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Borat Sagdiyev's Karma

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6/16/2012Obsessed with gay people
6/16/2012Homophobic idiot
6/16/2012Mommy wishes she aborted you
6/15/2012Fuck brainsdonthurtsbit. He is a paid DNC operative
6/15/2012Republicans make me puke. You are a sickening piece of shit.
6/15/2012Some Obama haters don't even want to see that . Gross.
6/15/2012Right on!! -Hitokiri
6/15/2012Lame troll.
6/15/2012You sre a stupid person
6/15/2012For the hate. Doobie
6/15/2012You deserve to be beaten by a crowd of 'gays' - chopinrocks
6/15/2012"stop fucking George in the ass and just throw shit like everyone else!" lol scuba7
6/14/2012Great points thanks
6/13/2012One of us good guys - Zombie FR
6/11/2012To counter Frangas' -1 karma he'll likely give you. WhiskeyEchoFoxtrot says so.
6/9/2012Hates Gore, sez enuf. Pool
6/8/2012Very Nice ! Throw the idiot down the well.
6/8/2012What up B! From Munsoned
6/8/2012Are you this stupid in real life?
6/6/2012You have great points to threads. sonic doom
6/6/2012I want to see your balls tazered. pretty please.
6/6/2012Ct zombies on the loose !
6/6/2012For owning the Libtards on the Walker thread ~ BH
6/5/2012Keep up the good work!! - from truthwillsetyoufreeag​ain
6/5/2012Yes, Indeed. . .mmmm mmmm mmmm! Bluebird
6/4/2012Value life, not death. A+++
6/4/2012For this statement : "The big difference is that Islam and the Koran ENCOURAGES wife abuse" - subzero86
6/3/2012Keep up the birther movement, helps Obama
6/3/2012Go suck the nobody and take a mouth full of jizz
6/3/2012Birther trash. Obama wins in a landslide buddy. You birthers are only helping his reelection.
6/2/2012You most likely stroke Donkey Dongs.
5/30/2012Pwned !!!!
5/19/2012For your obama thread!! - from truthwillsetyoufreeag​ain
5/19/2012Racist crap
5/19/2012Baby bamba thread
5/19/2012Cool story bro - ya might just be right
5/19/2012Cool thread karma from Gonviral
5/18/2012Dumb Fuck that cant read an economic growth chart.
4/8/2012Hi Borat :)-Marketselloff
4/7/2012Funniest Man Alive!!!!
2/9/2012Obama "food coupon" freaking hilarious!
2/6/2012Obama sux!....Munsoned
1/7/2012Love Sway x
1/6/2012Good Karma for your sinkhole research. Missouri Foxtrotter
1/6/2012Excellent ! Blessings....Arnie
1/6/2012Great thread on sinkholes...crazy ****Butterfly girl
1/6/2012Sink holes suck, a thread on them does not!!!
1/6/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
1/6/2012The only cockbag is you loser. Obama 2012.
1/4/2012Very nice...how much?
11/29/2011Fist bump. -Borian
11/28/2011Thanks for adding to the thread. Desert Fox
11/28/2011Very nice 508527
11/28/2011Great comment
11/28/2011Stop Eating Paint Chips
11/28/2011For your post's on "Racist British Woman On Subway LMAO" thread, AdHocBOHICA
11/28/2011Borders, lanugage, culture - Walkers Everywhere
11/28/2011Great post good kara from the negativeasshole!
11/28/2011Good find on fuku doom
11/28/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
11/28/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
11/28/2011You just got caught up in a drive-by Karma attack by Doommincus Maximus
11/26/2011I can't believe what a total douchebag you are. Fucking prick.
11/18/2011Are you from the 11th century or something. Wow.
11/15/2011Screw you, buttface,
11/12/2011Cheney hunting or Kennedy driving...LOL! Best comment of the day! CowgirlK
11/11/2011Funny Al Gore global warming pic!
11/6/2011Information is power.
11/6/2011For always having kool posts & not being a hater VD
11/6/2011You have discovered a random rock on venus. Congratulations. It seems borat fans are just as stupid in real life as the movie itself.
11/6/2011For throwing the jewish down the well
11/5/2011Tg4t :)
11/4/2011Damn right we are Borat +1 SFC_Swede
11/2/2011For posting those videos on the "Militia" thread - WalkersEverywhere
10/31/2011Did you really just play the race card? Shame on you
10/25/2011I am very excite! - Too Dark Park
9/21/2011For the cute tomato -
9/18/2011Cool theory. ZP
9/16/2011That was great! Sorry it took so long to reply, but I was busy offsite. Cat
9/16/2011Great spy borat :)
9/16/2011Super Sleuth
9/16/2011Good Job on the DHS emails
9/16/2011You fucking ROCK!
9/16/2011For doing more digging on the mole within the midst of GLP. I like your style. Regards - The Voice In Your Head
9/13/2011You mind if I park this manure truck truck here? No? Kay.
9/13/2011Might make more sense if you take the wang out of your mouth before you speak!
9/13/2011The cop ain't no hero. Kids fight all the time.
9/13/2011You are a sick individual
9/13/2011Any pro Coulter shill needs bad carma
9/13/2011Ron Paul is the only candidate fighting for AMERICA
9/8/2011To reward your hard work to dig out a 19 yrs old comment of RP in an attempt to discredit him
9/7/2011Don't care for your whiny ass
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