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Jean.x's Karma

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5/26/2017Oinly does wild and feirce recognise wild and fierce. x
5/26/2017Thank you returning the Green Anderson_G
4/27/2017Mila :)
4/20/2017Love Ellusion :)
3/31/2017Some Green Today. Naimh x
3/10/2017Thank you kindly
1/3/2017Happy new year! love, mila.
12/17/2016Merry christmas from mila!
12/12/2016Reported Abusive Post
12/11/2016Thank you! It's A Secret
11/17/2016Lots of love from mila. love your quiet strength <3
10/27/2016Love from mila
10/27/2016Thank you for upgrading me. Appreciate it. Lemme know how I can reciprocate. - abhie
10/1/2016Green Smile from Lady Jane Smith
10/1/2016From mila
9/26/2016Thank you :)
7/29/2016From mila
7/27/2016Welcome! <3 ~LilMiss
10/11/2012Because i still love you and always will, dancing eternally, 141
9/29/2012Because love is eternal, 141
8/30/2012So nice to see you Phare. Much love <3 -Seer
4/10/2012I am against you. I have always been against you since you joined forces with IV222. He is now gone from GLP. Choose whether you want to be the next. Light always wins over darkness.
4/8/2012For love and for you... loki
4/1/2012Green from forest :) lol zap!
3/29/2012From james with lots of love
3/27/2012From ~iNTuiTioN~
3/26/2012Our hearts are connected. remember when we danced in the moonlight... luci
3/25/2012In nomine Iesu, exorcizo te. In nomine Iesu, dic nomen tuum. In nomine Iesu, si es hic, manifesta te.... Be gone demon
3/22/2012Omg u r so amazing! En mi corazon te tengo siempre. Sirius
3/18/2012X.x.x. luci
3/17/2012Iv bows to a queen and loves her so
3/17/2012Love shines down on you too! Carol B.
3/15/2012With love, alexisj9
3/14/2012You are decieved by the demon calling itself innervoice222. He uses witchcraft to cast spells in his music. He is NOT of God. Wake up to yourself before its too late
3/13/2012Boggietwistingshakeyl​aboom dance, bailamos? LYSM Sirius
3/10/2012Here is some more dear
3/10/2012Woving you
3/9/2012James loves you xxx
2/16/2012I love you very much...James
2/16/2012Stay away from me white she devil!
2/14/2012In nomine Iesu, exorcizo te. In nomine Iesu, dic nomen tuum. In nomine Iesu, si es hic, manifesta te. Be gone demon
2/3/2012FOX News Whistle blowers....Chop's
1/31/2012Witch - wove you
1/30/2012Keep being u, your roots grow deep & ur foundations will hold.
1/30/2012Beautifully written. Thank you Phara. -Seer
1/26/2012Back atcha,again...
1/25/2012YOU are delusional! IV is a fraud ...run away and do NOT look back.
1/25/2012Bad ju ju
1/23/2012From james with love.
1/22/2012Woving you... u r amazing! . sirius
1/22/2012Oh hey!: Brian8888
1/11/2012Love always win, my words wash that red hate here. LOVE!
1/10/2012Don't be deceived by the DEMON calling itself innervoice222. Your salvation is at stake.
1/10/2012Would you like one lump or two?
1/8/2012James to counter the demon hunters and their hate,
1/7/2012Evil cult member ...burn baby burn
12/29/2011Wove you! sirius :)
12/29/2011Stocking stuffer
12/20/2011Dont give up! red karma is just to treat you. Love always win. merry christmas!!!
12/20/2011Wove you!
12/19/2011Truth gem.
12/18/2011Cause I like your writing alexisj9
12/18/2011I have no idea why anyone would give you red karma. Your words have been an inspiration to me.
12/17/2011Back atcha
12/17/2011Haahahahahahh Innervoice on another computer
12/17/2011Don't be deceived by the DEMON calling itself innervoice222. Your salvation is at stake.
12/17/2011Cut the crap already.
12/13/2011For giving red karma to those who think iv is a fake.
12/7/2011You are fooling yourself but you don't believe it.
12/6/2011To make it 4 and because she is so the beez kneez

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