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MutantMessiah's Karma

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12/30/2014Good knowledge is good karma
12/8/2014Usefull info
9/1/2013I agree, irrelevant is not the same as doubt, Isis One
8/22/2013For your great contribution to Chaol's threads! ~U3
6/20/2013Great mind
5/16/2013Great post!
4/30/2013Reported Abusive Post
4/22/2013No thank you :D
4/11/2013Your contributions to Chaol's threads are awesome. Thanks! *U3
2/14/2013Reality thread post - ANHEDONIC
1/9/2013Right on on that signature.. good comment on the lucid dreaming -paradise havona
12/26/2012Awareness is another stage. pool
12/12/2012For nothing
11/5/2012Because he replied with honesty >>issius>>
9/14/2012Or is it you?
8/7/2012Nipples Rule!!! Hahahaha!! - dettol
7/13/2012If you had not posted dataasylum stuff, I would have! Scary n the Dendera guy ties in :(
6/26/2012Chinese Produce Human Breast Milk Using Genetically Modified Dairy Cows
6/15/2012By newbie dreamer
2/18/2012For what you said about Microchip...God will bless those of us who refuse it - Dease
2/17/2012Good Stuff! 2342
1/26/2012Disabling the limits
10/28/2011I agree
10/9/2011Our experience is a reflection of our choices. Everything we experience we deserve. If you don't like your experience, choose differently.
10/6/2011I appreciate your contributions to the Chaol threads
10/4/2011Loved your post on the npl and hypno programing in Chaol's thread..
10/2/2011Please keep sharing your thoughts in Chaols thread, I am enjoying your perspectives, want you to know they are helping me grasp this material
10/1/2011Good karma, following Chaol as well... ;-)
9/29/2011Another soul that Sees. You are are very rare to exist indeed.
9/29/2011"Seek God's Truth within.": For this post. GREAT words. I hope others read your post.

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