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Isla's Karma

Total: 11 (11  User Votes) and 5

10/18/2011For voicing an agreement with Lady Wolf. Peace out
10/10/2011From Apollo Illuminaughty
9/16/2011Nice one!
9/4/2011Love the wit :D
8/30/2011For being a Stage Five Clinger
8/29/20111 for you as well :)
8/28/2011Someone with compassion :)
8/21/2011For giving me the "nasa hater" a karma point RM
8/21/2011Thank you - Cambrensis
8/21/2011For giving the NASA hater good karma
8/21/2011NASA - Never A Straight Answers (NASA Shills are out today)
8/20/2011Fab answer :-)
8/20/2011Because you rock
8/18/2011You replied to a post requesting inspirational sayings with something both crass and meritless.

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