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Godwithin's Karma

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10/2/2015Beware: this poster is one of candace's cultie zombie followers
6/8/2015"Thou art god" - Rev Woo-Woo ;)
5/21/2015Thank you ~ A r c
5/8/2015Nice avatar and username! - WOLF
4/23/2015Thanks for your post on the War on Sound thread - Turtles
3/3/2015Thank you for bringing up Gardisil. That alone deserves a conversation. Well said!! GFX guy
10/15/2014Some green for you! ( Music Man)
9/20/2014Godwithin, your posts are well written and so intelligent and I LOVE your name and avatar. Queen Flora
9/15/2014GodWithin walks the walk! ( Music Man)
5/19/2013Green for you! - msz
3/19/2013Love your avatar! - msz / mizzy
7/5/2012You need more green - msz
5/8/2012To bless you for sending such a sweet blessing to Candace and staff....Bette/DOK

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