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9/30/2014Excellent threads, the best since the days of Elenin. :) CoffeeTime
9/30/2014Please allow me to post in ur threads :)
9/30/2014Thank you Louis for all you do at this thread! I follow it from the start.
9/30/2014Jazzy green hugs!
9/30/2014God Bless - whiteangel
9/30/2014Always good news updates - Vision Thing
9/30/2014For all the job u done on bardab. Abuyan
9/29/2014Offset that red! Good job Luis! ~Fishy
9/29/2014BungaKarma :) MsMc X
9/29/2014Thx! Your friend ~ Wubbo
9/29/2014Happy Monday Luis!!! xoxox Beso :)
9/29/2014Bardarbunga dedication! :) Love ShowGirls x
9/29/2014Love and hugs ~ pinkpixie :)
9/29/2014For the Barda thread -ab
9/28/2014Keeping the Ukraine thread clean, good job! -Falter
9/28/2014Zombie Daddy in a Box when the Cats away the mice well play Luis it is a hard job to keep a Monster thread tidey Keep the Faith
9/28/2014Are you going to let RTS keep calling people Nazis?
9/28/2014Sir Tim
9/28/2014Thank you for what you are doing for the world. ( Music Man)
9/27/2014Thanks prodlikegod
9/27/2014For good threads...Tazzy
9/27/2014Barda updates
9/27/2014Karma roLL ....C.C
9/27/2014You spotted a new eruption site ;)
9/27/2014Thanks for all the updates! -- Klasikatica
9/27/2014For being You! You are the best Luis! ~SpiritWarrior~
9/27/2014Congratulations! 800 Pages! You're number 1!
9/27/2014Green by Zod!
9/26/2014Love you, Luis!! ~ Simple27 : )
9/26/2014MattieD :-)
9/26/2014Fantastic Friday GREEN from THE INQUISIDOR
9/26/2014Weekly karma from , DREAM MAKER :)
9/26/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
9/25/2014Green hug from ~T~ xxx
9/25/2014Back at you love GFG
9/25/2014Green karma from Netrir! Have a nice day, my friend! :)
9/25/2014Incrdible management of this thread and topic.
9/25/2014Sir Griffo
9/24/2014Go green
9/24/2014Cow A.
9/24/2014Best thread creator
9/24/2014We love volcano
9/24/2014Ha!Ha!Ha! For giving that upgrade to the cantankerous renee! ~ xxxodawa
9/24/2014Iceland Thread really appreciated
9/24/2014Green for friend~G.Samsa
9/24/2014Back at ya! -PirateMonkey
9/24/2014Keep up the good work
9/24/2014Good guy
9/24/2014Tireless reporter! Thanks, CH
9/24/2014The criteria for unleashing torrents of love upon thy enemy, lies first in knowing that there should be no criteria. WildFlower
9/23/2014For your threads ! From Tiger1.
9/23/2014Hi friend! Great threads, as always! ...nutmeg....
9/23/2014Lamplite :)
9/22/2014Wrath O' Luna
9/22/2014Ty for all you do! :) izzybeth
9/22/2014BioReaper :D
9/22/2014Green for you, my friend. Earth Cries
9/22/2014Karma for karma :)
9/21/2014Greetings Luisport! - Tesla
9/21/2014Epic thread! thanks
9/21/2014Cuz you are awesome-johnchcheung2​
9/21/2014Great work! WA
9/21/2014Sunday Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
9/20/2014Hugs to You, Luis ~ Lady Jane
9/20/2014Reported Abusive Post
9/20/2014Attila boa tarde
9/20/2014Great reports, keeps his threads friendly
9/20/2014Buddy Karma >> Dangerwalt
9/20/2014To persevere in spite of the trolls and offering knowledgable information
9/19/2014Hi Friend! Haven't seen you in awhile, seen your green for me, I wish to return the favor. Hope all is well, God Bless!! :) starrynytes
9/19/2014Pirate FRIDAY Green ARRRRGH from THE INQUISIDOR
9/19/2014Have a great weekend....Lekker:)
9/18/2014Great Iceland rift threat, Luis! Thank you! Hawkesbay
9/18/2014Happy Thursday! - Indysmindy
9/18/2014Zombie Daddy in a Box
9/18/2014Love to you Luis!! ~ Beso :)
9/17/2014Green Peace
9/17/2014Green love from ~T~ xxx
9/17/2014I've got your back buddy! Sir Griffo
9/17/2014Best posts on glp
9/17/2014Between you and zod you carry the place, hugs Luis! ~ dawa
9/17/2014For all your work:) MattieD
9/17/2014Good info
9/17/2014You know why. Just keep going! Form the Cow.
9/17/2014Dace wuz hear
9/17/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
9/17/2014Iceland thread -- swinburnian redux
9/17/2014Iceland thread and all the rest. Cheers
9/17/2014Wonderful volcano reporting <3 Vision Thing
9/16/2014Hope You Are Doing Well! Thanks For All The Volcano Info! ~SpiritWarrior~
9/16/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
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