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7/6/2014How have you been? LittleMissDictator :)
7/5/2014Blessings! Love Ellusion :)
7/5/2014All that you need, to have all that you want, lies inside of you, right now. Everything. WildFlower
7/4/2014Happy 4th!! Hugs! ~Tangy :)
7/4/2014Hope you have a happy 4th :) byfaithalone
7/4/2014<3 miffed :)
7/4/2014Did i just do that
7/4/2014Socioeconomic status does not created heathen people, you are an example of that.
7/4/2014Happy 4th enjoy..Tazzy
7/3/2014Hello friend! Happy 4th. Hope all is well. Heavenly Alchemy
7/3/2014I hope this finds you well. Vala :-)
7/3/2014I had one, and wanted to give to you! ((big hugs)) Have fantabulous holiday~~WTF :D Much Peace, Love, and Light~Always
7/3/2014Hiya ....lekker:)
7/2/2014Signing off in a few days....karma for you good friend. Love is all there really is...Saffire&Gold
7/2/2014Simply precious. Sloane
7/2/2014GOAL! - Dace =-)
7/2/2014Happy t
7/1/2014You're nice.
7/1/2014Richard Simmons workout lol abi~
7/1/2014Love & hugs, Ele xx
7/1/2014Hugs n stuff~Bambi2U
6/30/2014Half way thru the year already - big green hug, msz
6/29/2014Back at you, my good friend! zip
6/29/2014Always my rock. Your strength never dwindles, your loyalty never fades. I feel incredibly blessed to have you as a friend. <3 Doomish
6/29/2014From Storm
6/29/2014Good Morning Karma!- Hijinnx
6/29/2014Relationship ~Everything's Alright.
6/28/2014Eekers :)
6/28/2014For being a sweet pea - Alpacalips
6/28/2014Happy Saturday to an awesome individual! ~ Simple27 : )
6/28/2014Namaste! :D calx
6/27/2014For sound logic.
6/26/2014Karma back, DREAM MAKER :)
6/26/2014Just because =}.
6/25/2014Wanna dance with me baby? Vala :-)
6/25/2014I do believe I owe you some green :) em
6/24/2014Stopping by! ~PENG
6/24/2014Interesting thread !! <3 miffed :)
6/23/2014Thanks for being a friend ~ A Friend
6/23/2014Steady Love
6/23/2014Have a great week! -Serendipitous
6/23/2014Karma back at ya my friend...cowgirl
6/22/2014More Green for a Nobel man****Taz
6/22/2014If at first you don't succeed, it only means you're getting closer, cooler, hotter, better, "badder," and more awesome. WildFlower
6/21/2014Saturday green hug - msz
6/21/2014Hope you're well - Hijinnx
6/21/2014Thank you so much for the psychology post! very interesting -Baroness
6/21/2014Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Much love & respect! ~ Simple27 : )
6/21/2014R.P. McMuprhy
6/21/2014Sending some love :) byfaithalone
6/21/2014Green for my favorite poster, miss talking to you - NothingFancy
6/21/2014Please confine all of your delusions to another site. Buh bye atheist-tard!
6/20/2014Hi! Emmieaz
6/20/2014A green hello- etta
6/20/2014Happy Friday- CommonA
6/20/2014Karma roLL ....C.C
6/20/2014Funny stuff - Cheers - Nemamiah
6/20/2014Hi hunnie bunnie~Bambi2U
6/19/2014Airplanes love broccoli :-) F-BVFA
6/19/2014Lol. I just noticed that. It happens. GeoStorm
6/18/2014Just Because !!! (Yes I Did !!!)
6/18/2014You have nice napkins... :P
6/18/2014Truth, justice, tricycles
6/18/2014It's true your quote -' punished by your anger'. Have a great day! Sloane
6/18/2014Love & thoughts from Ele xx
6/17/2014Quit teasing me ... LOL no really I love it when you tease me.. SBG
6/17/2014Big wave hello. Vala :-)
6/17/2014Do you want to build a snow man? - KillerB
6/17/2014For being a sweet heart - Alpacalips
6/16/2014TY and bless your heart too :) abi~
6/16/2014Anyone ever tell you that you talk too much?
6/16/2014Thank you, for the good karma and all the wisdom you bring to the world. You are greatly appreciated.
6/16/2014Enjoying the sun in Ft. Lauderdale, wish u were here :) ~TH
6/16/2014Reported Abusive Post
6/16/2014Love Ellusion :)
6/16/2014From Storm
6/15/2014Back at ya <melrox>
6/15/2014Great advice to father
6/15/2014Hi there! :D calx
6/14/2014For the TRUTH on the Jesus thread - THANKS - 7113
6/14/2014I'm so sorry I have to do this, but…. I need to steal that kramer3 smiley from you…. it is simply too cool….
6/13/2014Xoxo .... Ohio chic
6/13/2014Greetings & have a blessed Fri. 13th....Saffire&gold
6/13/2014For wisdom. Namaste. Comperio.
6/13/2014When you get to a place, where you're seeing the positive in others more than the negative, it means you're doing the same for yourself. WildFlower
6/12/2014Thanks ... RedHotCandy
6/12/2014Hope you are having a great week from Prowilson123 :)
6/12/2014You're so cool. Just wanted you to know that. Tinfoil
6/12/2014Hugs to you! eekers
6/12/2014Xoxo - Steady
6/12/2014Reported Abusive Post
6/12/2014Enjoyable debate - RD
6/11/2014Reported Abusive Post
6/11/2014Thomas Paine quote - The Brave
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