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Moon Dog's Karma

Total: 11 (8  User Votes + 3  Threads Pinned) and 11

10/4/2011Sorry to see someone gave you bad karma thanks for the info (egg)
10/1/2011Annoying little bitch
9/25/2011For hanging in there against the pack of Shills that hit your Elenin thread. Stay cool! :)
9/24/2011Another elenincompoop clueluess about anything in the sky!! Typical Dipshit, please kill yourself!
9/24/2011Great thread!!
9/24/2011This distracted me from my bad mood
9/24/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/23/2011Biggest troll on glp. always full of shit.
9/23/2011Good find
9/23/2011Good one!
9/12/2011I want to punch your avatar in the face
9/8/2011Slams people for pointing out the obvious...he earned this one!
8/29/2011Wah wah waaaaaaaah
8/28/2011Needless personal attack after being shown evidence that disproved his point.
8/28/2011Open mind ...calls out a known shill
8/28/2011Repeated attacks with cussing. These types should be banned.

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