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Lyttlmiss's Karma

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8/24/2012When you smile, I smile. When you laugh, I laugh. When you cry, I cry. When you jump off a cliff... I cry some more - Psych
8/24/2012Thanks for thinking of me :) =^..^= GG
8/24/2012GREEEEEEN!!! >> EvilMoney
8/23/2012Funny joke ! From Tiger1.
8/22/2012Hope all is good for you and yours'. ;-`) -w_nb
8/21/2012May good always dwell in your life===Quasar
8/21/2012Always good to see you too, my friend! -- Ziyal
8/21/2012Enjoy your week! Doomalicious
8/20/20121 for the PO joke, lol > Blue Zeus
8/18/2012Karma from walt
8/14/2012For a great new job to come along - it will! ~ Sloane
8/14/2012For the best thread on GLP ! From Tiger1.
8/13/2012Have a great week! Doomalicious
8/10/2012Nice cool night in Ohio tonight! SG
8/10/2012Some green for Lyttlemiss....indiand​ave
8/10/2012Thanks :) SFAV
8/10/2012Good kharma for Lyttlmiss. Jokes make the day better. ;-`) -w_nb
8/10/2012Postal work! good for more than just a laugh... Imajicatus
8/8/2012Hi! From Earth420
8/7/2012Thank you for the great hangout! Laura Bow
8/7/2012Back on track ;)
8/7/2012Thanks..you too - Dease
8/7/2012Green for your real estate and elderly man joke...HAHA! -- Ziyal
8/4/2012Have a great weekend - Psych
8/3/2012To my friend === Quasar
8/3/2012For making me laugh - RoXY
8/3/2012Spreading some love in The Hang out.. Peace.... EvilMoney
8/2/2012Hey there! Hope all is well, stay away from Butler county swine flu!! SG
8/2/2012Lobster doesn't seem the same. :) WindyMind
8/1/2012For my friend. From Tiger1.
7/30/2012Cuz I miss FrogBewbs! -Stealth521
7/28/2012Happy Weekend WildFlower PEACE
7/27/2012Miss you! <3 Kinect :-)
7/27/2012Just because I want to too===Quasar
7/27/2012Hope all is well sweet lady! <3 miffed :)
7/26/2012Green for good posts....indiandave
7/26/2012Karma from Walt
7/26/2012Good kharma for you, Lyttlmiss. ;-`) -w_nb
7/22/2012For the Hang Out fund... Imajicatus
7/21/2012"Better than being stupid alone" haha - Nice. ~ Truly
7/19/2012Hugs for you===Quasar
7/18/2012Thanks for welcoming me back - Walt
7/17/2012I hope all is well!- SG
7/17/2012Great solar flare post - Dease
7/17/2012Random Green Karma because I can .... EvilMoney
7/15/2012Thank you for the hangout ! From Tiger1.
7/14/2012Dont ya just luv weekends.. Have a good one... Spiral C
7/13/2012Peace for your weekend...WildFlower
7/13/2012For truth and honesty... TheTruthWorker
7/12/2012Hi there! Earth420
7/10/2012Hugs for you Lyttlmiss===Quasar
7/9/2012Much Love from: Kinect :)
7/9/2012"No woman can be ready in ten minutes." :) - RoXY
7/7/2012Cute pics ! From Tiger1.
7/5/2012From a friend for the forum to talk in
7/3/2012Been chilling. Desert Fox
7/2/2012Littlmiss....Peace to you my friend...WildFlower
7/2/2012Hugs from Quasar
7/2/2012Hope you are staying cool! Sleeping Giant
7/2/2012Hi, Wishing ya a wonderful start to the week :) Spiral
7/2/2012Good work... TheTruthWorker
6/30/2012Hello my friend! Carol B.
6/27/2012For the tooth posts. From Tiger1.
6/26/2012Happy tuesday...old guard
6/25/2012Miss you! Kinect :-)
6/25/2012For being one of the better posters onGLP....indiandave
6/22/2012Good for you Lyttlmiss===Quasar
6/17/2012Nice vaccine post - Half Past Midnight
6/17/2012You described the perfect dad, and an image of me as a paw-paw. Desert Fox here.
6/17/2012Thank you for your post ! From Tiger1.
6/17/2012Thanks! Sleeping Giant
6/16/2012Happy belated b-day kharma for a fellow Gemini, far and away the best astrological sign to be born under! ;-`)
6/16/2012Hey Lyttlmiss... Have a great weekend :) spiral
6/15/2012Happy happy
6/15/2012Happy Birthday! and for creating a great thread...
6/15/2012Happy 21st birthday Miss! - Psych
6/15/2012To the Great Lyttlmiss===Quasar
6/14/2012Hello! Earth420 :)
6/12/2012LOLZ great post SFAV
6/11/2012For your hang-out thread - RoXY
6/8/2012Prayers for your family ! From Tiger1.
6/7/2012Karma for karma. much thanks. warriorsbond
6/5/2012Thanks... TheTruthWorker
6/3/2012For making the hang out room :) - Dease
6/1/2012Back to you, my friend :) =^..^= GG
6/1/2012Hope all is well! Sleeping Giant
6/1/2012Hope all is good-LonghairKing
5/30/2012For the forum to talk in. - Chrit ty
5/30/2012Good poster....indiandave
5/29/2012Great post - Walt
5/29/2012For the hang out thread - RoXY
5/27/2012Good from Quasar
5/25/2012Thank you sweetie you seemed to have done just that !<3 Just miffed xx
5/24/2012I am praying for your daughter. From Tiger1.
5/24/2012Sending good vibes so that your daughter gets better!! Laura Bow
5/22/2012Karma from Walt
5/16/2012Very true....indiandave
5/16/2012Lol!!! Dgt
5/15/2012Hello, be well -LonghairKing
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