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#521's Avatar#521USA89 months, 14 days agoToday5,710
°Lucy°'s Avatar°Lucy°Germany50 months, 9 days ago1 day ago9,034
<<TIMEWATCHER>>'s Avatar<<TIMEWATCHER>>USA74 months, 16 days ago2 days ago3,223
-Adam-'s Avatar-Adam-USA30 months, 13 days ago1 months, 16 days ago13,051
3°Degree's Avatar3°DegreeJamaica80 months, 2 days ago19 months, 28 days ago1,169
 :)USA64 months, 16 days ago58 months, 24 days ago116
A r c's AvatarA r cGermany68 months, 17 days ago27 months, 16 days ago9,472
 A.R.T.Starfleet47 months, 3 days ago29 months, 13 days ago2,122
Abi ~'s AvatarAbi ~Not specified56 months, 13 days ago1 day ago13,852
 aHEMagainUSA47 months, 4 days ago32 months, 25 days ago6,063
aHEMagain^2's AvataraHEMagain^2USA30 months, 23 days ago12 months, 25 days ago4,694
 ajkUSA117 months, 22 days ago18 days ago15,504
AkashicRecord®'s AvatarAkashicRecord®USA37 months, 9 days agoToday10,240
Alesiah's AvatarAlesiahUSA73 months, 3 days ago62 months, 1 days ago1,666
Alpacalips's AvatarAlpacalipsUSA55 months, 4 days ago1 day ago6,656
AlphA Canis Majoris's AvatarAlphA Canis MajorisPoland75 months, 6 days ago1 day ago3,332
Astral Goat's AvatarAstral GoatSomalia53 months, 28 days agoToday116,846
BadMoonRisen's AvatarBadMoonRisenUnited Kingdom47 months, 26 days ago36 months, 24 days ago6,108
Baldrick's AvatarBaldrickAustralia96 months, 29 days ago1 day ago4,589
balthuuu's AvatarbalthuuuFinland75 months, 23 days ago53 months, 8 days ago1,690
Beetlejuice's AvatarBeetlejuiceNetherlands53 months, 15 days ago10 months, 28 days ago22,501
Bizarre Verewolf's AvatarBizarre VerewolfUSA53 months, 21 days agoToday8,165
BlondeQT's AvatarBlondeQTUSA116 months, 21 days ago61 months, 6 days ago1,060
BOWMAN's AvatarBOWMANUSA106 months, 13 days ago8 days ago17,784
Carol B.'s AvatarCarol B.USA79 months, 22 days ago1 day ago9,174
 CeeLiteSweden69 months, 2 days ago18 months, 6 days ago6,651
Chrit's AvatarChritUSA75 months, 15 days ago1 day ago12,497
Chugiakian's AvatarChugiakianUSA53 months, 25 days ago1 day ago14,107
CitizenPerth's AvatarCitizenPerthAustralia71 months, 24 days agoToday53,037
 ConsciousenergyUSA29 months, 0 days ago21 months, 24 days ago6
 Corporal TunnelUSA75 months, 18 days ago21 months, 27 days ago407
cosmicgypsy's AvatarcosmicgypsyUSA59 months, 7 days agoToday8,298
Crispy Doggo's AvatarCrispy DoggoUSA72 months, 3 days ago9 days ago2,148
 CynicallyJadedUSA38 months, 21 days ago38 months, 17 days ago17
Daikirai's AvatarDaikiraiNetherlands69 months, 27 days ago1 months, 22 days ago3,427
Debauchery's AvatarDebaucheryUSA77 months, 2 days ago1 months, 27 days ago15,940
Desert Fox's AvatarDesert FoxBahamas77 months, 3 days agoUnknown25,944
DJhyge's AvatarDJhygeAustralia75 months, 15 days ago3 months, 18 days ago186
 DoomaliciousUSA70 months, 2 days ago20 months, 29 days ago1,495
DoubleHelix's AvatarDoubleHelixUSA70 months, 29 days ago54 months, 22 days ago7,368
 DREAM MAKERUSA36 months, 19 days ago31 months, 25 days ago5,118
eekers's AvatareekersUSA48 months, 21 days ago1 day ago27,875
 EndaveStarfleet69 months, 8 days ago6 months, 4 days ago10,424
 FaithNoMoreUSA63 months, 1 days ago47 months, 12 days ago1,389
Fist McKraken's AvatarFist McKrakenUSA30 months, 3 days agoToday4,155
Five Star Bandit's AvatarFive Star BanditUSA54 months, 4 days agoToday3,213
Frater Deplorable's AvatarFrater DeplorableUSA140 months, 10 days ago7 days ago6,032
