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Tuff~Kooky's Karma

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1/2/2013Happy new year....if you see this xxx....Mr2
10/18/2012The apple has fallen far from the tree
9/12/2012For being a paid shill for the zetas.
9/4/2012Spooky kooky her head full of dooky
9/3/2012Just like this.. gr MohZart
9/3/2012There your ignorant ass is. Here is your dipshit award for the week! Guess your boy John was wrong huh?
8/27/2012Hey TK - I've always liked your posts so here ya go! Keep on kickin ass :) ~ Sloane
8/24/2012I hope your ass is firm, because your brain is mush.
8/19/2012NEEDED THAT!!! Hawk02
8/17/2012Congratulations! You have been promoted to Level 2 Disinfo Shill. At this rate, you'll be at Level 3 in no time. Great work. Your check is in the mail. - Zetas
8/17/2012Hi! From Earth420 :)
8/17/2012Brains.... Brains
8/15/2012Yo Tuff, here ya go buddy, hope you're keepin well, LosTLocos.
8/14/2012Dumb as fuck
8/12/2012I changed my title so maybe you can come up with something a little more original next time around. I seriously doubt it though.
8/11/2012Big big hugs from tauranga, love you sis xx
8/11/2012Don't tell anyone I gave you this.
8/10/2012The apple has fallen far from the tree
8/10/2012Posts. D'Light
8/10/2012Paint chips....yum yum
8/9/2012Stay indoors, you are too stupid to know the sky. Apollo I
8/7/2012The shills are coming after you. Keep up the good fight. Something is coming
8/7/2012Thank you, and have some good karma too! solar bear
8/7/2012For your comments on the John Moore thread. ~Vesper33~
8/6/2012Hi tuff stuff....MR2
8/5/2012For common sense ~ woowoo
8/4/2012To help with your paint chip addiction. lol. love from tassie.
8/3/2012It's penaut butter karma time :) IMAX btw did u watch the videos i sent you?
8/3/2012Eats paint chips
8/3/2012Why you continue to post on astronomy related threads is just silly. It's obvious you don't know jack shit! Idiot bitch
8/2/2012Supports liars
8/2/2012Cuckoo, cuckoo. >.>
8/2/2012Keepin it real...for realze~DH:)
7/29/20121 for tuff stuff...MR2
7/29/2012EleKtroN was here :)
7/27/2012Green for my buddy>>IMAX
7/26/2012For stating the truth! This mess goes back at least four presidents!
7/26/2012I logged in just to hit you with RED....stupid ass believer in the Israel is evil bullshit....grow up loser and get a boyfriend to get rid of some of that tension
7/24/2012Buddy karma. pool
7/23/2012Happy Monday Tuff! LosTLocos....
7/23/2012Sprinkling of karma for you****Butterfly girl
7/20/2012Red from a a non niburu tard
7/19/2012Green from a Tassie nibiru tard.
7/17/2012Nibiru tard
7/17/2012Hey Tuff Love you punk fan >> IMAX
7/16/2012Dumb, Dumber, Tuff~Kooky
7/16/2012Wow you are some kind of fucking idiot! lol fucking niboobooturds are so RETARDED
7/16/2012Heres one for ya Tuff-LosTLocos.
7/16/2012Ate paint chips as a kid
7/16/2012For being awesome,, Gdchappy
7/9/2012Probably the dumbest broad on GLP - more like Tuff Nooky, that shit is tough as dried leather
7/9/2012Good to see a voice of reason....thanks....M​R2
7/7/2012Thank you tuff,, wish my girlfriend was more like you ;) >> IMAX
7/6/2012I haven't seen these yet. WindyMind
7/6/2012Hiya sister xx from tauranga
6/26/2012Tuff~Kooky! :) dragunov_1977
6/25/2012You get me! thanks!! Hawk02
6/24/2012Smart cookie. Pool
6/18/2012Good to see you around again Tuff~Kooky! :) dragunov_1977
6/17/2012Hey!! awesome to see you..tauranga xx
5/18/2012Love from NZ.. Tauranga
5/9/2012Tuff~Kooky rocks! :) dragunov_1977
5/3/2012X WindyMind
4/20/2012Thanks for your comment in tauranaga's thread. stay in touch. --hoopity
4/18/2012To my friend Tuff Kooky! dragunov_1977
4/1/2012Green time yet again! dragunov_1977
3/21/2012Right back atcha, dragu :)
3/18/2012How much is lucus paying you to spread his lies?
3/18/2012You been Murphy'd!
3/15/20121 Barbara imjustsayin
3/10/2012For constant ad hominem
3/10/2012Nibiru Nutcase
3/3/20121 dragunov
2/27/2012For constant ad hominem
2/26/2012Kiwi green from tauranga
2/25/2012TY! <3 Kaylee
2/24/2012Glad you liked my post about Drama Queen Israel -- from goodmockingbird
2/23/2012Yep youre right, both..dragunov
2/23/2012Returning Karma :) From Clappaguy , God Bless
2/22/2012Get back in the kitchen where you belong!
2/20/2012Good contribution
2/17/2012Loser idiot
2/12/2012Love from your friend tauranga
2/10/2012Stating garbage over and over, will not make it true
2/9/2012You're an idiot.
2/3/2012Back at you from tauranga
1/8/2012Love from tauranga
1/4/2012Thank you
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