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12/15/2014Have a great week! ~ ItsMaKa2
12/15/2014Hello from New Heart
12/12/2014Wishing for you all the best....Cutbait
12/12/2014Awesome doxie!!! -astral goat
12/9/2014Omg, didn't expect a full moon rofl
12/8/2014For your great posts and for being awake. A MUSE
12/8/2014Nobody cares whst you think
12/4/2014D New Heart
12/3/2014You have a good heart seer, ty for helping me keep faith
12/2/2014Just because ... >TPM<
12/1/2014Free box? Delivered! - Kai
11/30/2014Thank you :) ~you already know
11/24/2014Shine :) Billy
11/24/2014An affable, positive person -Faf
11/23/2014The dark passenger was iv222
11/22/2014What makes you so seery?
11/21/2014Energy vampire using vampire thread to lure others to feed on sick
11/17/2014<3 Seer <3 - Kai
11/14/2014Revenge is meted out by man. Justice is meted out by God. This is why we are commanded not to take revenge, but instead let GOD take vengeance. I hope you find understanding.
11/12/2014Why are you impressed?
11/11/2014I think you will be confronting your own demons regarding, soon enough.
11/11/2014Sure, I would like that. Glad you found a little friend to keep you company . New Heart
11/10/2014Love your revenge thread :) from Barely Suppressed Rage
11/4/2014Love you. - Kai
10/31/2014I feel the need to pass out Karma - Mr C
10/27/2014Thank You! From UniKitty ~ The Black Rose Witch
10/25/2014Another self-proclaimed seer oh boy
10/23/2014Huggs :) Lamplite
10/19/2014Yup :)
10/14/2014For your thoughts :) ~ Beso
10/14/2014Nice Thread, well done Seer. The Fuzzy L
10/13/2014The Swede was here.
10/13/2014For your thread ~TML
10/13/2014Best picture ever!
10/9/2014Have a great weekend!-TheEndIsNigh​2013
10/6/2014Magic friends :-) Vala :-)
10/1/2014Stop feeding the donkey
9/29/2014Buddy list weekly green karma!-TheEndIsNigh20​13
9/28/2014I always love your posts. You're so thoughtful and open-minded. <3 Doomish
9/28/20140 shrimp
9/28/2014Nice thread
9/28/2014For the rianbow shrimp.WhyyyyyDeez
9/26/2014Ty, hope u know I got much love 4 ya :)
9/25/2014Love thread ~TML
9/25/2014Lover of evil ....doer of no good .... seer of nothing
9/23/2014Epic facepalm
9/23/2014Lots of love to you, Sloane
9/23/2014I hear you like to lick TAR
9/22/2014For THINKING and being AWAKE. Something lost these days. Nice. - Cookie
9/21/2014Thank you for the confirm! Means a lot
9/21/2014You are loooooooved! ~Gigolo Jesus
9/13/2014Blessings !
9/12/2014Good thread NewsBee
9/8/2014From Thowni with love
9/7/2014One Tin Solider... ~Instig8r
9/4/201490's alternative/grunge - ANHEDONIC
9/4/2014Eff the poor little children. rethink 9/11.
9/1/2014Two great threads lately, Hugs from Spazz
8/30/2014Green for the Ping thread. ~Snuffie.
8/30/2014Ping!!! -Relativity
8/30/2014Nice ping -undestroyer
8/30/2014I love this map!! Thank you so much - what a find!
8/29/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
8/27/2014Green for amazing person
8/27/2014Reported Abusive Post
8/27/2014Hey Seer don't let them get to you. Hope a mod can put this abuse to rest. Have a good day Angelseverywhere
8/26/2014Reported Abusive Post
8/24/2014For Garth - Instig8r
8/17/2014For speaking up. ~tml
8/16/2014Weekend love!-TheEndIsNigh201​3
8/15/2014Unconditional love heals ALL... ... ... ...MJ
8/14/2014Ever comforting indeed lol <3 aphroditeduck
8/13/2014From New Heart:). A big hug
8/11/2014I miss aether... ss
8/6/2014Drive by _KIA
8/3/2014Green karma this week for my buddy list!-TheEndIsNigh201​3
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