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Dinkytuff's Karma

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10/15/2014Tru'd that on the prezwife - tripleh
10/9/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/7/2014Great argument
8/7/2014For telling it like it is - ANHEDONIC
8/6/2014Good comment 'so we don't have to see you' haha! Sloane
7/21/2014That's some stuff about your mom - good thoughts your way...
7/21/2014Worry Not. TastyThoughts
7/21/2014Nah-T :)
7/20/2014Hi!! Green Karma for u from wellness
7/15/2014Thanks for the green. E.
3/28/2014Great movie.
1/9/2014Funny shit- moose knuckle
1/8/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
11/19/2013For your refreshing post on the Athiest thread - Wispa
10/30/2013Sebelius Hearing participation. TY. Ancha. Love your avatar.
10/12/2013Love your avatar. Ancha
10/11/2013Beautiful post, thankyou my love, Elemental x
9/22/2013Nice baby momma avatar
9/10/2013You get it... DILKe
9/1/2013For being a dog lover....indiandave
8/29/2013Hi from trailingedge :-)
8/28/2013Interesting topic!-TheEndIsNigh20​13
8/3/2013Very well stated
7/19/2013Cool posts--eekers
7/8/2013Great find love GFG
6/27/2013Cool info on corn fungus. Interesting. Niemand
2/19/2013Good post in the men/women thread. Food for thought. ~BossBitch
11/27/2012For fighting the fascist vegetarian regime ~ from The Light Under the Door
11/6/2012Going to be a long day.. You got that right! Sledster
10/21/2012Dinkytard :)
10/19/2012Yes I hope even those who don't believe in God would rather be lead by a man who answers to a power higher than himself, than be lead by a man who believes he himself is the higher power. fushia3
10/8/2012Really makes me want to watch "they live" again
10/7/2012Good find on FEMA recruiting and thanks for educating the masses. ~ Jericho9
10/4/2012Republican Propaganda Machine
10/4/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
8/25/2012To learning~DH:)
8/2/2012Ignorant mutha fucker
8/2/2012Fucking stupid ass who needs to go back on his meds A.S.A.P.
7/25/2012Good thought process on this
7/23/2012If you see or know a child is being raped and don't do all in your power to stop it, you are just as guilty as if you commited the act yourself. ~Tandym
7/17/2012Excellent "His People" post!
2/10/2012Eat your chocolate peanut butter bugles over bacon.
1/25/2012For making me laugh with your readings.
11/10/2011Comment on a subject you know about. You obviously have no knowledge of what happened at Penn st
11/9/2011Because I can :)
10/31/2011Miechelle's thesis reference on my Michelle thread - WalkersEverywhere
10/28/2011Psychopath believing in hell

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