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Psych's Karma

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1/26/2014Jawohl my equal !
1/25/2014Thanks for always being there for me. What would I do without you? <3
1/20/2014You gave good advice about taking a break from the negativity :). <3 LaniJane
1/19/2014You left this at me place, hon!! :)- ~Christine~
1/18/2014Thank you hope you will find some usefull webs :) mraychev
1/18/2014Have a Great Weekend :) - Lyttlmiss
1/17/2014Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
1/16/2014Goede avonde, mijn vriend! spelling? Thanks for the messages. TB
1/14/2014Big purple kiss for you! ~Doom Candy
1/14/2014Always good to see ya post - Chrit
1/12/2014Beetlejuice :)
1/12/2014Karma Sugar! :)- ~Christine~
1/11/2014Drive by karma. Kinect :-)
1/11/2014Oh, boy. A "Americans for Obamacare" bumper sticker.
1/10/2014Hope your staying warm :) Lyttlmiss
1/9/2014Weekly green from Shill :)
1/9/2014Is that you hiding in my bushes? I'll sleep with my window open tonight! - Dease
1/8/2014Hey baby cakes. How you doing? Sorry I've been "away". Still dealing with some grief and health issues. I miss you, though, and think of you often.
1/7/2014Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
1/4/2014Weekly red..
1/4/2014The after New Years karma from..Be well
1/4/2014For Bush
1/3/2014Have a Great New Year Friend! Lyttlmiss
1/2/2014Wishing you all the best in 2014! - Endave
1/1/2014Happy New Year! Kinect
12/31/2013Happy new year Psych! ~Rai :)
12/29/2013Happy New Year ! From Tiger1.
12/29/2013Hope you had a good christmas bro - AtsuiPanda
12/28/2013Happy New Year Karma Hugs!! :)- ~Christine~
12/28/2013For Doom!
12/28/2013Between here and there, the only thing that matters is what you think, from now 'til then. Choices, choices, choices - WildFlower
12/26/2013Merry Christmas - Lamplite
12/25/2013Merry Christmas Psych! Cpl. Tunnel
12/25/2013Dorothee Blanck
12/24/2013Happy holidays good sir!! Have fun and be safe!! PB
12/20/2013Merry Christmas ! From Tiger1.
12/20/2013I miss you too... <3
12/20/2013Don't be bad mouthing Chuck Norris! I guess you didn't see this karma coming huh psych?
12/16/2013Merry Christmas :) - Eireann~
12/11/2013Nice Santa hat ! from Tiger1.
12/11/2013Thanks for bieng a GLPer glad we are freinds :) LM
12/10/2013Hey back at ya!!! xoxo, Strangela
12/8/2013I thought you forgot about me :(... Mwah! <3 LaniJane
12/6/2013Love me some Psych! :)- ~Christine~
12/4/2013Good poster! Kinect
12/3/2013Lol, kipkat
12/2/2013Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
11/29/2013Hey handsome! I haven't forgotten about you...<3 LaniJane
11/28/2013Right back atcha! Happy Thanksgiving :) eekers
11/24/2013TSA jedi
11/23/2013Love that video my man...Appreicate the hook up - The Brave
11/23/2013I see your beautiful soul! :)- ~Christine~
11/22/2013Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
11/20/2013Much apreciated, but athiesm is not real, and doesn't suit you-brightstarz
11/18/2013I just defeated your avatar in a staring contest
11/18/2013For the link.-SOT
11/17/2013Take time to be thankful- Life only gets better when you do Lyttlmiss
11/16/2013Atheist douche bag
11/15/2013Karma Sugar for a Sweety! :)- ~Christine~
11/14/2013Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you'll understand what little chance you have in trying to change others. notinfallible
11/12/2013Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
11/9/2013Moral of story...Thanks Psych! ntlatp
11/9/2013Psyyych, Bananael
11/9/2013Up of course!
11/7/2013Karma sugar time! :)- ~Christine~
11/6/2013Thanks for contributing to my thread. Ben Schillen
11/5/2013David dIcke without the bible =useless-brightstarz
11/3/2013Have a great week ! From Tiger1.
11/3/2013Long time no see Psych! Kinect :)
11/2/2013To the only poster from the Netherlands that ever makes any sense. Luv ya buddy <3 LaniJane
10/31/2013Tuo edoc siht erugif ll'uoy eveileb I esuaceb notinfallible
10/28/2013Been missing you, my friend. Here's some love for you --
10/27/2013Sending you some karma love.... :)- ~Christine~
10/24/2013Where you been babe? 9 days since you've logged in. I'm missing you. <3
10/15/2013Mwah! <3 LaniJane
10/13/2013Have a great week ! From Tiger1.
10/12/2013Glad you're back! Sent you a private message! Love, Dease
10/12/2013Saturday Karma Hugs! :)- ~Christine~
10/10/2013Woot. Thank fuck that tomorrow is Thursday. I hope you are well. <3
10/5/2013Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
10/2/2013Hey babycakes. I hope your week is going well. I've been so busy at work I could scream. Glad its almost thursday. <3
10/1/2013Good to see you around - C
9/29/2013Hello! Long time no see. It's me, Stereo. I moved & my new ISP is banned from GLP - :'( -Trying to get up karma pts for ban immunity.
9/27/2013Have a great weekend ! From Tiger1.
9/25/2013Karma Huggzzzz!! Peace WildFlower
9/21/2013Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Karma hugs, ~Christine~ :)-
9/20/2013Have a great weekend ! From Tiger1.
9/18/2013Sending you Love & Light to brighten your day. Peace, WildFlower
9/16/2013Your ROI for me is getting smaller and smaller, D. Contact me you jerk. You've been ignoring me for weeks now. *shakes head
9/13/2013Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
9/10/2013Peace WildFlower
9/8/2013Welcome back :) Turtles
9/7/2013Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.~Lao Tzu :)- Hugs, ~Christine~
9/5/2013Glad to see you back, my friend ! From Tiger1.
9/4/2013Good quality sarcastic jab
9/3/2013Karma Huggzzzz!! Peace WildFlower
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