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Reiz's Karma

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3/22/2012UR A DUCKING MORaN. READ 2 Peter 3:16. Ur SO SMART yet HELL AWAITS U.
3/22/2012For a great thread!
3/22/2012Great info presented in a respectful manner - CryinWontHelpYa
3/22/2012You asked.
3/22/2012I'm bringing the good karma for you. Bible Contradiction thread
3/22/2012Great video-Kayak
3/22/2012You did ask for it
3/22/2012You asked for it. Here you go.
3/22/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
3/22/2012Douche bump
2/1/2012Excellent point.
1/21/2012New Age Fluff
1/16/2012This is great - Toadmaster
1/11/2012Like the tactics thread....morgan
1/4/2012<3 Reikara
12/19/2011Well said. That woman has some serious issues.
12/17/2011If you only knew how right you are!
10/29/2011God infurmaeshon nd not a craezy cunsperacy
10/21/2011It's easy to quit - It's difficult to gain momentum. Don't stop training.
10/21/2011Keep your protection spells up. Armor of Light - d12 frequency shield, daily.
10/14/2011Talking about the real world
10/12/2011Niice info
10/2/2011For your even more super epicly awesometacticalness +1
9/23/2011Responsible self reliance
9/22/2011Being compassionate and honest
9/14/2011Being awesome
9/7/2011From orbz cheers for good answers.

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