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Just Trina's Karma

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10/4/2015Flip Flop
10/3/2015Greenade incoming! for your clear as a bell remark...saved
9/29/2015For Kardashian post.
9/29/2015Graphic for sex stuff done to child -- Nothing to graphic for the perv! thanks BB
9/28/2015Weekly green screwdrivers - thetoolman
9/26/2015For your posts ! From Tiger1.
9/22/2015You're a good person to try to help. ....indiandave
9/20/2015Awesome Post About Changing Your Name! I Am Still Laughing! :) ~SpiritWarrior
9/17/2015Green for calling bs - thetoolman
9/16/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
9/16/2015Superduper was here.
9/15/2015For the new avatar ! From Tiger1.
9/8/2015Calm down pussycat
9/8/2015Pitt lovers are worse than muslim dindus
9/7/2015I hope you never find yourself out of a home with no place to go. g.g
9/6/2015For your post on Revelation and the very near future. ~sikhed
9/6/2015Fuck yeah!
9/5/2015For your posts ! From Tiger1.
9/4/2015It is unfknbelievable:( This guy should so be in prison, and my poor friend with her tasteful photography gets a FB ban, LOL :) Meg
9/3/2015Love ya and thanks GFG
8/29/2015Greenie hug- higgs bozo
8/29/2015Reported Abusive Post
8/29/2015HI from UseLessRepEATER
8/28/2015Green from a former Ohioan to a current one! beeches
8/28/2015Ahahahaha. Your post on confiscation of guns by MO. Ms.Superduper
8/25/2015For the new avatar ! From Tiger1.
8/19/2015Hi from the Leo--UseLessRepEATER
8/16/2015You really are a dumbass
8/14/2015For your posts ! From Tiger1.
8/13/2015For nibiru
8/4/2015For your posts ! From Tiger1.
8/2/2015What goes around, comes around, HYPOCRITE!!! He who laughs last laughs best! LOL!!!
7/30/2015Soon please.
7/29/2015Greenie for you, yours truely-higgs bozo
7/29/2015Sueprduper green.
7/28/2015Reported Abusive Post
7/28/2015Have an awesome week Trina! , from Spirit of Avalon :)
7/24/2015For your posts ! From Tiger1.
7/24/2015Well said. -Revbo
7/23/2015Nice Avatar :D - brokenhalo
7/19/2015Uuuummmm... Hi! `Grindylows
7/17/2015Weekend Fun Green! Hawk02
7/16/2015There's a very special, VERY HOT sizzling rock in hell for people like this!
7/13/2015For the avatar ! From Tiger1.
7/13/2015Hey dummy? It's "annihilated".
7/13/2015What an awesome post in the Perry Stone thread! Ms.Superduper
7/12/2015Green from Sweden
7/12/2015Reported Abusive Post
7/10/2015Jaded Karm from UseLessRepEATER
7/9/2015Hi there. Hawk02
7/8/2015Your killin me Jefferson blknrry
7/8/2015For your posts~TML
7/6/2015Awesome! :)
7/6/2015For slinging lead at dindus...SS
7/5/2015"father in heaven help us now" Amen. ~Andrasta
7/3/2015You know why
7/3/2015For your posts ! From Tiger1.
7/2/2015Twatter and Fapbook, ha! Fret Wiz
7/1/2015Pop a cap on their ass-higgs bozo
6/30/2015You could expand my dong anytime.
6/30/2015Pistol packing gal! krinkfan
6/30/2015Lol dindu pie. eekers
6/30/2015Gun + Attractive Female = Perfection:-) ~ BoilerBloodline
6/30/2015Here's a a little summin muffin ~thebigragu
6/30/2015Be Blessed My friend! GOD Bless..Susie:)
6/26/2015Greetings from UseLessrepEATER
6/24/2015Blueridge Doom Karma
6/23/2015For the new avatar ! From Tiger1.
6/23/2015How do you figure op is an idiot.... shinbone
6/23/2015The South will rise again, to hell with Obama. England is with you!
6/21/2015I agree with you
6/20/2015Weekend green for you!!
6/20/2015TRUMP!!! mudda fugga
6/17/2015Shitty fuckin attitude
6/14/2015Sorry to hear about you getting genital warts. Hang in there!
6/13/2015For the new avatar ! From Tiger1.
6/6/2015Thanks for bumping my thread! ~ShillShank
6/6/2015Nice boat :) Fire Watch~
6/5/2015Your attitude sucks!!!
6/5/2015Uppity corporate slave parents who force their children to become corporate slaves themselves at 18 are what's wrong with society. There's more to life than making dosh you know.
6/4/2015Hi Trina! Thanks for the welcome back. :)
6/4/2015Happy Friday Just Trina! Good posts! O'sCookie
6/4/2015Stupid shill
6/3/2015For the new avatar ! From Tiger1.
6/2/2015'life is too short for the dumb shit' haha! :) Sloane
6/2/2015Post this in Advance !!
6/1/2015You cuss and swear and then have the audacity to judge others for doing the same?
5/30/2015Avatar is hot: American Zombie
5/27/2015Irish Eyes A Smilin'
5/27/2015Thanks for sharing your testimony about the occult...FIreInCairo
5/27/2015Ghosthunting bad? Get off your high horse. The only demons are the ones in your rat's nest.
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