal! ~ dawa
8/7/2014Thanks :) ~PENG.
8/7/2014Just time… Loving your work as always.. Abinadi/NIP/Candace
8/7/2014Drive by love! HoodRats
8/6/2014Karma roLL ....C.C
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