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12/29/2014Some green
12/28/2014Learn how to spell.
12/28/2014So federalizing the police is a good thing? It's long over do you say? Well Fuck you, you new world order cock sucking SHILL !!!
12/28/2014So federalizing the police is a good thing? It's long over do you say? Well Fuck you, you new world order cock sucking SHILL !!!
12/28/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
12/24/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/24/2014Stupid beyond compare
12/24/2014Nice avatar.
12/23/2014Karma 4 your thread from,,,whats next :)
12/22/2014Just go away, nobody likes you.
12/22/2014Biggest shill on glp
12/22/2014Or we could blame liberal ass-hats like you!
12/22/2014Negative, Racist Post
12/22/2014Fuck You!!
12/21/2014Most hated person on glp
12/21/2014Enjoyed reading all the neg comments
12/21/2014Love your signature!
12/15/2014No...he's not
12/10/2014A complete hater cock sucker.
12/6/2014Racist Moron
12/3/2014Shill or just retarded. take your pick.
12/3/2014Nigra not a Tigra
12/2/2014Some green for a good thread~kpm~
12/2/2014Don't turn it into a racial issue you dumbfuck!
12/2/20141 humming earth. Imjustsayin
12/2/2014Go suck more black cocks n!gger lover.
11/29/2014Mountain mistrust was here
11/29/2014Racist retard
11/28/2014For thanking your planet. Citadel.
11/27/2014Take your racist bull-shit and hit the fucking road.
11/26/2014Fuck you idiot fucking retard fuck stupid dipshit
11/26/2014You remind me of drool.
11/24/2014When are you going to accept your low IQ?
11/23/2014Greetings from Pastor Manning!
11/23/2014Black and Deceiver
11/21/2014Racist retard
11/21/2014Mother Africa. Citadel.
11/21/2014You seem to needing more red. What an idiot.
9/23/2014Black supremacist idiot. If people like you are the "hope" of the black race...you're all fucking doomed
9/15/2014Afrocentrism sucks
9/15/2014It's attitudes like yours that made this world the shit hole that it is
8/29/2014You're fuckin deranged
8/19/2014You are hateful.
8/19/2014Green because fuck racism. GhostProphet
7/27/2014Hahaha! 'I go down under' - awesome comment! Sloane
7/18/2014For identifying with a moron, then calling everyone else out
7/15/2014The stupidest fuck here
7/13/2014Nasty uncalled for comment.
7/5/2014Pan-Africanism. - Latest craze for retarded people. Have fun with that, dumbass!
6/6/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/3/2014GLP's resident kneegrow dumbass
5/31/2014Because you deserve the burning RED
5/31/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/17/2014Fuck obozo, and you too troll
5/14/2014Mup di po mo diggity mufugu
5/7/2014Ben 10
4/27/2014LOL because
4/24/2014Shill niggy lover
4/22/2014Inspirational post. Vala :-)
4/21/2014Too much red! Bambi2U
4/20/2014Kill yourself asshole
4/19/2014Go back to LOP
4/17/2014Fuck you nagger. your kind are the cancer destroying this country
4/17/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/8/2014Red thumb back atcha Shill
4/8/2014I'll punch ur head off you piece of shit
4/1/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/1/2014Doesnt know how to post
2/18/2014Suck this, melanin man
12/6/2013"Melanin is the substance of the universe" - what a fool
12/5/2013Racist bomo....
12/5/2013Face it...reid is a tool
12/5/2013Eat shit, obamatard
12/2/2013You are a thorn in the side of rightousness
12/2/2013Shut it fool
11/29/2013Rapid masturbation
11/23/2013Typical clueless libtard. LBJ made blacks as slaves for Democrat Party...
11/5/2013Bs yourself
11/5/2013No you don't
10/28/2013Takes a racist to know a racist.
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