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Lost_Soul's Karma

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10/10/2014Red Meat Karma
9/25/2013Great topic thanks
9/24/2013Loved the Eisehower Alien vid. Thanks Da Stranger
9/2/2013Good luck with the girl trouble - Holy_Diver
1/5/2013Cry!- Seer
1/5/2013Hugs)))) never give up. Kate XO
12/14/2012Berfday karma
8/12/2012We will see ifn this goes down! gonviral
8/11/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
6/16/2012Nice person
6/15/2012Luv ya 2 , 12.21.12
5/31/2012Read my mind BB
5/30/2012Wonderful video...wish there were enough Patriots to ACT. ~ Leeroy Jenkins
5/27/2012Moon creation thread-Marketselloff
5/26/2012Saturn!!! <3 -Noof
5/26/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
5/10/2012Crazy Frog <3
4/27/2012Good Video
4/23/2012For the Truth, the true Freedom ! Back to tha basics ;D - WuDStef
2/23/2012Rain-Man..G ro0m ..xD
2/22/2012Not redeemable at walmart from aucuparia
2/22/2012From john goz
2/22/2012Green huggies to you from Starknight!
2/22/2012Good Green for a very special person! HUGS! -Freckles
2/22/2012For offering to do something potentially really cool
2/21/2012Greenroom Love & Peace WildFlower
2/21/2012Here ya go! Flavapor
2/21/2012From karma@greenroom.glp - Psych
2/21/2012Right back at ya...God bless you - Dease
2/17/2012For your good heart ~ Pharista :)
2/14/20121 green karma for being a good soul. Happy Valentine's day > oldboldpilot
2/14/2012Happy valentines :)
2/14/2012Thanks for being receptive to LOVE!!!!
2/14/2012Good Karma your way! Peace, Sledster
2/14/2012Thx for the happy valentines day =)
2/2/2012For reading my long post. I'm so glad you understand. ~Sandi
2/1/2012Thank you for being my friend. Carol B.
12/28/2011For TRUTH about religion. EXCELLENT post my internet buddy,,, EXCELLENT !! ,,,,, hitndahedfred
11/15/2011Karma hugs from the green room. Spiral Cobra
11/15/2011Cool post! :)
11/15/20111 for you! Have a good day! ~Daikirai
11/15/2011Thanks for the cool video !
11/15/2011Positive Karma for Positive Change ~Itz A Dream~
11/15/2011Free karma!! -Rabid_Wolf
11/15/2011GreenRoom Super Dupa Karma - Doommincus Maximus
11/15/2011Green room....Tango
11/15/2011WRONG ! its the best video to waste your time. u bad
11/14/2011Green room karma! - Travis Bickle :-)
11/14/2011Here you go!! From Fatal
11/9/2011Cool UFO vid! Thanks! JustUs/Lisa Marie
11/9/2011Great UFO video
11/9/2011This brought a tear a joy to me....thanks
11/2/2011Life is difficult for everybody, not just you. Don't be so totally self-absorbed.
11/1/2011God Bless...take time to meditate, enjoy God's creations. ~ruxpin
11/1/2011Don't give up, Pharista :)
11/1/2011Karma hugs to you ****Butterfly Girl
11/1/2011Here's some good karma in hoping you'll soon be out of the funk you're in.Cheer up, things will get better. :) TitianWaves
11/1/2011For courage. InterMezzo
8/27/2011Dumbass x2
8/25/2011Dumb Ass
8/25/2011Karma from EvilMoney, spread the love, return the favor! PEACE!!

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