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Dr. Acula's Karma

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4/16/2014Have a Happy Easter ! From Tiger1.
4/16/2014Have a great Easter Doc- Etta
4/15/2014Thanks bud, wish I was, been having major back problems. Monsoned
4/15/2014It's sunny, it's warm. It's happy time! Hugs, Ele xx
4/13/2014Green Karma From Gonviral
4/13/2014I like your fuckery scale :)
4/13/2014Jus cuz Bambi2U
4/12/2014And I hope your weekend was better than the last!!! ((hugs)) -GALonF4TL
4/12/2014Dace Flicks a Green at you. =-)
4/10/2014Creepy avatar!~Cigar
4/9/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
4/9/2014Great job..cowgirl
4/9/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
4/7/2014Monday karma from THE INQUISADOR
4/7/2014Spring green, hugs, Ele xx
4/7/2014You learn something new everyday. -THOR
4/6/2014For your posts ! From Tiger1.
4/6/2014Love GFG
4/5/2014Great post on Easter Egg thread. Ms.Superduper
4/4/2014Hope you have a great weekend! -GALonF4TL
4/3/2014Raspberries to you!
4/2/2014Dangerwalt was here :)
4/2/2014Thanks for the van advice! astral goat
4/2/2014Keep up the Good Work,MattieD!!! :)
4/2/2014You said nutmeg. pool
4/2/2014You're alright ? ~ A r c
4/2/2014Well spoken in CAPS... lots of love to you :)
4/1/2014Thank you~kpm~
4/1/2014Damn good response. lol
4/1/2014Boot lover...yay! (morgan)
4/1/2014Your new avatar creeps me the hell out.
3/31/2014Uncle f#*k stick
3/30/2014Thank You, From ~ The Black Rose Witch ---<---<@
3/30/2014Mah brudda from anudda mudda!
3/30/2014CP has scrawled on your wall :)
3/30/2014The bouncing elephant :)
3/30/2014Sunday hugs from Ele xx
3/30/2014Howdy From Dace =-)
3/30/2014Attempting to get rid of M1.618
3/30/2014Green goes with everything-Luna
3/28/2014In times like these, n
3/28/2014Great post! Karma from Gonviral
3/27/2014For your posts ! You make my day ! From Tiger1.
3/27/2014All the best and greatest to you
3/27/2014Ham Radio rocks and so do you..cowgirlk
3/26/2014Great broadcast this evening- Kamindaki
3/26/2014Thanks for the excellent ham radio program. - Tesla
3/26/2014Thanks for being nice. Superduper, Ms.
3/26/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
3/26/2014Good VC topics! astral goat
3/26/2014Thank you sir - AxE
3/26/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
3/26/2014Back at ya! :) - RW
3/26/2014Hi Doc!!! Etta
3/26/2014Well because you rock...obviously!! Much respect Acula!! ~ Simple27 : )
3/22/2014Weekend karma from Bluebird
3/21/2014Hey my Man.. cp
3/21/2014Green my friend > Dangerwalt
3/20/2014Uncle F#*K STICK
3/20/2014Fox is busy, but back in the game coach.
3/19/2014Hi honey, Ele xx
3/18/2014May the garlic part before ye
3/18/2014Turtles <3
3/18/2014Good for you! We need every source we can get!
3/18/2014Well said
3/18/2014Anti Dhimmi Green from No Dhimmi
3/18/2014Pinning the RT thread. lol -- filth
3/18/2014For pushing for a link on the Tawain student thread ... RainTara
3/18/2014Green karma from Gonviral
3/17/2014Too Dark Park leaves Her mark...
3/17/2014Some green hugs from eekers for St Paddy's day :)
3/17/2014Happy St. Patrick's Day, Doc!! PS, when are you going to return the elegant Bela to his rightful status as your avatar? from Eggcellent
3/16/2014For your posts ! From Tiger1.
3/15/2014Hope you feel better soon!
3/15/2014Hope you are feeling better soon - lightchild_uk
3/14/2014One a' da' not so good, friggin good guys ~TM
3/14/2014Mornin' Doc- I hope you're well- Etta
3/14/2014Thumbs up for the avi, you badass you ;)
3/13/2014TY for confirming the looking glass was crap theyrcoming
3/11/2014Thanks brother! ~UAP
3/10/2014Cool new avatar, is it me or is it slightly moving? From Prowilson123 :)
3/9/2014Grren For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
3/8/2014Green for the Public Service Dr. (DST) --Rant
3/8/2014Happy weekend karma from Bluebird
3/7/2014I miss the other avatar. :( From Tiger1.
3/7/2014Your response to the hungry whiner was a thing of awesome sauce
3/7/2014You're way fucking nicer than me, tell ya that.
3/7/2014Your other pic was so much more fitting Mr Dr Acula ;) ((HUGS)) -GALonF4TL
3/7/2014You used to be cool, what an asshole you turned out to be
3/6/2014Thank You, From ~ The Black Rose Witch ---<---<@
3/6/2014A big hug, Kinga.
3/6/2014Pallet Karma..LOVED the show! Great job..cowgirl
3/5/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
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