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CrossBone's Karma

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1/15/2013For the 'fuck this' thread LOL!! abbe normal x
1/15/2013Hope you feel better! Sloane
12/4/2012Grow Up and Change the Dumb Avatar.
11/28/2012Open and honest post..fantastic
11/28/2012Community service due to trouble with the law tard
11/27/2012This one is for your mom.
8/13/2012Fuck this! -Tard
8/13/20121 -Nostalgic Rain
8/13/2012Like the big tractor. and your av
8/8/2012Flipping you the bird...loser!
8/8/2012Fucking A Right!
8/8/2012Fuck This...
8/2/2012Stop doing that to your Mom. Perv
4/28/2012You're welcome. Madame X
4/10/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/24/2012Awesome avatar....
3/20/2012Fuckin great avatar!
1/4/2012Love Sway x
10/25/2011Whats was that all about.
10/7/2011PORN ADDICT ,Fido Porn Loser
9/28/2011Sick avatar.
9/28/2011I am too
9/24/2011Ur avatar made me giggle
8/28/2011Brief :)
8/27/2011CF~~ stamp of approval.
8/19/2011Your avatar is the best I've ever seen - even my mom agrees!
8/18/2011Great post
8/18/2011TOEM avatar made me laugh
8/18/2011Thanks for the "welcome."
8/17/20115 starts cause cats are cool.
8/16/2011Because Brief wanted to give you one but was out
8/15/2011I saw you do a nice thing. I'm always watching. Love Santa.
8/15/2011Because you recognize "goodness" in others! Pollyannuh
8/13/2011Makes good comments. Usually supportive of others.
8/13/2011Rude and inappropriate avatar.

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