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Luna Llena's Karma

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3/24/2012You have taken my thoughts and put them to paper. Thank you ~ TS66
3/24/2012Thanks, for the death anyone thread, very enlightening, non offensive to me
3/24/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
10/1/2011I truly hope we worship the same God. It sounds like it. -- Borian
10/1/2011Wonderful blessed thread. My Central Revelation touched me.
10/1/2011Extremely self righteous.
10/1/2011Your final thread, some will never understand.
10/1/2011Personal Reasons
10/1/2011Love you! xoxo
10/1/2011Thank You for Being You - Psych
10/1/2011Drama, Drama, Drama...a little self-righteous to boot.
10/1/2011Hope you keep posting!
10/1/2011Like this vibration
10/1/2011Ripping off Christian desciptions for new-age rubbish
10/1/2011Good remind
9/30/2011Reap what you sow...good karma :) love, acadian
9/30/2011Thank you for sharing with us :-)
9/30/2011Epic Thread - Poster
9/30/2011Great post on Dark Night of The Soul. Itz A DreaM
9/30/2011Great music. Peace to you. Buford2
9/30/2011For spreading love and truth! xen
9/29/2011Awesome thread! *hugs
9/29/2011Just awesome :)
9/29/2011All the above touched me very deeply
9/29/2011Beautiful sharing of experience of oneness and music
9/29/2011So very happy you find peace on your journey
9/29/2011Nice post :)
9/27/2011Good karma for a fellow warrior
9/27/2011Here's some karma my friend... Frankenstein
9/26/2011Great thread about being a Warrior!
9/26/2011FROM ss!
9/23/2011Why? Because your post is excellent. Re-member however, that we have the ability to create our reality and you don't necessarily have to "die." The transcendental property of the gold
9/23/2011Goethe > Peace be with You(~)
9/23/2011The source.. from WhiteLight.. thank you!
9/23/2011Right on!!
9/23/2011For a great post ....ALEXANDROS
9/20/2011From one who also watches to another
9/20/2011Loved the TV affects brain chem thread
9/20/2011Awesome whale video.. loved it... tango
9/20/2011For a wonderful thread!
9/20/2011Thanks for wales and turning the tube off - chopinrocks
9/20/2011Great find. Thanks!
9/20/2011ECELLENT response to the whale shill. - Inquiring Mind
9/20/20111 for the whale post and being so positive
9/20/2011For the whales <3 <3 <3
9/19/2011Could not agree with you more... Snafu
9/17/2011Thank you for trying to wake people up!
9/16/2011FROM ss
9/15/2011Good kharma for posting great threads! Please keep up the good work. ;-`)
9/14/2011Nice post
9/14/2011Thank you
9/8/2011When you are ready, your teacher will come
9/7/2011Love the video
9/5/2011Cuz you picked a smilie just for me. ;-`)
9/4/2011Thank you Luna!
8/26/2011She has Great Energy!
8/21/2011A beautiful soul
8/21/2011High consciousness
8/21/2011I woke up to your thread. Thank you, Dearheart!
8/21/2011Just because.
8/21/2011For service to our precious mother earth
8/21/2011Touched my spirit, thanks. :)
8/21/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
8/20/2011One for the message
8/20/2011Good Stuff.
8/19/2011Thank you ;)
8/18/2011You're a Great source of Wisdom > Peace be with You < I love your user name
8/18/2011Luna said, "When we share our differences we create bridges towards each other." That's nice.
8/17/2011Good theories!
8/17/2011Pin worthy
8/16/2011You need some Karma.... nice first post.. and welcome to GLP

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