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CharlieMurphy's Karma

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12/12/2014Long time no green. Munsoned
9/11/2014Congratulations! - chrit
9/11/2014Congrats! :D calx
9/11/2014Irresponsible to breed given the current challenges in this world
9/11/2014Congratulations! Love Yah And The New Baby
9/11/2014Dace & Kali wuz hear =-)
9/11/2014Good karma for the daddy! Raye
8/4/2014Good human
8/2/2014Long time no green. - Munsoned
6/21/2014Hope everything is ok - Chrit
5/27/2014Hope all is well - Chrit
5/5/2014Likes dick wayyy too much
1/1/2014I honestly don't care who you knocked up. wrap it up next time.
1/1/2014For your future upgrade.---Mobocracy
12/31/2013Happy New Year - Chriton
12/28/2013Ask and you shall receive - Ms. Superduper
12/28/2013Good luck to you both! A child is the most precious gift! krystal
12/28/2013Here you go - marillon
12/28/2013Here is some green. ExploringTheTruth
12/28/2013Good luck
12/27/2013For being a stand up guy! Best wishes for pregnancy and baby!
12/27/2013Here you go CM...take care my friend & keep ur chin up...tampagirl
12/27/2013To help you out.
12/27/2013You want government hand outs AND free karma? NOT
12/27/2013Get a vascetomy if you can't control yourself. We don't want to support your kid.
12/27/2013Babies :) - sumtymes
12/27/2013Good luck - lightchild_uk
12/27/2013Get a job moran
12/15/2013Good person - chriton
10/26/2013Good person - Chrit
10/24/2013Reported Abusive Post
10/2/2013The Nate asked me to grant you Karma! JinxyMcD
9/3/2013Car pic - Chrit
7/28/2013<3 om
7/26/2013Because in my mind you are really Charlie Murphey. Oyster
7/19/2013F**k yo couch-Evan
7/15/2013Reported Abusive Post
7/15/2013Asalways..great post!! karma!1 from Gonviral
7/14/2013Zim zamin... rof.... cp
7/14/2013For posting what really happened that night! Hilarious! ..nutmeg..
7/14/2013Good post in the MSNBC thread. .... Indiandave
7/14/2013Excelent homouristic comment:)
7/14/2013For a black person who is not a racist! Bluebird
7/13/2013Smart :) Turtles
7/8/2013If you have AAA you'll never get Munsoned out there.
7/7/2013Happy random Karma! - KarinZa
7/6/2013For your excellent crash analysis...My 2 Cents
7/6/2013Thanks for all your knowledge in the plane crash thread CuriosityCat1
7/6/2013You are way too focused on a stupid plane crash. PLANE CARSH TARD!
7/6/2013Thanks for all the info in crash thread
7/6/2013Valuable input on airline thread - ancha
7/6/2013Slap! ~theTruthMonger
7/6/2013Hmmm... Fuck Yea!
7/5/2013Titty milk
7/4/2013Awesome reply!! - Louve
7/4/2013Happie undies day... be drunk.. cp ;)
7/4/2013God bless you and happy 4th ..cowgirlk
7/4/2013NIce music thread +1 from Ryan Cawdor
7/3/2013Thanks brother GT500
7/3/2013UNITY! *punch
7/3/2013GREEN for U from THE INQUISADOR
7/2/2013For Ender's Game! FTW - Septenary Man
7/2/2013Thank you :) salt
6/30/2013Reported Abusive Post
6/30/2013Oh high there!
6/28/2013Reboot the operating system!...perfectly said! +1 for you! Damrod
6/28/2013Have a good weekend! Bluebird
6/28/2013For being a sensible voice in this forum. Martianprincess
6/26/2013You deserve WAY more karma than you have. plus i am adding you to my buddy list....not sure why that hasnt happened already. Oyster.
6/24/2013Mmmm Chinese Food - Battlestar Valkyrie
6/23/2013Good post karma from gonviral
6/23/2013Don't waste your time trying to educate ttowngirl...dumber than a box of doorknobs. She won't follow a story, needs to be told about it in little words.
6/22/2013Charlie Murphy!
6/22/2013You didn't deserve neg karma. -WSP
6/22/2013Why would a dead stunt pilot deserve respect?
6/21/2013Ay up cunt.
6/21/2013Hello there ~ A Friend
6/21/2013For causing me to waste half an hour of my life on that lame anime depressing shit!
6/20/2013I appreciate someone giving me something to ponder :) Sloane
6/20/2013Just drivin' by - R.P. McMurphy
6/19/2013Green from THE INQUISADOR
6/19/2013I hope your situation improves with your son/ex. Shackles
6/18/2013Great sense of humor!! ~Chip
6/18/2013Fucku charlie u stank i rather watch a rock roll
6/17/2013Sorry Charlie, feel better--eekers xo
6/17/2013Lol for cap locking TTown---UTownTrash
6/17/2013Enabler ,,, hahaha.
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