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10/11/2015Loved Gravenhurst, AE, JN, DV, JH, RT, CC - well everything really. Golightly <333
9/23/2015You've surpassed yourself again. The Zachary Cale tracks are just superb. Thanks Endave. Golightly <333
9/9/2015September songs and Mary Hampton just lovely. Best to you my folkie friend. Golightly <333
9/9/2015All the best. -repatriated_one
8/30/2015Excellent stuff, especially Los Halos and Ostara. Have a great week my folkie friend, Golightly <333
8/23/2015Enjoyed the songs of the sea and S-AH and MW. Have a great Sunday, Golightly <333
8/12/2015Endave, I'm not worthy. Superlative selection. Too many to list. <3<3<3 Golightly
7/28/2015Loved PS, S&F, TMA, AP, MB&M, Ephemera and Epic45. Thanks my friend, Golightly :)
7/6/2015Yes, the doom is strong, but we still have music. Loved the Joni Fatora track. Golightly <3<3<3
6/28/2015Hi Endave, just catching up. Loved Richard Fontaine tracks. Have a good week, Golightly <3<3<3
6/24/2015For John Prine
6/12/2015Great stuff Endave. Dakota Suite, PatM and JBM were my faves. Have a great weekend. Golightly <3<3<3
5/29/2015Thanks * you're welcome ; ) Shiva
5/27/2015Great stuff esp AK, JE and BC. Thanks Endave. Golightly <3<3<3
5/19/2015Loved the Steve Gunn tracks. Enjoy the rest of the week. Golightly <3<3<3
5/10/2015Enjoyed you latest selections, thanks Endave. Have a great week. Golightly <3<3<3
4/30/2015Wonderful stuff Endave, particularly enjoyed the Lilium track. Nearly the weekend, have a good one. Golightly <3<3<3
4/20/2015Great stuff, esp Ormonde, HoW and MG. Have a good week Endave. Golightly <3<3<3
4/10/2015Wonderful stuff as always. Have a great weekend my folky friend, Golightly <3<3<3
4/2/2015Wonderful stuff, esp Marissa Nadler. Haunting voice. Golightly <3<3<3
3/20/2015Like the new avatar. Have a great weekend. Golightly <3<3<3
3/14/2015For the music love
3/9/2015Enjoyed the Jono Mc track and ND always. Have a great week my folkie friend. Golightly <3<3<3
3/1/2015Superb collection of lady folk singers, esp. liked Sophie Jamieson. Have a good week my friend. Golightly <3<3<3
2/22/2015Splendid selection Endave, many thanks. Have a good Sunday. Golightly <3<3<3
2/13/2015Superb selections especially EJW and Loah. Have a great weekend, Golightly <3<3<3
2/3/2015Great selection again, thanks Endave. Best to you, Golightly <3<3<3
1/24/2015Splendid selection, especially enjoyed Rotherwood. Good weekend to you, Golightly <3<3<3
1/14/2015Great stuff Endave, loved Twelfth Day, Ira Wolf and many more. Golightly <3<3<3
1/1/2015Happy New Year to my music man...cowgirl
12/23/2014Thanks for all the music you've shared this year. A Very Merry Christmas to you, Golightly <3<3<3
12/15/2014Best holiday wishes to you and yours...Cutbait
12/14/2014Great selection again, I enjoyed. Have a good week Golightly <3<3<3
12/13/2014Merry Christmas to my music man...cowgirlk
12/7/2014Superb selection, so many likes I can't list them all. Have a good week, Golightly <3<3<3
11/28/2014Happy thanksgiving from Lamplite
11/26/2014Loved the Grey Delisle track. Enjoy the rest of the week my folkie friend. Golightly <3<3<3
11/17/2014Superb selection again Endave. Best to you, Golightly <3<3<3
11/6/2014Love the Halloween stuff, esp King Dude. A good weekend when it comes. Golightly <3<3
10/27/2014Hey Endave, just catching up. Loving Winterpills so far. Have a great week, Golightly <3<3
10/20/2014For the love of folk music ~ Lyonesse :)
10/12/2014Muzak is the best vaccine lol =) Inerrancia
10/7/2014Superb selection, Azmyl Yunor one of many faves. Thanks Endave, Golightly <3<3<3
10/4/2014STILL CARRY ON, BRO! =) Inerrancia
10/3/2014Lamplite :)
9/26/2014Enjoyed the autumn songs esp. Lake Forest :) Happy weekend, Golightly <3<3<3
9/23/2014Lamplite :)
9/20/2014Green muzak! =) Inerrancia
9/20/2014Very grateful for what you share..many thanks,.CB
9/17/2014Splendid vintage selection Endave, Golightly <3<3<3
9/9/2014Enjoying all your September songs, esp. Jade. Thanks Endave, Golightly <3
9/1/2014Thanks for the tunes my music man!!! cowgirlk
8/30/2014Nice weekend for ya my friend =) Inerrancia
8/29/2014Superb selection, enjoyed it esp, Chase Coy. Have a great weekend. Golightly <3
8/22/2014Luke Jackson track is wonderful. have a great weekend my folky friend. Golightly <3
8/14/2014Best wishes for ya! =) Inerrancia
8/12/2014Wonderful selection again Endave, Golightly <3
8/4/2014Love the Patrick Bishop track. 2 more pages to go, I can't keep up :) Have a great week, Golightly <3
7/31/2014Muzak sleep but never dies =) Inerrancia
7/28/2014Everyone I know personallly is obscure LOL!
7/18/2014Hey Endave, enjoying your latest posts. Glad to see you back. 200 pages:) Golightly <3
7/8/2014Loved David Francey, have a great week Endave, Golightly <3
7/3/2014My best wishes, my friend =)) Inerrancia
7/1/2014Great posts again Endave :) Have a great week, Golightly <3
6/21/2014Catch up with you soon Endave, have a great weekend, Golightly <3
6/17/2014Best wishes for ya, my bro ;) Inerrancia
6/8/2014For the lights inside us all, each other
6/7/2014Too Dark Park :)
6/1/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/1/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/1/2014Great stuff Endave, loved Charlie Simpson. Have a great Sunday, Golightly <3
5/21/2014You're posting great stuff Endave, to many favourites to list. Golightly <3<3
5/20/2014Too Dark Park :)
5/18/2014For your beautiful rockin' soul. hannah
5/11/2014Hey Endave, I'm enjoying the Scott Matthews. Golightly <3
5/8/2014Much love :) paler
5/4/2014For the love of the song writers
5/2/2014Too Dark Park :)
4/27/2014Hey Endave, I'll catch up with you soon. I've been having a break from glp, too much doom around. Golightly <3
4/26/2014Green for the morning tunes
4/24/2014Tdp :)
4/19/2014You're simply the best bro! =) Inerrancia
4/10/2014Karma drive by..cowgirl
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