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10/31/2013Hi seer, nice cats :) xen
10/27/2013Kill the Nobody threads already you idiot.
10/23/2013Thank you for the laughter :) Love Angelseverywhere
10/22/2013Buddy Karma :) Lamplite
10/20/2013How nice you are. What a pleasure. 8)
10/20/2013Hugs from acuk
10/18/2013Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
10/18/2013Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
10/16/2013Hi, Seer : ) : ) : ) en-eng`ko Marty
10/14/2013Thanks for the reply and advice :) paler
10/13/2013Thank you for the kind feedback Seer - ANHEDONIC
10/8/2013You are awesome :) ~ Beso
10/8/2013Thank you seer <3 xen
10/7/2013Thank you for sharing. practicing the breath now- acegotflow
10/7/2013Hi Seer, Karma ~ Arcturus
10/7/2013Not Venus!
10/6/2013Thanks for imput = ap girl ! :)
10/6/2013Voice if reason! GeoStorm
10/4/2013Nice Hollywood karma! ;) eekers
10/3/2013My language is very clear and forthcoming. If you have a hard time understanding it, that is not on me.
10/1/2013Samsies! lol! nah :)
10/1/2013Thanks for the backup in Corner's stupid anti-women threads. <3 Doomish
9/30/2013Ass kiss
9/29/2013Still pining for IV222? Move on - you were obsessed with that lying nutcase
9/29/2013WeAreOne passing through...
9/29/2013Thank you, for avatar thread.-TheEndIsNigh2​013
9/28/2013Been a while :) Much Love Billy
9/27/2013Missed your sight - Kai
9/27/2013Reported Abusive Post
9/24/2013Green for u. life is worth laughing at ~ 3pic
9/22/2013Hugs from acuk
9/20/2013Hello Seer :) Hope you are well Love Spirit666
9/18/2013Thanks for the songs posted outstanding music YaRight
9/17/2013Hugs, VolKhrom.
9/15/2013Green love. :)
9/14/2013Phi <3
9/12/2013B Sprout
9/10/2013Cool smileys :) ADSR
9/9/2013Hi Seer! Wishing you well, as always :) Sloane
9/7/2013Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.~Lao Tzu :)- Hugs, ~Christine~
9/3/2013Drive by green karma (hugs)
9/1/2013Love you seerstar
8/29/2013Nice out of context snip.
8/27/2013Your brother Kai
8/26/2013For even more balance
8/25/2013For balance
8/20/2013Quit follo 666. u wil lern on e day,u r lik what u follo
8/16/2013Hugs for seerstar
8/11/2013I just want you to know the difference between real and fake love. :)
8/10/2013Blessings and love :) paler
8/6/2013Karma from eekers! xo
8/5/2013Good to see many still around. from Merci.
8/4/2013You know what's worse than writing out "sigh?" People who whine abou tit for no reason.
8/2/2013Seerstar deserves green
8/2/2013From Shining, Shine On !
7/31/2013Good luck with the panels :) paler
7/30/2013Thanks for backing my point :)
7/30/2013'epic' cat - love it. And best to you missy! Sloane
7/29/2013You remind me of my sister..loving and kind...New Heart
7/29/2013Dropping off a Some green for an amazingly intuitive woman<3 Fringe
7/28/2013Thanks for Christian the lion video! - from truthwillsetyoufreeag​ain
7/25/2013Love from ones heart can be felt by the universe. Much love! ..11:11..
7/21/2013Hi Seer :) Love Spirit666
7/18/2013What's it all about?
7/15/2013Please please please start a thread about synchronicity and advice on working it out. I'm a confused bunny right now! Much love EverybodysNobody
7/14/2013Thanks!! ~Naga
7/14/2013Have a great sunday Seer777 :) Love Spirit666
7/14/2013For your most sane post on Zimm thread. ChiaPet
7/13/2013Thanks again
7/12/2013Hello ~ A Friend
7/6/2013Hey Miss Seer :) All lovely thoughts your way Sloane
7/2/2013U not no all
6/30/2013Interesting points, green for you! - Junkyard Lily :-)
6/28/2013Happy weekend :) Sloane
6/28/2013Funny thing about gangnam style
6/28/2013You are the target of a drive by Friday greening (rofl) <3 :) Fringe , have a great weekend !
6/27/2013Septenary Man green drive by booha!
6/26/2013OK we get it you are skinny with nice legs, good looking, Braggers always bragging about self.
6/26/2013Marty sends his unconditional Love....itsgd2balive
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