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7/31/2014Ladyannie :)
7/30/2014Thanks for sticking up for me
7/30/2014Yes a 'bookmark' :) Sloane
7/30/2014Lmao the redneck broke his glasses.
7/30/2014In moments of high stress, anxiety, or fluster, instead of hoping, wondering, or worrying, remember your double-secret resources of skipping, twirling, and humming. WildFlower
7/29/2014Abort thread, lol :D KarinZa
7/29/2014Pug love! eekers
7/29/2014Hugs! Love Ellusion :)
7/29/2014Much love, Ele xx
7/28/2014Thank you! ...nutmeg... :)
7/28/2014Rev. Woo-Woo was here
7/27/2014Your usual sound reason fullfaith
7/27/2014Why do people like smoking weed and getting high? nice post - Mr C
7/27/2014You are the best - YouAreDreaming
7/27/2014Very good rebuttals on weed 777 thread -undestroyer
7/27/2014For good sense ~KimmieAnnaJones
7/27/2014Shhh.... :)
7/27/2014Not able to follow along very well with conversations
7/27/2014Solar Guardian here. May I have a green karma point? :)
7/27/2014Stoned Goddess Karma :)
7/26/2014Universe spliting its pants indeed. ~Z
7/26/2014Green hugs ANHEDONIC! LiitleMissDictator
7/25/2014Reported Abusive Post
7/25/2014Love GFG
7/25/2014You have grown on me, my friend :) abi~
7/24/2014Whas that word when a guy or gay thinks more highly of himself than he deserves? anhedonic?
7/24/2014Why do people like a piece of doo like you? What the heck is wrong with people, you're scum.
7/24/2014Xo - Steady
7/24/2014Karma ((((HUGS))))....>>>>S​ettle4It<<<<
7/23/2014You make me laugh..thanks..cowgir​l
7/23/2014Green for the buzz I caught while on the classical music thread ;)
7/23/2014Green good morning- Etta
7/21/2014By all means, seek to change the things you don't like and to attract the things you do, just don't put off your happiness for either or the other. WildFlower
7/20/2014Love you, Ele xXx
7/19/2014Green lovin - msz
7/19/2014Hope your doing well, Best....Tazzy4 I enjoy your posts and your avatar of course
7/19/2014Greens to my fellow wolf lover! TrustNoOneKS
7/18/2014Hope your napkins are doing well ;)
7/18/2014Wise words on forgiveness - Nemamiah
7/18/2014Hee hee....gotta admire his tenacity :) Beso
7/18/2014Have a great weekend....Lekker
7/18/2014Good advice given as usual!!! <3 miffed :)
7/18/2014Hugs* - Rev Woo-Woo
7/17/2014Hey thanks.. ~ A r c
7/17/2014From me777
7/17/2014Dia duit mo chara Mheiriceá. Tá súil agam go bhfaighidh seo tú go maith. Vala :-)
7/17/2014Hi Buddy! Nice to hear from you! Hope you are enjoying summer :-) xxoo Calidruid
7/17/2014For taking my breath away :) Have the best day, Sloane
7/17/2014Thanks and lots of love to you... :) 141
7/17/2014Reported Abusive Post
7/17/2014So glad to call you friend. :) ~U3
7/16/2014Hello Anhedonic. :) AnonymousGirl
7/16/2014You're nice!
7/16/2014Love Ellusion :)
7/15/2014Mmmmm, claussens...hehe
7/15/2014Chiknlivers :)
7/15/2014Reported Abusive Post
7/15/2014For your post, shellbe
7/15/2014Thank you for the green :) PhotinoBird
7/15/2014K9 karma coming your way. 8)
7/14/2014TY Anhedonic, Hope all is well with you/Love grammer Nazi cat (!) :hugs: CommonA
7/14/2014You're always there to hear my grief, my joy, my sadness, and my silliness. You truly are a fantastic friend. <3 <3 Doomish
7/14/2014Hugs ~Tangy :)
7/14/2014Thanks and back at ya! Stillhere
7/14/2014Thanks for the karma! Ozi
7/13/2014Hello Anhedonic :) Love Angelseverywhere
7/13/2014Olaf!!! Hahahahahahahha! bigD111
7/13/2014Thetruthmonger wuz here
7/13/2014Send them love. Wish them peace. See them happy. Everyone, always, forever. And prepare to be astounded. WildFlower
7/12/2014Forgot to give you another green… abinadi
7/12/2014Drive-by green. saffire&gold
7/11/2014Weekend Karma Drop!....>>>>Settle4I​t<<<<
7/11/2014Howdy ... SBG
7/11/2014Friday green from halman
7/11/2014Green for the legless kitties :) eekers
7/11/2014Hay you! :D calx
7/10/2014I blew my back out! Alpacalips
7/10/2014Hiya!!!! KarinZa
7/9/2014Getting doomy- etta
7/9/2014Drive by greening - msz
7/9/2014Green to have a great day! TrustNoOneKS!
7/9/2014Mahoosive huglets, Ele xxx
7/9/2014Hi friend~Bambi2U
7/8/2014Yo! Hope you're doing great! ~LunaRabbit
7/8/2014Green for you! - Hijinnx
7/8/2014Reported Abusive Post
7/7/2014Bud green ~ Beetle
7/6/2014How have you been? LittleMissDictator :)
7/5/2014Blessings! Love Ellusion :)
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