Fret Wiz's AvatarFret WizUSA50 months, 3 days ago2 days ago16,025
GeekOfTheWeek's AvatarGeekOfTheWeekUSA73 months, 11 days ago61 months, 21 days ago9,259
geminilion's AvatargeminilionUSA86 months, 10 days ago35 months, 18 days ago10,265
Gigolo Jesus's AvatarGigolo JesusUSA58 months, 9 days ago14 months, 18 days ago3,247
 Girl GeniusUSA79 months, 19 days ago51 months, 16 days ago6,739
Goofy for God's AvatarGoofy for GodUSA65 months, 3 days agoToday60,658
 HermittaoUSA65 months, 23 days ago61 months, 8 days ago160
 horsewithnonameUSA29 months, 14 days ago28 months, 17 days ago32
 I AM ami 432USA64 months, 7 days ago23 months, 1 days ago2,316
 IconoclasticsUSA74 months, 24 days ago35 months, 28 days ago4,461
Itcouldbeaname's AvatarItcouldbeanameUSA49 months, 24 days ago5 months, 3 days ago855
James McGill's AvatarJames McGillUSA40 months, 0 days ago15 months, 5 days ago4,394
Jeffree's AvatarJeffreeNetherlands73 months, 11 days ago62 months, 0 days ago891
Joe Boxer's AvatarJoe BoxerUSA70 months, 4 days ago48 months, 5 days ago995
John Constantine's AvatarJohn ConstantineSpain57 months, 29 days ago26 months, 11 days ago5,333
Jool's AvatarJoolUSA78 months, 21 days ago32 months, 14 days ago459
 Journey to JahSpain29 months, 3 days ago27 months, 10 days ago71
JustBea's AvatarJustBeaUSA74 months, 18 days agoToday7,070
Kai (VALIS)'s AvatarKai (VALIS)USA46 months, 0 days ago3 days ago6,993
Kinect's AvatarKinectStarfleet66 months, 18 days ago1 months, 22 days ago2,954
KrinZa's AvatarKrinZaNot specified53 months, 1 days ago40 months, 0 days ago3,610
Krystle|Ann's AvatarKrystle|AnnUSA52 months, 16 days ago40 months, 1 days ago8,995
Lady Jane Smith's AvatarLady Jane SmithModeratorStarfleet77 months, 25 days agoUnknown34,333
 LampliteNew Zealand70 months, 29 days ago24 months, 22 days ago7,966
Lil Sis's AvatarLil SisUSA36 months, 5 days ago21 months, 6 days ago7,557
Liquid_Pestilence's AvatarLiquid_PestilenceUSA63 months, 11 days ago42 months, 21 days ago2,935
LisaDiane's AvatarLisaDianeUSA54 months, 24 days ago1 day ago2,411
 livingonaprayerUSA39 months, 20 days ago37 months, 0 days ago47
 loathingbutterflyUSA69 months, 15 days agoToday257
 LonghairKingUSA68 months, 4 days ago49 months, 24 days ago776
 lostinalaskaUSA70 months, 22 days ago2 months, 11 days ago66
Louve's AvatarLouveUSA49 months, 26 days ago3 days ago3,666
 Luxuria Gula SocordiaIreland67 months, 6 days ago57 months, 11 days ago2,373
Lyttlmiss's AvatarLyttlmissUSA69 months, 5 days ago3 days ago1,345
Marax's AvatarMaraxStarfleet68 months, 7 days ago5 months, 1 days ago4,970
MaybeTrollingU's AvatarMaybeTrollingUBrazil55 months, 23 days agoToday12,164
 Metatron PhiUSA41 months, 6 days ago36 months, 2 days ago3,159
miffed's AvatarmiffedAustralia77 months, 29 days ago21 days ago3,786
Mike Ehrmantraut's AvatarMike EhrmantrautUSA55 months, 19 days ago1 day ago15,516
 MilliQAustralia85 months, 16 days ago8 days ago232
Mooshi Kin's AvatarMooshi KinUSA69 months, 26 days ago67 months, 6 days ago1,053
 mraychevBulgaria41 months, 28 days ago39 months, 17 days ago215
msz's AvatarmszUSA70 months, 8 days ago7 days ago2,446
MuadDib987 (nli)'s AvatarMuadDib987 (nli)USA124 months, 22 days ago5 months, 1 days ago7,092
nah-t's Avatarnah-tUSA57 months, 15 days ago17 months, 4 days ago15,214
Nickadeemus's AvatarNickadeemusUSA69 months, 10 days ago36 months, 24 days ago5,227
 Non CompliantUSA34 months, 0 days ago15 months, 5 days ago562
