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6/21/2012Reported Abusive Post
6/21/2012Back at ya, again :D OMH
6/19/2012Green for you - Ardhanarishvara x
6/16/2012Stupid pin.
6/13/2012Hey DH, wanted to tell you thanks for explaining your stance on the thread where we disagreed. I appreciate you taking the time to explain yourself and also the green karma. I am repaying you and agre
6/12/2012Back at ya OMH
6/9/2012I ws thinking the same, i think its payed to post shit. On one it tries to get a remark saying its inteligent.
6/9/2012Thx!!! - ANHEDONIC
6/9/2012Nice! Everyone needs nice CD
6/9/2012You're funny. and cool name
6/9/2012Cuz you have a sense of humor...SnakeAirlines​
6/8/2012Back at ya bud-Evan
6/8/2012Love from GLP Angel!
6/6/2012For Listening ~ Beso
6/5/2012For great convo
6/5/2012Mostly cowards, yep, spot on. scuba7
6/5/2012Bs artist
6/4/2012Yes; u guessed right my loved friend (ps you shine) 141
6/3/2012You arent kule
6/3/2012From you know who...lmao: )
6/3/2012Green for you!!! :) cheleve
6/3/2012From Abaddon, for the "producers" comments.
6/2/2012Back at ya - skroatz
6/2/2012Reported Abusive Post
6/1/2012Some green back at ya brutha...LooK`n
5/31/2012Thanks, northerntomcat
5/31/2012Feelin' luv. Guess who?
5/30/2012Becuase you have beautiful brianz :)
5/29/2012Missing you!!! Much love and well wishes to you! xoxo, Strangela
5/26/2012Cheers! -muggl3z
5/25/2012Cheers! ... A Friend
5/25/2012Thread killing, grammar and spelling killing... We're all brothers! -Who.
5/23/2012Cheeky! I like that! ;)
5/23/2012Happy Day to you... wonderful expression of Myself ^_^ -CuriousSoul
5/22/2012WTF is wrong with you ? You were nice until now but the in your latest thread you sound like a hateful asshole !
5/22/2012Sorry for you to whatever happened that you needed to post such a hateful statement. - starrynytes
5/22/2012You shine with the good stuff DH!! :)))
5/21/2012Change now before you rot in hell
5/21/2012No the man is not sorry and he doesn't feel like a fool. I'm not sure why you believe that but you've been suckered. -1 for stupidity.
5/21/2012You pissed God off
5/21/2012Clear religious fanatic, who only believes in what was taught to him through his parents
5/21/2012Thank you for the kind words!
5/21/2012Pool thread contribution.. Sir griffo
5/21/2012Fo sho, numeral uno. Ha! - Tzar
5/20/2012Reported Abusive Post
5/19/2012Wow great post! I wish more christians could understand what you said! =) - Whatsitallabout
5/17/2012Karma for being inquisitive - ANHEDONIC
5/17/2012The ascension thread is really up lifting! Thanks!
5/17/2012I like that agenda brutha!!!! LooK`n
5/17/2012You get karma for the Kansas car crash! -- Tex Dingo
5/16/2012Green 4 u, love and joy too! from Cheleve
5/15/2012You are positive in your post-wretchedhollywoo​d
5/15/2012Wu love. gn
5/13/2012Hello! Earth420 :)
5/12/2012Ka-Tet. Karma like a wheel. Phase
5/11/2012Very well said friend :)--Lightning Chakra
5/11/2012There you go!
5/10/2012Thanks for your comment in thread! --digital mix
5/10/2012<3 Apc <3 :)
5/9/2012Great thread! Gonviral was here..
5/8/2012Ha ha, a greenie without permission
5/8/2012For making me laugh!
5/8/2012Awesome quote thread!
5/8/2012BTW, This is a public forum. If you do not want to be quoted do not post.
5/6/2012Good post - Half Past Midnight
5/4/2012Reported Abusive Post
5/4/2012Sir Griffo Green
4/30/2012You might be one my fav posters here. tahnks wes penre has been very very good IMO, u must agree. keep it up
4/30/2012Proper Karma for a good mind... in warm pursuit :)
4/29/2012Love to you sweetheart!!! xoxo, Strangela
4/28/2012Keep up the good vibes! <Path>
4/28/2012Thanx for your replies - RoXY
4/27/2012You're a riot too DH! ~ Zephyr
4/26/2012Rock on ~ Rockarchy
4/25/2012Karma like a wheel. Phase
4/25/2012Reznor love, and "force fed jebus" hehe~chulahoma
4/24/2012Glad to see more people with candles searching for others during broad daylight :) like diogen the greek philosofer
4/24/2012Do-well green hit me back...
4/22/2012To my friend 141
4/22/2012Good thread, would love to learn more...
4/21/2012For the cyber bully info. IMO the mods are the bullies here.
4/20/2012Made me laugh! Kate :)
4/19/2012Some green karma sprinkles for you - xxkoshxx
4/18/2012I love you too! - Lisa :)
4/16/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/16/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/16/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/15/2012Ty so very much :)
4/14/2012April fool
4/14/2012April fool
4/14/2012I believe in Null TIme Too
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