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nerdrage88sasr's Karma

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7/4/2014Big Hug :) AKO
5/5/2014Green hug - whiteangel
4/30/20141 For fog Family Imjustsayin Barbara
4/25/2014Hugs!!! ~Vesper 33~
4/20/2014Happy Easter Big Hug Much love :) Ako
4/18/2014God Bless - whiteangel
4/16/20141 Fog family Imjustsayin Barbara
4/9/2014God Bless - whiteangel
4/7/2014Good to see you around!! ~Vesper33~
3/30/20141 Imjustsayin Barbara
3/18/2014Hi :) Isis7
3/17/2014G'day mate from requiem
3/6/2014Peace my brother-shad
3/6/2014Good to see you!!! ~Vesper33~
2/27/2014Blessings - whiteangel
2/25/2014Hiya nerd, hope all is well in your world, from ~T~
2/14/2014Big Hugs Happy Valentines Day! :) AKO
2/1/2014Hope you have a great weekend, from ~T~
1/31/2014Green for you =] Mercury11
1/26/2014Hiya bro :) Isis7
1/20/2014Back at ya, love from ~T~ xxx
1/19/2014Good green to you. ChiaPet
1/18/2014Weekend Green! ~Vesper33~
1/15/2014Peace my friend, if things go bonkers soon, we need to see you more-shad
1/14/2014Much,much,much Luv to another olde SolBr0ther,Massive Respects : ) - 'Cesium.
1/11/2014Abundant 2014 to you Gentle Man!! Grateful for you!! Much Love ~ Tx2
1/10/2014Best wishes for 2014 and lots of love from ~T! xxx
1/1/2014Happy and Joyful New Year - whiteangel
1/1/2014Happy New Year 88, Isis One
12/31/2013Happy New Year my friend Much Love :) AKO
12/31/2013Peace ang good blessings your way-shad
12/31/2013Happy new year!! old guard
12/31/2013Happy New Year!!! Big Hugs!!! ~Vesper33~
12/21/2013Merry Christmas Gentle Man! Much Love To you!! Trink
12/19/2013With Love :) Merry Christmas my friend comfort and joy to you and yours
12/19/2013Jazzy hugs!
12/16/2013Merry Christmas hon - whiteangel
12/3/2013FOG green from ~T~ xxx
11/25/2013Thanksgiving hug from ~T~
11/22/2013Thanks for all those posts - whiteangel
11/21/2013Ballot for a long time and beaucoup de travail and evolution
11/19/2013Hiya bro :) Isis7
11/16/2013Green hug to a great guy, from ~T~ xxx
11/15/2013Wow! Thank you for thinking of me! Hope you are doing well! Had to take some time! <3 Mama!!
11/15/2013Much Love to you Gentle Man! T2
11/15/2013Good green to you. chiaPet
11/14/2013Solar Guardian here. May I have green karma points? :)
11/14/2013Jazzy hugs!
11/13/2013Love you too hon - God Bless - whiteangel
11/12/2013Hugs from Elemental x
11/9/2013Big grren hug from ~T~
11/6/2013Thank you.. LP
11/5/2013Thanks for the warm welcome! xx ~Calidruid
10/30/2013Happy Halloween Karma Hugs (:.:) AKO
10/27/2013Love you and miss you- be safe my friend - whiteangel
10/26/2013Saturday Green!! So good to see you around!! ~Vesper33~
10/26/2013Nerd!!! So good to hear from you. :) Isis7
10/26/2013X-flare green_GeoStorm
10/20/2013You are missed on by all at FOG!! ~Moxie
9/29/2013Some Sunday Green Love!!! ~Vesper33~
9/18/2013Hey Nerd, good to cyber see ya! Isis One
8/30/2013Hugs :) xxx AKO
8/29/2013My friend - whiteangel
8/26/2013Monday Green my Friend!!! ~Vesper33~
8/26/2013Luv ya pal Isis7
6/16/2013Gday from requiem
6/4/2013Green hugs for you Nerd! <3 Mama
4/15/2013God bless you - whiteangel
3/26/2013Karma drive by_GeoStorm
3/24/2013Green Karma Hugs xxx AKO
3/24/2013Glad to see ya mate!!! - whiteangel
3/7/2013Good to see ya! Isis7
3/4/2013Welcome back green for you! Earth Cries
3/3/2013Welcome back, NR88! mtn mang
3/3/2013Big Hugs for you! SOOOO good to see you! You have been missed! <3 Mama
3/3/2013Glad to see u back
3/3/2013Nerd! I Ejecta all over Your Board,sorry,what a mess : ) - 'Cesium.
3/3/2013Nerd! Missed you! Ele x
3/3/2013Missing you and your posts! Much Love ~ Tiny Trink
3/2/2013Miss You!Hope you are well- Karma Hugs- Much Love xxx AKO
2/10/2013From starfield
2/8/2013Karma Hugs xxx AKO
2/5/2013Solar Blues - Solar Green : ) - 'Cesium.
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