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F F S's Karma

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4/7/2014Keep fighting the good fight. Victory is at the end of the fight.
2/17/2014WeAreOne passing through with a cheery hello :)
2/4/2014Athiest pice of shit.:)
12/4/2013For using the word "bastardised"
5/17/2013Complete Cunt
5/2/2013Red is coming
4/12/2013Can't grasp english so he fills his posts with profanity. typical lowlife brittery.
4/12/2013Fuck you
4/4/2013Impeccable Principles and Insight into the Decline of British Society (The Scientist)
2/14/2013For the RIOT thread. At least someone cares.
2/11/2013Greenz from Tha Pope TT 0; )
2/7/2013Quit droning on welfare queen
2/4/2013We don't need a government
1/23/2013Forgive him father for he knows not what he says.... :)
1/23/2013Making wise comments in the 'Demon' thread. Too bad it will mostly fall on deaf ears - A
1/22/2013From the sky fairy
1/22/2013What a cunt
1/16/2013Stop hating, it will get you nowhere ;)
1/5/2013Sorry the medical system is killing your relatives, glad you are smart and staying out of their clutches, - Vision Thing
1/3/2013Absolutely! zenobiaphobia
12/20/2012Well said
12/20/2012For trying with black knight thread!!! :)
12/17/2012You Are a Dumb Fuck!!!
12/14/2012You are an awesome parent!
10/9/2012Fuck you UK
5/29/2012Fuck you, limey.
5/25/2012You're fucking retarded... IMHO
5/14/2012Borat sucks big hairy balls
5/14/2012So true
5/11/2012Good man!
5/1/2012How quickly you have become a karmatard
4/27/2012Asshole that supports porn and hates Romney for not supporting his limp-fisted habit
4/25/2012For spelling and grammar
4/20/2012Could not have said it better myself...-relativity
4/5/2012Ffs gfy
4/5/2012You need to leave off from our earth, you are a disgrace to human race.
3/23/2012Free man aware!
3/12/2012For mocking others
2/29/2012Exactly- the ravers know! Lightwarrior
2/11/2012For being a hairy dick sucker
2/3/2012Good man
12/22/2011Quite right
9/1/2011For adding to my thread
8/31/2011ORbZ just popped your karma cherry.

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