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4/14/2014The Old Timer has a son at Mr Bundys....Marine Captain 8-)
4/13/2014Reported Abusive Post
4/12/2014Cheers... TheTruthWorker
4/12/2014Dumbass, astrology is for retards
4/12/2014Thanks and hope to get home safely in So CAL now heading for Idaho
4/12/2014Great Post! Green Karma From Gonviral
4/12/2014Thank you .... pray_Italy
4/12/2014You're in my thoughts, Cowgirl. Hope all is well :) <3 LaniJane
4/12/2014From STT
4/11/2014Green for you Cowgirl! Stay safe out there. ~Snuffie
4/10/2014Howdy cowgirl, so glad you liked Rosie Thomas. Endave <3
4/9/2014Thanks! - TGMII
4/6/2014Thank U for posting Stay Safe AKO
4/5/2014Weekend Hugs from Holland to the hottest CowGirl in Town. ;-)
4/3/2014Hello CowgirlK...good to see you again! retiredsoldier
4/3/2014For all that you do! ~ Simple27 : )
4/2/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
4/2/2014Dr. A was here!
3/29/2014Thanks for you Baofeng thread, much appreciated....roadru​nnerray
3/29/2014Tks for the earthquake vid. Vic-chick
3/29/2014Some karma for Cowgirl K - ANHEDONIC
3/28/2014Green from Scrump :D
3/28/2014Thanks for the info, I live in Austin myself. --LightningChakra
3/28/2014Thanks for the weather info
3/28/2014For weather thread.-TheEndIsNigh2​013
3/27/2014Green green Karma hugs for a wonderful Oklahoma Lady. ~Snuffie
3/27/2014Thank you for the Karma - KillerB
3/26/2014Green for you - SilverPatriot
3/26/2014Great thread thank -- racebyu
3/26/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
3/26/2014Good to see ya, hope you can make it to the show Isis7
3/25/2014Wrath O' Luna...Dallas Thread
3/25/2014Thanks for the link....~sIcKaNdTwIsT​eD~
3/25/2014From goodmockingbird
3/23/2014Right back atcha, but I think I'd rather have the beer, at the moment! LOL Texan Buckeye
3/22/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
3/20/2014Kamma in my book arnut
3/20/2014Yay ham radio!
3/19/2014For all you do, in the forum and chat room :) -Rabid Wolf
3/19/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
3/19/2014Karma Hugs!....>>>>Settle4I​t<<<<
3/19/2014Green for my favorite Cow Girl :) ~Snuffie.
3/18/2014Hums, Hams and Hugs from Holland! Thinking of you Tornado Gal! ;-)
3/18/2014Thx for the baofeng post!!!
3/16/2014For the ham radio thread. black unit
3/16/2014If I could give you 50 greens I would! I needed that info really bad!! and you made my day!!! CrimsonBleu
3/16/2014Excellent Ham Thread. SaveUSa
3/16/2014For the Baofeng thread!!!
3/16/2014For the radio threads astral goat
3/16/2014Baofeng beginners guide for Ham-Radiotards! Thank you!
3/16/2014Green for your ham radiotard thread :)
3/16/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
3/15/2014For the UV5R info. - Morpheus
3/15/2014HAM Radio Advice~RH
3/15/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
3/15/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
3/15/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
3/15/2014Nice Ham thread!
3/9/2014Everything's Alright.
3/7/2014Thanks astral goat
3/7/2014Green to you - SilverPatriot
3/1/2014Sweets for my sweet. Hugs and kisses right back to you. Eric
3/1/2014Acula was here!
2/27/2014Stay Warm karma...~Ducimus
2/26/2014Thank you from the bottom of my heart , GT500
2/26/2014Thank you for comments on ear ringing ~ Three Little Lambs
2/26/2014Simple27 : )
2/26/2014Hey friend! Goog kharma for you. -w_nb
2/26/2014Long live Texas! - STT
2/20/2014Greetings and Karma for Cowgirl K!
2/18/2014Cowgirl, remember me. paramedic from saint louis? Im back on.
2/17/2014Happy belated Valentine's Day : ) - Endave <3
2/16/2014Green Love for my special Texas Tornado. Team USA needs faster suits.... or legs! *sings* She got legs.. Hugs and kisses from Holland.
2/14/2014Happy Valentine's Day, girl!...have a great time with your guy...~Ducimus
2/14/2014Happy vday!!!! Acula
2/14/2014Thanks! -= Travis Bickle =-
2/14/2014I sure am! Mostly since I am rooting for the Norwegians. Our team has been quite a disapointment so far. Much Love ~Wolfie
2/13/2014I promise I am CG , GT500
2/9/2014Time is flying by so fast! Thank you my friend for the kind thoughts and wishes! - Endave
2/8/2014For awareness.... -ladyannie
2/6/2014Giddyup! Thinking of you, Cowgirl :). <3 LaniJane
2/6/2014Hope you have a GREAT day today! Kate :-))))
2/6/2014Acula left this
2/1/2014Thanks for having me over! ~ Simple27 : )
2/1/2014Music and drinking karma...~Ducimus
1/30/2014For your Super Bowl post! God bless <3 BDE
1/29/2014SoTU speeches never seemed so fun before! lol -Acula
1/27/2014Right back at you sweetie!! - Endave
1/26/2014AnonymousGirl :)
1/26/2014Love song thread, I always light up when I see it. :) Sloane
1/25/2014Green for you for getting the truth out. thanks
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