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canadian oldster's Karma

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7/21/2016Another planet X tard!
1/14/2016Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
1/5/2015Dolphin Green ) Operative
8/31/2014Beautiful maple leaves avatar - beeches (also a nice tree!) from Arctic Ice cap thread.
8/16/2014Glorious maple leaf color in avatar - nice! beeches from record cold summer thread.
8/4/2014Thank you for never having a tattoo
7/27/2014Anonymous's views on changing government - Mr C
3/2/2014Thanks for not being a douchebag.
2/5/20141 Canuck to another. Wash.
12/1/2013:) ??
10/10/2013Beautiful maple leaf avatar on truckers support thread. beeches - and you are right!!!!
9/8/2013Beautiful maple leaves avatar! from beeches, in thread about protest in CA
8/24/2013Thanks for the input - return if poss Maverick
4/14/2013Canadian, need I say more
4/4/2013Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
1/16/2013Thank you for your contribution - 422
7/24/2012Your mom didn't hug you, did she?
2/24/2012Have a wonderful,joy filled weekend! ~Awakened In Christ~
11/4/2011If you check out the Spiritual Preparedness thread I think you may enjoy some of the sharings there :) Pharista.

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