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9/16/2013Good thread, good person. Elemental :)
1/21/2013What goes around, comes around ! - subzero86
1/9/2013Thanks for the pin...i am new here and appreciate the members
9/30/2011Educate people to make a choice
9/30/2011Prime for opposing ethnic descrimination
9/30/2011Your post specifying crookedness
9/30/2011Nice reasonable mind.
9/24/2011Don't record this, humorless tard!
9/17/2011Great music thank you...baby baphomet.
9/14/2011Great find
9/12/2011Great sense of humor..My2centsworth still LOL
9/12/2011Funny Funny thread
9/11/2011Good analasys on ufo thred.
9/11/2011Dubunked a crappy video!
8/31/2011Good work here. Send the karma back and I will try to pin it as well! LoVeLiGHT420
8/29/2011For sharing situation in Lybia ~ from fellowearhling
8/29/2011Thank you.
8/28/2011For truth
8/28/2011LostReality33 karma me please!
8/28/2011Good stuff

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