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Son of Man's Karma

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2/6/2015Goneviral is back green time
2/6/2015Jesuit shill
2/6/2015You are so right catholic church established by Jesus- dances with fire
2/6/2015<sigh> Don't sweat it
2/6/2015Spammm poster. Pure garbage. Only posts crappy bible verses
2/6/2015Shabbat Shalom the Sabbath arrives.
1/6/2015The roman church is the mother of harlots
10/4/2014Shabbat Shalom
8/17/2014Shabbat Shalom on this the 7th day of the week.
8/3/2014Saturday is the 7th day of rest
8/3/2014You give the best blowjobs! Thank you so much! Call me :)
7/25/2014Shabbat Shalom
7/25/2014I hope you wake up :) -truthisamenace.
7/6/2014Over due
6/15/2014FFS, your signature takes up half the page, grow a brian, moran. Bibletard!
6/15/2014Shabbat shalom
5/31/2014Shabbat Shalom
5/9/2014Bible cunt
5/9/2014Oh piss off
5/3/2014Go bumb a bunny
4/22/20147th Day sabbath
3/10/2014321 ad constantine changed the Christain Sabbath from Saturday over to Sunday. Learn your history. You are a false teacher
3/1/2014Go kiss the whore in your Babylon
3/1/2014For a terrific rebuttal against a God hater.
12/10/2013You'll get yours too
11/9/2013You make so RIDICULOUSLY LONG that nobody wants to bother reading them!! We arent on here to read a novel mmmmmkay!!!
9/24/2013Time to put you on my ignore list, fearmonger.
9/20/2013Religious Terrorist
9/13/2013Hell is fake.
9/11/2013Can't tell if trolling...D-:
8/27/2013It's Saturday and will always be. the RCC is deceiving the world
8/26/2013If one is ignorant it's Gods plan. thus god wants people in hell
8/9/2013Religious sheep, wake the fuck up.
8/6/2013Probably means well
8/5/2013I will read up this when i have time but god bless for having the courage to preach the word
8/5/2013Fag, enjoys being ass rammed by Sata
7/27/2013Unnecessary bible thumper
7/7/2013Son of shit
6/13/2013For God's word.
3/23/2013Jesus hates assholes
2/14/2013Ass hat
2/9/2013More red for lies
1/28/2013Um yeah try again
1/26/2013Stop spamming bible quotes
1/24/2013Heed warnings
1/13/2013Deluded much?
1/13/2013Promoting the Mark of the Beast. You are deceived and are attempting to deceive others. You will be rewarded for this in equal measure.
7/16/2012Deluded god freak homophobe

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