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10/8/2015Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
10/8/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
10/8/2015Happy Thanksgiving! :) Sloane
10/8/2015Solar heater thread Off Grid Lady
10/8/2015Thanks for input on prepped thread - WhiteAngel
10/8/2015Love Ellusion :)
9/16/2015Have a great night CrazyMama :) Love Iset
9/24/2014Nahkers :)
9/5/2014Thank you :)
7/1/2014For your sanity.. crazy mamma.. jj cale love it! scottfree
4/28/2014Hell yeah girl!
4/25/2014Hi from Earth420 :)
4/22/2014Green karma From Max Bacon
4/15/2014We Canucks need to stick together :) -swansong-
3/25/2014Good parents. pool
1/2/2014Green from homelessguy92
12/17/2013Reading comprehension is not your strong suit
11/2/2013Green Karma from Gonviral!
10/24/2013Nah :)
10/24/2013Good advice! And have a wonderful day you. :) Sloane
10/14/2013Cup suggestion! nah :)
10/12/2013Happy Thanksgiving you wonderful woman you! Hugs, Sloane
10/12/2013Happy Thanksgiving! - sumtymes
10/8/2013Argree with that post! karma from Gonviral
10/4/2013Nice Boots :)_ ```````
10/4/2013Cuz you are crazy ~ Bear Drinker
9/28/2013You're so great! :) Sloane
9/27/2013Karma love from samanthasunflower
9/27/2013Rock on---- train
9/27/2013Friday thread!....indiandave​
9/24/2013You're right. Online shopping it too easy. But so convenient. John Kocktosen :)
9/17/2013Thanks for visiting my Cocteau Twins thread! JinxyMcD
9/15/2013Good thread on the closest water. Something to think about....indiandave
9/14/2013Glad the thread made you laugh :) MP
9/6/2013CrazyMama - you and I are kindred spirits :) Sloane
9/6/2013Great post, spoke for myself as well. ScarlettOHell
9/3/2013Good answer...beat me to it!
8/27/2013Let's hear it for finding our perfect mates!!!--eekers xoxo
8/23/2013Good karma from indiandave
8/17/2013Karma Love :)
8/16/2013Thanks for the recipe! --eekers :)
8/16/2013Hostas thread thanks...cosmicgypsy
8/13/2013Hosta thread Bluebird
8/13/2013You ROCK! need more Women like you in the World! -Reinvigorated Being
4/27/2013Lol lol I hope she loves it! lol -Dr. Acula
2/22/2013Thank you for your contritbution! - CoTA
2/21/2013For Hypocrisy love! -Dr. Acula
2/21/2013Thanks for posting a more spiritual post. PokerFace
2/17/2013Thank you ! From Tiger1.
2/16/2013'like take yesterday!' ahahaha - you and me both missy. :) Sloane
2/15/2013For busting your ass to make your kids happy. -Floobarb the Argnorf
2/15/2013Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! Ceelite:)
2/15/2013Enjoyed your post today ParadigmShift
2/14/2013Good honest and realistic reply- Jeepster
2/1/2013For being so helpful in homeless thread :) geminilion
2/1/2013Clappaguy- thanks!
2/1/2013Green drop. /calx
1/31/2013Keep the faith & continue to fight the good fight, sister! -The Sonic Dreamer
1/29/2013Thank you :) jynxx
1/9/2013Great home remedies! Thanks for sharing ~ Junkyard Lily :-)
1/7/2013Thank you karma from Bowman! : )
12/25/2012Because what you said in the christmas givaway thread was sweet
12/19/2012Thanks - sunspotkiller
11/5/2012For your kind heart...
11/5/2012Heartfelt message
10/31/2012Happy Halloween!! amywood71605
10/24/2012Love your avatar pic! - anaiah
10/22/2012Good sense of humor and know how to keep your cool. :) Sloane
10/22/2012LDreamer100 is a queer! andawg221
10/22/2012You made me smile - TheDarkGoddess
10/22/2012Needs to grow
10/17/2012'U' karma ( I know, it's not quite as sexy ) from Bowman. : )
9/24/2012Stood by husband in times of need. -Face
8/27/2012For the life you will save
8/27/2012You did a wonderful thing, some healing green for you! Nauti*Girl
8/27/2012She's good.
8/27/2012Some good karma for you. I`m the AC from autralia on your thread :) SpiritBreath
8/27/2012For your trying to save your neighbor Carol B.
8/26/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
8/13/2012Thanks sweetie. :) -anne o'
8/3/2012For chiming in on diatomaceous earth on my parasite thread... blessings to you!
7/25/2012Nice thread karma from Bowman. : )
7/25/2012Stupid Canadian Sheep
7/25/2012Stupid Canadian, guns are great
7/25/2012Stupid Canadian. Y u no like guns?
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