notinfallible's AvatarnotinfallibleUSA71 months, 9 days ago29 days ago1,855
 Obama F'cked us!USA19 months, 24 days ago10 months, 5 days ago153
OmniPhi Prime's AvatarOmniPhi PrimeUSA35 months, 3 days ago33 months, 25 days ago1,618
 Open Your EyesUSA88 months, 9 days ago40 months, 8 days ago77,735
 OysterStarfleet43 months, 1 days ago40 months, 0 days ago1,623
 PaigeUSA39 months, 13 days ago35 months, 5 days ago2,266
 Patrick BatemanUSA93 months, 0 days ago40 months, 4 days ago10,662
 PierceUSA50 months, 29 days ago20 months, 9 days ago9
Pillar's AvatarPillarPoland28 months, 5 days ago27 months, 14 days ago85
Plan B's AvatarPlan BCosta Rica114 months, 9 days ago1 day ago640
Plasmic's AvatarPlasmicUSA49 months, 12 days ago12 months, 25 days ago1,857
Psych's AvatarPsychNetherlands70 months, 6 days agoToday6,837
Rabid Wolf's AvatarRabid WolfUSA68 months, 22 days ago33 months, 5 days ago3,807
RedlicoriceRedux's AvatarRedlicoriceReduxCanada79 months, 5 days ago62 months, 15 days ago3,928
Rev Woo-Woo's AvatarRev Woo-WooUSA76 months, 6 days agoToday29,353
Sammich's AvatarSammichUSA70 months, 22 days ago62 months, 1 days ago1,121
Seer777's AvatarSeer777USA69 months, 10 days ago1 day ago60,515
Sgt. Stedanko's AvatarSgt. StedankoUSA70 months, 5 days ago61 months, 16 days ago1,255
 ShillShank ReductionUSA35 months, 4 days ago19 months, 27 days ago4,568
Stereo's AvatarStereoUSA142 months, 1 days ago1 day ago883
 Stoned GoddessCanada49 months, 17 days ago29 months, 5 days ago12,347
Storm*'s AvatarStorm*USA113 months, 14 days ago1 day ago13,743
Swinging on Spirals's AvatarSwinging on SpiralsUSA62 months, 27 days ago56 months, 18 days ago8,684
T-Man's AvatarT-ManNetherlands73 months, 19 days ago1 day ago12,191
 Tampa HeatherUSA45 months, 3 days ago12 months, 25 days ago9,621
 TangoUSA82 months, 20 days ago39 months, 16 days ago1,747
Tangy's AvatarTangyUSA114 months, 2 days agoToday22,526
 technaziUSA91 months, 19 days ago6 months, 5 days ago860
Tell Me (NO) Lies's AvatarTell Me (NO) LiesUSA37 months, 18 days ago4 months, 7 days ago15,705
 TheEndIsNigh2013USA46 months, 19 days ago26 months, 2 days ago3,921
This American Sadhu's AvatarThis American SadhuIndia31 months, 11 days ago25 months, 21 days ago331
Tinfoil Couture's AvatarTinfoil CoutureUSA36 months, 26 days ago1 months, 15 days ago668
 Too Dark ParkStarfleet70 months, 29 days ago36 months, 1 days ago15,679
Travis Bickle's AvatarTravis BickleUSA75 months, 16 days ago1 day ago7,343
TrustNoOneKS's AvatarTrustNoOneKSUSA42 months, 27 days ago1 day ago10,027
truthwillsetyoufreeagain's Avatartruthwillsetyoufreeag​ainUSA68 months, 4 days agoToday10,384
Vikingsson's AvatarVikingssonNorway45 months, 18 days ago21 months, 2 days ago762
walt's AvatarwaltSouth Africa114 months, 24 days ago1 day ago1,092
Who.'s AvatarWho.Spain66 months, 25 days ago8 months, 12 days ago1,803
WildFlower's AvatarWildFlowerUSA65 months, 19 days ago5 months, 16 days ago798
 willworkforfoodCanada69 months, 7 days ago49 months, 3 days ago221
WindyMind's AvatarWindyMindFiji71 months, 0 days ago21 days ago22,087
wisc_natureboy's Avatarwisc_natureboyCanada85 months, 1 days ago3 months, 6 days ago27,807
 wkUSA44 months, 23 days ago4 months, 19 days ago1,655
WOLF*'s AvatarWOLF*USA71 months, 1 days agoToday35,408
 Yoshi amiUSA67 months, 6 days ago42 months, 28 days ago0
~T~'s Avatar~T~Starfleet43 months, 6 days ago1 day ago500