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12/24/2015Merry Christmas, Wolf. xo ~Peng
12/23/2015Happy Holidays, my friend! Zip50
12/22/2015<3 ~ Bodhi
12/22/2015Merry Christmas. Hope all is good. -w_nb
12/20/2015Merry Christmas from me and Hagar! TrustNoOneKS
12/18/2015Know what's missing from most people's lives? The realization that nothing is missing from their lives. WildFlower
12/17/2015Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! Alpacalips
12/16/2015Merry Christmas! abi~
12/15/2015Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :) Beso
12/14/2015Thinking Of You! :) Sending you hugs! ~SpiritWarrior
12/11/2015Love Ellusion :)
12/9/2015Hump day green :) abi~
12/8/2015When it comes to the words you choose, whether in your mind or amongst friends, let them be of what you like and love. WildFlower
12/6/2015Bringing your light to my thread :) Loewin
12/6/2015ItsAllOneBigLie =)
12/4/2015Miss You! : ) ~SpiritWarrior
12/3/2015Beso :)
12/2/2015Hello old friend - wondering how you've been. Supergreen always, Sloane
12/2/2015Hey there! miss you all. Karma for ya to say hi. :) ~PENG
12/1/2015Hey stranger! cheers! Cheer***Rebel
11/30/2015Always listen to your doubts. Not just because they might teach you of your fears, but because, sometimes, they might teach you of your wisdom. WildFlower
11/30/2015Almost December green :) abi~
11/30/2015Happy Holidays to my favorite wolf! JW
11/29/2015Green for a wolf Friend. ~Snuffie.
11/27/2015Karma roLL .C.C
11/26/2015Hello Wolf! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving :) Autumn Dreams
11/26/2015Green hugs! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving :) byfaithalone
11/24/2015Back atcha! Sent to that off-board email. ~FoShizzle
11/24/2015Happy Thanksgiving! NM
11/21/2015Happy Thanksgiving, from Stillhere
11/21/2015Wow, the craziness since I last sent a green hug!!! I hope you are well :)) Almylo
11/20/2015Reported Abusive Post
11/19/2015Happy Thanksgiving! Alpacalips
11/18/2015Beso :)
11/17/2015Green for a lovely canine. ~Snuffie.
11/16/2015Karma roLL .C.C
11/16/2015Abi~ :)
11/15/2015Happy Sunday-Etta
11/15/2015Funday Sunday Green. Azila_Again
11/15/2015The trick with spending money, lies in knowing, with every fiber of your being, that it will return. And so it must. WildFlower
11/12/2015Hi! I hope you are well. Sendng warm thoughts! Forgot to sign my name last week. Love & hugs, Almylo
11/11/2015Thank you for your words, love, eekthecat
11/10/2015K 9 karma from Nine's. 8)
11/9/2015Hi there! And some green for my favorite wolf. JW
11/6/2015Hey you :) Sloane
11/6/2015Some green from ohio chic
11/6/2015For all of the reasons you might draw someone into your life, one would never be... " To find their faults." WildFlower
11/5/2015Karma roLL .C.C
11/5/2015Thinking of my very kind friend....miss you ð
11/4/2015Hope you are well - NothingFancy
11/3/2015Much love and many blessings. Wishin'
11/3/2015Good Morning :) abi~
11/2/2015WeAreOne passing through :)
10/31/2015Halloween green! hoodrats
10/31/2015Green forthe edwyn collins vid! 5sb
10/31/2015Edwyn Collins! HELL YES!
10/30/2015Happy Halloween Green- Etta
10/30/2015Happy Halloween :) ~ Beso
10/29/2015The thing that most forget while dreamily looking off into the horizon for the ship of their dreams, is that such ships never sail in but are actually built beneath their very feet. WildFlower
10/29/2015GREEN from Gonviral
10/28/2015Green for a lovely wolfie Friend! ~Snuffie.
10/27/2015Thanks for comment on UK Nibiru article thread. some green for you! :) digital mix guy
10/26/2015Hi Wolf :) abi~
10/25/2015Nice to see you around, Hugs from Spazz
10/25/2015Hope You Are Doing Well WOLF! Think Of You Often! :) ~SpiritWarrior
10/23/2015Kisspush: :-P
10/22/2015Anhedonic, I looked up that word a few years ago when we first 'met'. Now I understand it. -w_nb
10/22/2015Karma roLL .C.C
10/22/2015WOLF!!! Hugs from YankeeRose555. I decided to come back to GLP. lol
10/22/2015Love ya wolf. :D calx
10/19/2015Reported Abusive Post
10/18/2015You must never be home...lol abi~
10/18/2015Do you know what's a 1,000,000 times better than getting to the top the mountain? Getting there, after having been lost.WildFlower
10/17/2015Nice weekend wishes A, Isis One
10/17/2015Nice pumpkin! eekthecat
10/15/2015Greens for a good week! TrustNoOneKS & Hagar
10/13/2015Karma roLL .C.C
10/13/2015Karma treats! Alpacalips
10/12/2015Hahaha good post
10/11/2015I keep stopping by and missing you..LOL abi~
10/10/2015Reported Copyright Violation
10/9/2015Since you're in a position to help so many,please remind them, when necessary, that setbacks are only ever devastating when one thinks they'll last forever. WildFlower
10/7/2015Hello Wolf! Autumn :)
10/5/2015Green hug - msz
10/4/2015Try not to get raptured just quite yet WOLF, that's when things start getting interesting earthside. ~Z
10/4/2015Hugs ~Bodhi
10/3/2015Hey buddy.. been a while - 4xcharmd
10/3/2015Abi~ stopped by
10/2/2015Reported Copyright Violation
10/2/2015What is there to say? lol Hasn't it already been said? :) XOXO Beso
10/1/2015Stay safe my friend. Nine's
10/1/2015Hello my friend!! zip50
10/1/2015Sometimes, the one person you think can help you the least, can help you the most. WildFlower
9/30/2015Thanks Wolf! i think it's time to prepare. SkinnyChic
9/29/2015You're an idiot
9/29/2015Dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee​eeeeeee! bigD111
9/29/2015Green hugggs from Lucy :)
9/29/2015Hello Green- Etta
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