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9/21/2011ACs are the backbone og GLP
9/21/2011They have no right to feed on the living.
9/20/2011Vid about China's underwater space mission
9/20/2011Silly Rabbit TG4T
9/20/2011Good threads!
9/20/2011Idiotic believer in left/right politics
9/20/2011Bloody Wanker, Zionist shill. Sorry about the Incest.
9/20/2011Schumer's soiled blue dress. -Rev
9/20/2011You make me lmao ~~CF~~
9/20/2011For linking a glenback story as news and general hate to anyone non white
9/20/2011Glenn becks article
9/20/2011For being a funny guy! from Carol B.
9/20/2011Makinng things up to fit his agenda. Obama White House post.
9/20/2011Good post!
9/19/2011Another dumb spell tard...get over yourself dude!
9/19/2011Felt like it
9/19/2011For trying to speak truth in the elenin doomtards thread ~~~ BubbleHead
9/19/2011I am strangely attracted to your avatar.
9/19/2011Excellant explanation of why spelling is important. I agree! From Ballchinian.
9/19/2011What an asshole!!!!
9/19/2011Intelligence is a good thing
9/19/2011"...hopelessly impaired and compromised..." We need to elevate on all levels. Thank you, peace.
9/19/2011Fuckin cry baby beotch!
9/19/2011Good post AR-15
9/19/2011Straight back at ya .
9/18/2011I can't wait to hear you sqeal when you become unemployed
9/18/2011Word. - LunaticFringe
9/18/2011Intelligent, insightful, fantastic sense of humor and a kind soul. - Debauchery
9/17/2011I could explain the reason for the red, but, I'm not sure your brain would compute. Derp
9/17/2011Your a racist yet you watch Walking Dead, which is anti-white programming...Interes​ting
9/17/2011Shills are treasonist and should get the penalty for treason
9/16/2011Promoting death and destruction
9/16/2011Tasteless jokes have a place
9/15/2011Bingo. If he doesn't like it here he should leave~Cheops
9/15/2011An arrogant asshole. wants everyone to think he is a hero, when he is nothing more than a bitch
9/14/2011Your a true man!!!
9/14/2011Good job taking care of the neighbors and the animals-wretchedholly​wood
9/14/2011Good job motherfucker!
9/14/2011For your post on the fire
9/14/2011Defying authority- I live just down the road from you.
9/14/2011You are a true Hero from 21st century. -2Crazy4U-
9/14/2011For defending your land and makin me a proud Texan!
9/14/2011A hero to those animals - that is what you are... Thank you...
9/14/2011THANK YOU for saving houses and animals xoxoxoxo
9/14/2011BANE THEM ALL - Ap0c@Lyp5e
9/14/2011No questions. Just Karma. Good job texan.
9/14/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/14/2011Kittehs love brave folks :)
9/14/2011Way to go! CPL. Tunnel
9/14/2011Rescued animals and defied sheriff!! Good karma for you - astrochik
9/14/2011Awesome! You are amazing!
9/14/2011Comedian shill
9/14/2011Good job with the fire
9/13/2011Zionist shill
9/8/2011Troll, Troll
9/4/2011Nwo Tool
9/4/2011Nice Obot bitchslap.
9/4/2011Don't mess with Texas
9/4/2011Reported Abusive Post
9/4/2011Textard reminds me of the lost one man comedy act
9/4/2011Good post
9/4/2011Cause I love The Walking Dead and Andrew Lincoln is HOT!
9/3/2011For good post nutramac
9/3/2011Typical U.S Freakazoid
9/3/2011Bravo! Can you get any lower than that? YOU stink, not the " illegals"
9/3/2011Yeah abortions are to blame... idiot
9/2/2011Good to meet ya! SS
9/2/2011My pal & a great poster - STT
9/2/2011Love the Walking Dead Avatar!!! <3
9/2/2011Knows proper targets
9/2/2011This is the reason i come to this site....
9/2/2011Target from the air +1
9/2/2011Best analogy of the day
9/2/2011Lol @ the "target appreciation day" - Only Me
9/1/2011Thanks for seeing things as they truly are! ~littlegreenchicken
9/1/2011Thanks for the Kevlar! ~~CF~~
9/1/2011Ignorant sheep ass kissing the boots of the oppressors. Military men are the most ignorant.
9/1/2011For being a damned comedian...
8/31/2011You are the stupid one, you know nothing of Islam
8/27/2011For being a damned comedian...
8/27/2011Karma for GETTING IT with capitalism
8/27/2011Nice threads and posts - The Way of Enoch
8/26/2011Real crisis
8/22/2011Cheers from a fellow Texan
8/22/2011Another good ole boy, shill. Go back to the cows, they miss ya
8/21/2011For understanding what a blessing the drought really is right now.
8/21/2011For Supporting Liberty
8/21/2011Cool Avatar, Great Opinions
8/21/2011Ron Paul 2012
8/20/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
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