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WretchedHollywood's Karma

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1/18/2013Pos baby killing leftist
1/15/2013Great point.
1/4/2013You are awesome! I have noticed your posts, and I like the way you think! From your friend, -The Sonic Dreamer
10/22/2012Cock sucking faggot :)
10/22/2012Fucking IDIOT!
10/22/2012LOL idiot
10/20/2012Since you mentioned Karma, here is a red on duche.
10/17/2012Stupid fuck--Hawgzilla
10/17/2012Romney hater
10/16/2012Fuck you. Shall not be infringed is in the second amendment. Not Assault weapons
10/11/2012Baby killer!
9/29/2012For the why are my taxes paying for your kids to eat lunch statement Carol B.
9/29/2012Just in case
9/29/2012Why are my taxes paying for your kid's lunch? - The Governor
9/28/2012Disgusting feminist. Lower than the fetus you condone murdering.
9/9/2012My bad, bro.
9/8/2012Molester of dogs
9/6/2012Red for a wretched little commie
9/6/2012Stupid leech libturd did you fall off the back of the taxpayer your re burden to and cannot stop spewing stupidity.
8/16/2012You saw this coming...karmatard
8/16/2012It is broken by design; who cares ;)
8/16/2012Karma system is broken thread. +1to you for truth.
8/16/2012Moral compass broken
8/16/2012Supports baby murder and gives dogs blow jobs
8/13/2012For your posts ! From Tiger1.
7/25/2012Look. another shitbag. how novel.
7/13/2012Your my hero-- ~freefalling~
7/11/2012Focus on the good - wZn
7/11/2012Keep on being that 'upbeat person' ~ Truly
7/3/2012Thank you - AS ABOVE (this is how I see our existance)-thread
6/25/2012Thanks! ~Tandym
6/22/2012Much thanks - DoorBert
6/20/2012Thank you for sharing the find of the Faith in Humanity pictures.
6/17/2012Great logic
6/16/2012Hating god and hating children is no way to go thru life (-1 karma for ewe)
6/12/2012Thank you! We can't afford to be silent anymore. ~ Sandi
6/6/2012Thanks for your post! TheStreetProphet
5/30/2012Back at you ~A Friend
5/30/2012Thank you - I've written many a "love letter" (L&L)
5/26/2012Charity goes to the satanist that have destroyed human society. good job!
5/26/2012Great thanks
4/26/2012Abortion is murder. I don't like it, not only does that mean I won't do it, it means I'll do whatever I can to make it illegal.
4/20/2012Earth420 :)
4/18/2012Taze that little kindergarten bitch - googooflexy
2/22/2012Quick Post Good On you (USMC0369) Will sujest a Pin for you
11/11/2011Green thumb back atcha - thanks for kind comments, Pharista
10/26/2011Thanks for the synesthesia thread! ~ Jilly23810
9/14/2011Kitteh loves good karma...many thanks! :) acadian
9/8/2011For finding thread
8/15/2011Such topics like this are realevent to our spiritual growth

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