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Lyttlmiss's Karma

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9/13/2012Karma from Walt
9/12/2012Lol love it (FBI van)<3 miffed :)
9/12/2012HI Lyttlmiss, been a long time... Wishing you well and have a great day... Spiral C
9/11/2012With love, RoXY
9/10/2012Good karma for you!....indiandave
9/8/2012Saturday night karma for you === Quasar
9/6/2012Have a great weekend ! From Tiger1.
9/6/2012Hope you're doing good - Dease
9/5/2012Peace WildFlower
9/4/2012Karma from walt
9/3/2012If you were going to die soon and had only one phone call you could make, who would you call and what would you say? And why are you waiting? notinfallible
8/31/2012TGIF === Quasar
8/30/2012Cheers!!! - RoXY
8/29/2012Hey there! Hope you are having an awesome week! SG
8/26/2012Karma from walt
8/24/2012When you smile, I smile. When you laugh, I laugh. When you cry, I cry. When you jump off a cliff... I cry some more - Psych
8/24/2012Thanks for thinking of me :) =^..^= GG
8/24/2012GREEEEEEN!!! >> EvilMoney
8/23/2012Funny joke ! From Tiger1.
8/22/2012Hope all is good for you and yours'. ;-`) -w_nb
8/21/2012May good always dwell in your life===Quasar
8/21/2012Always good to see you too, my friend! -- Ziyal
8/21/2012Enjoy your week! Doomalicious
8/20/20121 for the PO joke, lol > Blue Zeus
8/18/2012Karma from walt
8/14/2012For a great new job to come along - it will! ~ Sloane
8/14/2012For the best thread on GLP ! From Tiger1.
8/13/2012Have a great week! Doomalicious
8/10/2012Nice cool night in Ohio tonight! SG
8/10/2012Some green for Lyttlemiss....indiand​ave
8/10/2012Thanks :) SFAV
8/10/2012Good kharma for Lyttlmiss. Jokes make the day better. ;-`) -w_nb
8/10/2012Postal work! good for more than just a laugh... Imajicatus
8/8/2012Hi! From Earth420
8/7/2012Thank you for the great hangout! Laura Bow
8/7/2012Back on track ;)
8/7/2012Thanks..you too - Dease
8/7/2012Green for your real estate and elderly man joke...HAHA! -- Ziyal
8/4/2012Have a great weekend - Psych
8/3/2012To my friend === Quasar
8/3/2012For making me laugh - RoXY
8/3/2012Spreading some love in The Hang out.. Peace.... EvilMoney
8/2/2012Hey there! Hope all is well, stay away from Butler county swine flu!! SG
8/2/2012Lobster doesn't seem the same. :) WindyMind
8/1/2012For my friend. From Tiger1.
7/30/2012Cuz I miss FrogBewbs! -Stealth521
7/28/2012Happy Weekend WildFlower PEACE
7/27/2012Miss you! <3 Kinect :-)
7/27/2012Just because I want to too===Quasar
7/27/2012Hope all is well sweet lady! <3 miffed :)
7/26/2012Green for good posts....indiandave
7/26/2012Karma from Walt
7/26/2012Good kharma for you, Lyttlmiss. ;-`) -w_nb
7/22/2012For the Hang Out fund... Imajicatus
7/21/2012"Better than being stupid alone" haha - Nice. ~ Truly
7/19/2012Hugs for you===Quasar
7/18/2012Thanks for welcoming me back - Walt
7/17/2012I hope all is well!- SG
7/17/2012Great solar flare post - Dease
7/17/2012Random Green Karma because I can .... EvilMoney
7/15/2012Thank you for the hangout ! From Tiger1.
7/14/2012Dont ya just luv weekends.. Have a good one... Spiral C
7/13/2012Peace for your weekend...WildFlower
7/13/2012For truth and honesty... TheTruthWorker
7/12/2012Hi there! Earth420
7/10/2012Hugs for you Lyttlmiss===Quasar
7/9/2012Much Love from: Kinect :)
7/9/2012"No woman can be ready in ten minutes." :) - RoXY
7/7/2012Cute pics ! From Tiger1.
7/5/2012From a friend for the forum to talk in
7/3/2012Been chilling. Desert Fox
7/2/2012Littlmiss....Peace to you my friend...WildFlower
7/2/2012Hugs from Quasar
7/2/2012Hope you are staying cool! Sleeping Giant
7/2/2012Hi, Wishing ya a wonderful start to the week :) Spiral
7/2/2012Good work... TheTruthWorker
6/30/2012Hello my friend! Carol B.
6/27/2012For the tooth posts. From Tiger1.
6/26/2012Happy tuesday...old guard
6/25/2012Miss you! Kinect :-)
6/25/2012For being one of the better posters onGLP....indiandave
6/22/2012Good for you Lyttlmiss===Quasar
6/17/2012Nice vaccine post - Half Past Midnight
6/17/2012You described the perfect dad, and an image of me as a paw-paw. Desert Fox here.
6/17/2012Thank you for your post ! From Tiger1.
6/17/2012Thanks! Sleeping Giant
6/16/2012Happy belated b-day kharma for a fellow Gemini, far and away the best astrological sign to be born under! ;-`)
6/16/2012Hey Lyttlmiss... Have a great weekend :) spiral
6/15/2012Happy happy
6/15/2012Happy Birthday! and for creating a great thread...
6/15/2012Happy 21st birthday Miss! - Psych
6/15/2012To the Great Lyttlmiss===Quasar
6/14/2012Hello! Earth420 :)
6/12/2012LOLZ great post SFAV
6/11/2012For your hang-out thread - RoXY
6/8/2012Prayers for your family ! From Tiger1.
6/7/2012Karma for karma. much thanks. warriorsbond
6/5/2012Thanks... TheTruthWorker
6/3/2012For making the hang out room :) - Dease
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